The banking and finance sector is growing to be the most popular amongst the brightest graduates today, with applications rising high more than ever before. Let us take a look at the reasons why banking and finance remain the top sector of choice amongst the brightest finance graduates and the benefits that pursuing masters in finance and investment can offer you. 


It offers a fast-paced, consistently challenging career

The global concoction of business, finance and economics fluctuates every day, which is what makes it so diverse and hard to keep up. Whether you are dealing with a client or broker and the busy attitude of the trading floor and the pace of change implies that it can provide a highly stimulating career.

Professional training and development options

Working in reputed banks and businesses gives you the chance to benefit from structured training and development strategies. Simultaneously, based on the career path, you will also be able to gain a professional qualification as you move ahead in your career.   

Salary and benefits 

The average starting salary for a graduate in finance and investment is approximately £45,000. You can typically enjoy a wealth of other benefits if you place in a large firm including private health care, insurance, food and gym membership and subsidised travel. Great benefits are not just the only perks of the banking and finance sector, but it also includes the opportunity for substantial and lucrative bonuses. Furthermore, you may be eligible for the incentive if you are willing to work exceedingly long hours during the week, as well as the weekend.   

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International travel and working abroad 

With opportunities for worldwide travel being an important criterion on most graduate’s career wish list, it is not surprising why this inherently global industry is a popular choice. In the finance and investment sector, you could find yourself working in the financial centre of different market hotspots – from New York to Singapore, Hong Kong to Tokyo. You can also seize the opportunity to obtain global banking training in any of these cities to boost your career. 

Long term career plans 

Adding a well-regarded financial institution on your CV is looked upon favourably by of all sectors. Once you have managed to get through a tough application process try to acquire substantial experience excelling with a reputable company, making way for a larger organisation to want you in. Furthermore, the tailored graduate training and a good grounding of the financial sector are highly sought after by most employers.

So whether you decide on switching your career into a different industry, move across from the banking and finance industry (like, maybe into private equity) or harbour a goal to start your own business, applying for a master’s degree in finance and investment will stand you in good stead. Send in your queries today!