A study abroad venture was never a trend in India, mainly for irrational reasons. It was deemed as a choice for a privileged class who can bear such expenses. 

In the prime of the 21st century, A scenario took a different shape as the cheapest countries to study MBBS caught New India’s attention.  

Russia has quickly earned a number a mainstream spot in the countries for medical studies. 

Today, other names like Ukraine, Georgia, Philippines, etc., simulated bottleneck competition at an international level of education.

The first few doubts raised on ‘cheap or affordable universities’ are, of course, regarding quality. Well, quality of education is defined by its training, infrastructure, and other timely initiatives to sharpen the overall personality of the students. 

Indian private institutes charge nothing below crores. 

However, it comes with an assurance of the highest standard of teaching and other amenities. That acknowledgement leads us to bring exclusive focus on countries primarily known for their excellent universities rather than it’s budget-friendly attributes. 


Here are the affordable countries to pursue medicine in abroad:

  • Russia

Russia still competes with the countries having the largest flow of Indian students with the 14000 enrollment for the medical program. 

NMC (National Medical Commission) has recognized 54 medical universities in Russia that offer MBBS course of all specialities. 

Low-cost education, academic elegance, and numerous other factors captivate Indians to prefer Russia over other western countries.

Name of College Founded In Total Fees National Rank World Rank
Bashkir State Medical University 1932 2,45,000 136 3538
Ryazan State Medical University 1943 3,15,000 201 4558
Orenburg State Medical University 1944 4,20,000 233 5109
Pavlov First Saint Petersburg State Medical University 1897 3,85,000 147 3804
Kazan State Medical University 1930 4,37,500 124 3358


  • Ukraine

Ukraine is another dominating name in the picture of international medical education. There are more indian students in Ukraine than in Russia.

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16 medical universities in Ukraine hold NMC accreditation, and the opportunities after studying MBBS are available in all areas of medicine. 

Last year, 20,000 Indian students were pursuing education in Ukraine. The country is as inexpensive as Russia for providing an MBBS degree. 

Name of College Founded In Total Fees National Rank World Rank
Taras Shevchenko National University 1834 2,66,000 2 1651
Ivan franko national university of lviv 1999 2,10,000 3 1980
Sumy State University 1948 3,01,000 4 2153
Ternopil State Medical University 1957 2,59,000 15 3368
V.N Karazin Kharkiv National University 1804 3,78,000 11 2829


  • Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan occupies a topmost position in the ranking of cheap countries for studying medicine. 

The cost of the MBBS course is lower than European colleges and not to mention the elite education system and facilities. 5,000 students are the annual record of Indians migrating to Kyrgyzstan. 

The following table shows all the NMC verified universities in Kyrgyzstan.

Name of College Founded In Total Fees National Rank World Rank
International School of Medicine, BISHKEK  2003 47,17,000  44 13182
Kyrgyz State Medical University 1939 14,70,000  7 8185
Osh State University, Medical Faculty 1993 17,49,000  8 8915
Jalalabad State University, Jalalabad 1993 34,57,000  29 12495
Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University 1992 16,80,000  1 4897
Asian Medical Institute, KANT  2004 13,51,000  30 11832


  • Philippines

The structure of the MBBS course in the Philippines is divided into two parts, B.S (Bachelor of Science) and M.D (Doctor of Medicine). 

B.S is for 18 months, and later NMAT (National Medical Admission Test) is an entrance to enrol in M.D course. 

37 medical universities have recognition from NMC and Commission on Higher Education, Philippines. 

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Name of College Founded In Total Fees National Rank World Rank
University of Santo Tomas 1611 14,70,000 5 2533
Central Philippine University 1905 19 6954
Angeles University Foundation 1962 29 7599
Manila Central University 1904 48 4620
Emilio Aguinaldo College, Manila 1973 20,72,000 73 9590


  • Kazakhstan

The duration of MBBS is one year short in Kazakhstan, 5 years only. 12 NMC approved universities accept the admission of Indians on budget-friendly fees. 

More than 5,000 students in the medical universities of Kazakhstan are Indians. 

Apart from an internship, the actual course is for 5 years, making it convenient for students in terms of time availability.

Name of College Founded In Total Fees National Rank World Rank
Al-Farabi Kazakh National University 1934 14,70,000 1 1474
Kazakh National Medical University 1930 19,35,000 5 3878
North Kazakhstan State University 1937 10,50,000 27 6510
Karaganda State Medical University 1950 14,25,000 24 6197
Kokshetau State University 1996 12,25,000 33 6796


  • Bangladesh

The cheapest option to study MBBS near India is none other than Bangladesh. The country has the highest FMGE passing rate of 27.11%, a big green signal for Indians to think about Bangladesh.

7000+ are known to be studying in 14 NMC accredited universities of Bangladesh

Incredible advantages of scholarship and moderate living cost makes Bangladesh an affordable destination for medical aspirants.

Name of College Founded In Total Fees National Rank World Rank
University of Dhaka 1921 37,54,800 2 1965
University of Chittagong 1966 31,24,800 6 3054
Rajshahi University 1953 35,21,000 3 2773
Shahjalal University of Science & Technology 1986 33,15,200 10 3236
Bangladesh University of Professionals 2008 35,21,000 46 8716


  • Nepal

Nepal is the closest option for Indians to study medicine. The fees of the MBBS in Nepal are lower than in western universities or even India’s private colleges.

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A huge force of international students in Nepal is north Indians which also includes professors. The colleges also offer free FMGE coaching for Indian students.

The duration of MBBS and the teaching in Nepal is the same as in India. 

Name of College Founded In Total Fees National Rank World Rank
Institute of Medicine, Kathmandu 1972 38,50,000 1 6123
KIST Medical College 2006 48,00,000 7 21778
B. P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences 1993 54,60,000 28 4891
U. Tribhuvan 1959 61,00,000 29 3768
Kathmandu University 1991 52,00,000 30 3143


  • Poland 

Being a European nation, Poland still made it to the list of cheapest countries. The expenses required for an MBBS degree are not costlier than other European universities. 

There are 10 medical colleges in Poland with official accreditation from NMC. 

Poland has the 23rd ranking in the assessment program of international students. You’ll be surprised to know some of the significant medical discoveries are originated in Poland.

Name of College Founded In Total Fees National Rank World Rank
Jagiellonian University Medical College 1364 65,94,000 2 448
Nicolaus Copernicus University 1945 50,40,000 6 779
Medical University of Gdansk 1945 50,40,000 9 3904
Warsaw Medical University  1809 52,86,000 19 2013
University of Warmia & Mazury In Olsztyn 1999 51,00,000 25 1476


So, these are the countries that are worthy of your nominal investment. While Europe and America have become destinations for the rich class, Asia is still a land of opportunities for common people. Cheap cost does not mean the quality is compromised or somewhere less superior than expensive universities, their qualities are yet economical regardless of what they charge. 

Explore more information about their universities for in-depth research and analysis before you finalize the decision.