Over the past few years, we have heard a lot about online learning. In fact, since the recent pandemic, it’s become more and more popular.

Technology certainly is advancing, and we are now able to do more things than ever on our computers, tablets, and laptops. However, you still may have some concerns about whether or not it is the right choice for your child. 

It’s a big decision to make, especially once they start to enter their later years of education.

Below we are going to take a look at some of the pros and cons of online learning for high school students so that you have a better understanding.

Let’s get started.




Indeed, one of the most well-known advantages of online learning is the flexibility that comes with it. Unlike regular school, readings can be done around other commitments, including part-time jobs or family responsibilities. 

Alongside this, they can choose to learn from a variety of places, such as a library or a café. There are no restrictions, and there is no time wasted on commute.

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Fewer distractions

Classroom learning can come with many different distractions. Other students can make it challenging to stay focused, especially when the lesson is stopped to get everyone settled.

Compared to this, online learning has fewer distractions, and students can work in a quiet and stress-free environment. As a result, lessons flow seamlessly, and they can feel free to ask questions as needed without any concerns.

The entire time will be spent learning, and more topics will be covered as a result.

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Unique courses

With online learning, you may have access to a wide selection of courses that you wouldn’t have otherwise in a traditional school. Teachers work with students to develop a curriculum that is customized to meet their individual needs.

There may also be other extracurricular opportunities where students can meet face-to-face for field trips and organized events. 

While this does depend on the online school that you choose to enroll in, it’s certainly worth taking into consideration.

Multi-media options

Most people assume that online learning is limited in its teaching options. However, as mentioned above, technology has come an incredibly long way, and there are lots of ways for students to complete their tasks.

From face-to-face video calls to interactive worksheets, animations, and virtual games: Students can benefit from different types of online learning. There certainly are few limitations.

Classmate diversity

Finally, another benefit of online school is that students can interact with a diverse range of classmates, who are all in the same circumstance as them.

During times where they may be struggling, they can connect and communicate with others who are completing the same courses. There is always support, and they will form friendships with individuals across the country.


Social isolation

One of the biggest cons that many people fear with online learning is that high school students will miss out on social interaction. It’s challenging to make friends and form close relationships when you don’t go to school every day.

Even with the advantages discussed above, such as classmate diversity and extracurricular activities, there can be times when it is pretty isolating, especially if the student is home alone all day without siblings or other family members.

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Requires ergonomic setup

In order to work productively online, students need to have access to an ergonomic setup. This means that they need the right technology, such as WIFI, a printer, and a computer, as well as an appropriate workspace.

A good-quality chair, table, mouse, and keyboard can help minimize repetitive stress injury and keep them comfortable throughout the day. This can require some money to set up, and not everybody has access to enough space.

Difficult to stay motivated

Just like working from home, it can also be challenging to stay motivated when studying online. If the student doesn’t stick to a strict schedule, they may lose self-drive and spend time doing other things around the home.

In order for it to be effective, they need to be committed to the process. While flexibility is an advantage, it can also prevent learning. Procrastination is a real problem here.

Challenging to manage time

When you take courses online, it’s up to the student to stay organized. They need to know when their classes are and when to hand in their assignments. 

Unlike regular school, there aren’t going to be so many reminders, especially from other students talking about it. This requires a lot of time management, and there will be circumstances where it is challenging.

With the lack of motivation mentioned above, it’s easy to daydream and get behind in work. Before you know it, you’ve got five assessments due and only 24 hours to get them completed.

Not right for every student

Finally, the last con of online learning is that it’s just not right for every student. Everybody learns differently, and sometimes the lack of interaction and face-to-face learning can inhibit their progress in the long run.

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It’s not easy to stay productive and motivated, and some students are just never going to be ok with that, even with assistance. It takes excellent literacy, computer skills, and organizational skills. 

While some will thrive, others won’t. 

Final thoughts:

When it comes to deciding whether or not online learning is right for your child, there certainly are many things to consider. However, at the end of the day, it really depends on the individual.

Some will benefit from the flexible working arrangements and online media options, while others may struggle. We are all different.

Try sitting down with your child and talking about what works best for them. You may even look at part-time schooling instead of a full-time program to see how things go. 

There are plenty of options out there to suit your needs. You just need to know where to look.