As the Coronavirus has hit the world in recent days and doesn’t stop spreading over the globe, health sectors are giving every effort to stop this virus from affecting the population. People all around the world, have been advised to stay at home and perform preventive measures as precautions are the only way to stay safe from this deadly virus. The government of various countries has announced complete or partial lockdowns which is one of the major precautionary steps. Every sector including educational institutes, shopping malls, restaurants, transport, and every public place, has been closed asking the people to avoid gathering more than 10 people. 

Consequently, to slow down the spread of Coronavirus, schools have been asked to remain closed until disease cases ratio reduces. Schools, colleges and even universities have started conducting online classes to recover the educational loss of the students. In this article, we’re going to share the top strategies you should adopt to perform proactively in the online learning sessions. 

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    Ensure Digital Equity

The main obstacle that comes in online learning is the use of equity, as not all the teachers and students have required devices. For online learning, it should be made sure that you have a proper device with bandwidth support. If teachers don’t have the devices required for online classes, then they should be provided devices so that they could conduct online classes. During the shutdown, it is expected that parents would also be probably working from home and not all families have one computer or laptop per person, so the learning apps should be available on mobile phones. There would be some teachers or students who don’t have a WiFi connection, they should be given hotspots along with devices.

  • Practice

Several schools deal with online learning and have already worked through home providing the needed devices and connectivity to the teachers and students. Whereas many schools haven’t ever conducted online classes, this might be a tough job for them to start the online learning classes. Teachers and students of such schools aren’t used to the online learning system and they may face difficulty in understanding the system process. Schools should provide a complete guide about the working of the online learning system and train them with the apps, technology, and tools. 

  • Establish Daily Schedules

Complete and clear instructions should be given to the teachers and students including the time at which they should log in. The online learning sessions could be hectic for some teachers and students as a full day in front of desktop or laptop is not as easy as it seems, therefore schools have allowed flexibility in the timing with two check-ins. These two check-in timings include the morning check-in in which the students will attend online classes and the afternoon one in which students have to study independently and give an update to the teacher. One day at school has been split into two days to increase the productivity of the teachers and the learning ability of the students.

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  • Robust Learning Approach

If online learning is not as engaging as the classroom environment, then it will affect the presence of students. Students usually get bored with such kinds of learning sessions and maintaining their focus on the lecture is a hard task for the teachers. If online learning doesn’t seem interesting to the students they might skip it, leading to the non-expected and poor results. In such circumstances, students may suffer and it’s the duty of schools to not stress the students about the work and rather provide them clear objectives, break long topics into smaller chunks, make them participate in online classes, provide them immediate feedback, motivate them to study online, keep classes interesting, including video tutorials and live chats. 

  • Design Independent Learning

Due to the lockdown parents might be at home but not free enough to help their child in learning. The work should be assigned to the students keeping in mind the whole scenario so that the work shouldn’t require support from parents or guardians. Teachers shouldn’t expect that there would be parental support at home learning as parents are also working from home and must have a much busier schedule. Schools should provide a guide to the parents of how professional logo design services can help and support their child in online learning which can be quite beneficial for the students. Parents should be kept updated about their child’s performance providing an online report to them with suggestions of how to improve their learning. 

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Coronavirus is one of the deadly viruses spread from one country and quickly affected the whole world within a few days. Countries have been completely shut down including the dismiss of classes, exams, and closure of markets, malls, public places, transport, offices, etc. Health sectors have provided the precautionary steps that should be followed by everyone, that is the only way to escape from this disease. Schools have been completely locked down and have started conducting online classes through educational apps with the worksheets provided to the students including the work assigned to them.