Liverpool is widely considered to be one of the most affordable cities in the UK for international students. With great courses available at universities within the area, a reasonable cost of living, and affordable housing prices; Liverpool is a premium destination for further education in the UK. 

Living alone or with friends for the first time can be an exciting experience. However, choosing your new home for the duration of your stay in the UK cannot be taken lightly. While looking for the perfect student accommodation in Liverpool, it is important to consider the following factors in your student accommodation checklist. 


Choosing the best student accommodation for you

You should ensure that the accommodation you choose has all the features necessary to make your stay comfortable and carefree. 

Distance from University

The primary concern of any international student is how far their accommodation is from the university. No one enjoys the mad rush of making it to classes on time, because you stay far away when a sedate morning is possible for students living close to the university. When deciding where you want to stay while you complete your course, check out housing that is on campus or near your university. 

If there are better options available at properties further away, ensure that your area is well-connected by transportation services. Liverpool has a well-structured transport system which includes city-wide connectivity via ferries, buses and rail. Liverpool is also one of the first cities outside London to introduce a Local Transport Plan patterned on the London transportation network. 

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Types of Rooms available

The Student Accommodation Near City Of Liverpool College offer a range of options to choose from. You can opt for a Studio room if you prefer your own space to unwind. It includes a one-bedroom apartment with an attached living room, and an open kitchen plan to accommodate your needs. You may prefer an en-suite room which includes a study area, bed, and an attached bathroom. Alternatively, you can rent a flat as a group and share the accommodation costs with your friends/roommates. If you are on a budget you can opt for dorm-style rooms on campus that include meal plans along with the room. 


Online booking is a helpful option for international students but before you sign a lease with your landlord, take the time to view the property. Viewings allow you to make an informed decision about the safety of the accommodation, amenities,  utilities provided, and the actual state of the room. This gives you the chance to check for mould that can grow when an apartment has damp areas and may lead to health problems later. Ensure that there are no signs of rodents or pests like cockroaches or mice which can make for an annoying living situation. 

Amenities and Utilities

While most properties provide all-inclusive utilities like electricity, heating, and water as part of the accommodation costs; ensure that your prospective landlord includes this in your tenancy agreement. Amenities such as a laundry room or shared gym can be attractive additions to your agreement that students can look out for. 

How safe is the accommodation?

After you choose your accommodation, you don’t want to have to worry about break-ins. It is advisable to check with your landlord whether safety measures are taken on the property. Check that your accommodation is on a main road in a well-lit street to ensure that you are not the target of burglars. While accommodations in quiet areas seem attractive to some students, they are not always ther safest option. Check whether you have durable locks on your room doors and that the main entrance is secure. 

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While there are endless student accommodation options to choose from, study abroad consultants do caution students to not rush the process but consider all the factors before making a decision.