The education sector has quickly adopted the use of temporary school buildings for various uses. This is a good move as opposed to permanent brick and mortar structures, which are costly and take a lot of time to complete.

Temporary structures in schools have dawned a new era, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. They also come in handy to respond to other emergencies such as fire, floods, or when there is a surge of student intake.

Temporary solution providers have modular temporary school structures such as portable classrooms, which they can rent out on a short-term basis. However, they can make bespoke temporary structures to suit the needs of a school, even if it means fixing temporary classrooms in hard-to-reach areas.


Temporary Sports Halls

Sports halls in schools can be hired or bought from temporary solution providers. They are best for indoor sports such as table tennis and basketball. The goal of having these large temporary halls is to provide shade for students when playing or spectating.

Some modern temporary halls might be made of steel frames and fabric and are quick to assemble for short-term use. However, schools can make semi-permanent steel structures on their playing ground to provide shade during sports. These shades are also very common in school swimming pool areas.

Temporary Labs

Laboratories are customized to teach technical courses and conduct research. Did you know these structures could be made of temporary materials? Temporary and portable labs are made of shipping containers or panels that are screwed together to form a structure.

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What’s more is that they are equipped with amenities such as water, gas, electricity, ventilation, internet connection, and others to facilitate learning and conducting of research.

Portable Classrooms

Portable or demountable classrooms help schools respond to short-term needs for space. For instance, when there is a high intake of students, a school could hire modular classrooms or buy customized temporary school buildings from Smart-Space, which is the best temporary solutions provider in the UK. Currently, schools around the world have been required to increase the learning space to curb the spread of the coronavirus and portable classrooms have played a critical role.

These temporary school buildings are made of steel frames and fabric covers, wood or PCV panels, or shipping containers, and they come with amenities needed by students to learn.

Temporary School Offices

When a school needs to expand, it is better to invest in more offices for teachers to complete their work efficiently. Schools could also utilize these temporary school buildings when there is a tragedy such as a fire or flood. In fact, tutors and other teaching staff are currently required to maintain social distance and the addition of temporary space is a big help.

Just like classrooms and other temporary school buildings, these offices are made of different materials and shipping containers are very popular. A school can convert temporary classrooms and other structures in the school into offices. After all, temporary structures are very versatile.

Other Temporary School Buildings

There is no limitation on which temporary structures a school can use. It could be a temporary gym, store, library, or dining hall, just to mention a few. Schools can talk to temporary structure experts to see how the structures they need can be fabricated and installed on the premises. However, hired modular structures can also be used to solve these space needs.

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Temporary school buildings are changing the education sector by providing affordable, environmentally-friendly, and versatile structures. From the insights above, it is evident that schools can utilize temporary solutions for different uses, particularly temporary classrooms and halls. School managers should take advantage of this new era in the education sector to save money and time and enjoy a plethora of other benefits.