As a new doctor in California, should you look for a location to start a new practice or find a position with a practice to learn the ropes, it might be daunting to decide which makes more sense. A new practice is a larger undertaking. It must be somewhere convenient for the patients but also meet your clinic’s needs.

Ideally, it might be wise to get the help of a real estate professional familiar with the market.

These experts can give you tips on California hot spots with ample parking, near a hub with varied dining establishments and shops within walking distance, and an easy commute for both staff and patients. The objective is to have an accessible, safe community that’s friendly and reasonably priced.

Some areas in California with these credentials will be well above a new physician’s budget, but you will find a similar demographic in a more cost-efficient range. If there are schools in the nearby vicinity, you’ll need to consider whether you want to add children to your patient load.

Some doctors prefer to avoid kids primarily because they can annoy other patients, preventing them from returning, and can be difficult. Let’s look at other considerations when deciding how to set up your new physician practice in California.


What To Consider as a New Physician Looking for a Recruiter in California

You might decide setting up a new practice in California is too expensive for a physician just starting out. Instead, you can find a small clinic or a private practice where you can either take over or join as a partner.  Find out if California can keep up with the demand for physician services at

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Instead of looking for a realtor to help find an office, it’s wise to search for a recruiter to search for the right practice. With a physician’s recruiter, they specialize in the healthcare industry to find clinics, hospitals, and practices with open positions that fit the needs and preferences of their clientele.

If you’re a new physician, this is your first work experience and an introduction to working with a recruiter. The following tips will guide you through what should be a successful process.

Have an open mind with the process

You might have a very stringent mindset on what you want and where you see yourself. While it’s good to have objectives, it’s also important to have an open mind.

When you see your talent and skillset from a different perspective and what you can do with it, you could end up in an entirely different environment than you anticipated, loving it.

Recruiters have a network of contacts and access to opportunities that no one else is aware of nor that you might have previously considered. You must disclose salary, location, schedule, and those sorts of preferences upfront.

Sometimes, however, you might get two out of three with the need to strongly consider the option. That thing you didn’t get will likely come along down the road, giving you everything you expected if you keep your mind open.

Work with a recruiter who’s familiar with your specialty

Most physician recruiters have a grasp on placing doctors from every specialty, but you can get personalized results if your recruiter is more versed in your area of expertise. While the recruiter is asking you questions about your expectations, experience, and history, you will do well to do the same with your recruiter.

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Learn which clinics and practices they’ve dealt with, physicians with comparable backgrounds, and familiarity with the California areas you’re interested in.

Be honest

One obstacle often seen by physician recruiters is when their physician clients are not honest from the start. If you’re searching for practices or clinics where you can get started on your path to opening a practice in the busy hub of California, it’s essential to let the recruiter know this is your objective.

They should know that you’re also actively looking and when and where you’ve applied, so there are no duplicate referrals. When looking for Physician jobs in California, a recruiting agency will never divulge your attachment with their agency. They remain discreet.

Be prepared for feedback

Physician Jobs

Many physicians look similar on paper to hiring teams with their CVs and cover letters. Many have a network of colleagues ready to speak about their achievements.

The only way to stand out is when they come for the interview. It’s up to the recruiting agency to find a way to make you shine. It would help to be prepared for feedback and open to following their guidance.

They receive interview details and know what hiring teams are looking for, what didn’t work for candidates, and why. View for more information on the importance of doctors in our society today.

Final Thought

A physician recruiter is the ideal partner to get you started on your career path to ultimately take you to your goal of a California doctor’s practice. You have to start somewhere first, and the recruiting agency will find that niche, possibly something you would have never considered.

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