Becoming a lawyer or attorney is undoubtedly one of the most popular career choices out there. With plenty of opportunities for growth and an incredible income, it’s easy to understand why.

However, what many don’t realize is there is a wide range of law to practice. Each path has its own specialties, and you can choose something that suits your particular interests.

Below we are going to take a look at the top ten different types of lawyers you could be if you are interested in joining the legal field.

Sound interesting? Then keep on reading.


Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal injury lawyers handle a wide range of incidents where a person is harmed either physically or psychologically. Unfortunately, a lot of the time, this is due to negligence from another entity.

Take a look at these Lamber Goodnow Injury Lawyers, for example. They assist with a wide selection of cases, such as vehicle accidents, premises liability, and dog bites, just to name a few.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Criminal defense lawyers are the individuals that you see most in movies. They are in charge of handling cases related to crimes such as assault, drug trafficking, murder, and burglary.

While all aspects of the law are complicated, criminal defense can be especially so. This is because most cases end up going to trial and require extensive preparation. 

These lawyers may also have to cooperate with those in other fields, depending on the situation. They are certainly one of the most popular types to choose from, even with the frustrating and slow system.

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Tax Lawyer

If you have a passion for dealing with numbers, studying to be a tax lawyer might be the choice for you. These professionals help give legal advice to both businesses and individuals regarding their tax obligations.

Alongside helping with plans, they also work to settle disputes from the IRS. They really can make one of the most complicated times of the year much easier to manage.

Employment Lawyer

Every employee and business owner knows that there are a lot of legal aspects involved with operating a company. Workers need to be treated fairly, and employment lawyers are there to ensure their rights are being met.

Alongside assisting with specific cases regarding unfair work, they may also draft contracts and provide advice on other office-related topics.

Compared to other types of lawyers, this is a smaller field of work but still comes with plenty of challenges. Business and cooperation owners can be some of the most challenging people to communicate with.

Bankruptcy Lawyer

Debt is something that many individuals face, and sometimes it gets to a point where it is difficult to manage. The role of a bankruptcy lawyer is to assist individuals with the best financial strategy to help them through their situation.

Their main goal is to help people from filing bankruptcy, but they can also indicate the time where it is the best step for you to take.

They also help with negotiations regarding payment plants so that individuals can grow their financial health.

Civil Rights Lawyer

The term civil rights refers to an individual’s guarantee of equal social opportunities, regardless of race, religion, gender, or other personal characteristics.

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Racism and discrimination are still prevalent in today’s society, and civil rights lawyers quite literally stand up for what is “right.” 

These professionals fight for justice and ensure that everybody receives equal treatment. This could be someone losing a job, unusual punishment, or an individual abused by a public official.

Family and Divorce Lawyer

The job of a family lawyer is to handle cases that are related to domestic matters. This includes things such as divorce, child custody, litigation, and pre-nuptial agreements.

It’s one of the most challenging fields to work in, as it handles a lot of emotional situations. There are a lot of arguments, and it’s their job to mediate them.

Like most of the different types of lawyers on this list, there may also be circumstances where cases cross over with other areas. For instance, things like child abuse, domestic violence, or juvenile delinquency are also criminal matters.

Intellectual Property Lawyer

When something is invented or created, it has to have protection from copycats. This is where intellectual property lawyers come in. 

Things such as art, apps, songs, and programs all must have the correct licensing agreements, patents, and trademarks. IP lawyers help secure these and provide advice to businesses regarding their creations.

In some cases, they may also negotiate settlements if someone has infringed on another’s work.

Real Estate Lawyer

The real estate industry can certainly be complicated, so it makes sense that there are real estate lawyers who assist companies and individuals looking to buy or sell properties.

These experts handle all of the paperwork, including drafting essential documents and settling negotiations. They might also step in during disputes between tenants and landlords.

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More experienced lawyers may even take part in the development of certain establishments and commercial builds.

Probate Lawyer

Last, on the list, probate lawyers, also known as estate planning lawyers, are in charge of planning and organizing wills after the death of an individual. They help clients delegate their assets, including finances and property.

Alongside this, they can also set up trusts to protect assets, benefiting clients in the event of incapacity. They really are essential in helping sure that your final wishes are carried out.

Final Words

As you can see from the above, there is a wide range of different legal fields that you can enter. We touched on just the top ten, but there are many options, so you will undoubtedly find a path that suits your preferences.

Remember, in most cases; you will probably start out as a general practice lawyer, covering different issues until you choose to specialize in a particular field. 

While law might be one of the most complicated and lengthy career choices, it is one of the most rewarding. You’ll be helping others and are fighting for what is right.

Good luck!