Education is the movement from darkness to light” is rightly said, in this world, almost everyone has realized the need of education to make a prosperous career. Gone are days, education wasn’t given much importance, whereas now people are aware of the advantages of getting high education. One can differentiate between an illiterate and a well-educated with the characteristics, traits, morals, and values they hold. Education has become the biggest part of everyone’s life and people over every corner of the world want to get the best possible education. In a world where everything is made online has made the learning process much easier providing so many ways to learn about different topics, subjects, technologies, languages, and whatnot. 

Multiple mobile apps are serving the best educational tutorials, classes, and courses so that people can gain new skills, polish the ones they have, learn what they love and have knowledge about the things they aren’t aware of. Let’s have a look at the 5 best educational apps for learners of every age group.

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Duolingo is a language learning app available to be downloaded on your android phone for free. This app has multiple languages, you just need to search for the language you want to excel. Using Duolingo you can learn any language completely and speak fluently giving you all the necessary tips. Proper language-speaking methods and techniques are explained with a well-defined language structure. It will make your learning journey simple, easy and enjoyable which seems to be the hardest for you with so many obstacles. The effective language learning methods are available with 34 hours of learning-time containing lessons of 5 mins. The whole course is divided into different topics so you can get to any topic along with practice sessions. 

  • Deepstash

Deep stash app is free with no ad distractions just like the collection of ideas inside your social media feeds. These can be used to display daily news feeds showing the relevant stories and ideas organized in stashes that is accessible at any time. The users of this app can get articles related to any topic in summarized content having less than 100 words or so. You can browse the recommendations, save them and apply where you like instead of going through multiple articles each of thousands of words. You can save ideas that are further used to filter out the best stories for you that are further used for personalization so relevant recommendations can be shown on your feed. 

  • TED

TED mobile app is there for you to help whenever you are confused with any topic or subject. You can find content on every type of issue providing you with answers or solutions that could instantly solve your problem. Some educational apps don’t have that faster and efficient search option to filter out the search results related to the topic but this app provides you the best search engine. You can browse for topics, issues or contents more simply and easily, this is the reason people go this app whenever they are puzzled with anything. You can enjoy videos describing different topics available in 100 different languages that can be saved or added to playlists.

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  • edX

edX is a well-known educational app providing online courses to users to increase knowledge or enhance skills. Thousands of courses are available on this mobile app on different topics and subjects allowing users to learn new things with the best tutorials. You just need to install the edX app and select the subject of your choice and you are done with your educational settings. edX has 140 institutes that provide online courses to this app and each course includes multiple quizzes, practices, and tests that polish you learned skills enabling you to grow your knowledge. It has a simple and active user interface that has a quick search option so that you can filter out any interest topics or subjects like a leather jacket sale guide. 

  • Udemy

Udemy is one of the most popular and widely used educational apps available for different phones. It contains various courses allowing you to search for courses you want to learn within just a few clicks. It has a complete set of educational courses having proper tutorials on every topic explained in a way that is easier for the users to understand. Whether it’s a course related to the technology, office work, literature or anything that interests you, Udemy has everything you will ever need for learning. Get the proper knowledge of the topic you love through experts of that particular subject using Udemy. It has over 13 million available courses with 2 thousand topics and 60 different language courses.


Multiple educational mobile apps have been created to serve people with the best content. These educational apps contain videos, files, tutorials, and everything a learner would need to study a topic or subject. People from around the world can use these educational apps for learning purposes and utilize the features of the apps. These apps contain content and video tutorials in multiple languages removing the barrier so that users from anywhere can search a topic. Among so many awesome educational apps, the best ones include Duolingo, Deepstash, TED, edX, and Udemy.

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