The fashion and textiles industry is packed full of diverse, fast-paced and creative job opportunities. This is field is known to be both demanding and highly-competitive in nature. Continue reading the blog if you think you have the talent and drive to make a bright career out of the field of fashion and textiles. 

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    Educational qualification

    The plethora of opportunities that the fashion and textile industry throws at your way can make it a bit overwhelming to choose your field of profession. Choosing to pursue an academic degree can steer your passion into the professional stream. It will not only instil in your relevant skills but also help you further your career in the field of fashion and textile.

  • Apply for an internship

    Taking up an internship programme will expose you to the different techniques in fashion, as well as arm you with relevant contextual knowledge. You will get accustomed to the structured way in which various methods are employed in the fashion pathways. This will give you the opportunity to get tutored and guided by industry experts. This training based work opportunity will help you earn while you get to earn experience in your chosen field.

  • Gain relevant work experience

    It is difficult to get into a job right after your education unless you are backed up by a good number of years of experience. Also, you must not let go of unpaid work experience, as they give you the chance to add an experience your CV, meet like-minded people and enhance your creative ability. Furthermore, working at an office setting will enable you to become methodical in what you do, transforming you into a planner.Read more;5 Amazing Educational Apps You Must Try in 2020

  • Create a great portfolio

    Keep in touch eighth your newly obtained skills even at the leisure hours. You can utilise your time to build a network of professional contacts, which can be invaluable when it comes to landing your first job, thereby making your mark in the sector. Additionally, you can work hard to create an attractive resume or cover letter in order to impress a potential employer.

  • Work on your personal brand

    If you are aiming to get a designers job, it is crucial for you to work on your own website or blog and use it to get your foot into the door of creative industries. Use this platform to show off your designs and remember to update it regularly

Once you have checked on all the above-mentioned steps, you are good to apply for entry-level job opportunities. To acquire all the factors that potential employers lookout for, choosing an academic career within the fashion and textile course will be apt for you. Apply now!

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