Harrow international school in Hong Kong is the crescent-shaped building located in the Gold Coast Tuen Mun Hing Kong. It is the first school with British international standards and offers boarding in Hong Kong. The school is offering quality education and adds the elements of the practice, traditions, and educational philosophy. international school in Hong Kong  provides a distinctive education. The main purpose of the school is to provide leadership for a better world. The school aims to help the pupil to achieve their studies goals by using their talent, skills, and knowledge. The school has opened in 2012 and currently, 1500 pupil are studying in the school

Moreover, the school cares for those who are eligible for quality studies but cannot afford the fees. For them, the school is offering scholarships and bursaries. The scholarship is basically the award that the school offers to the students. About 20% waivers in tuition fee is provided. Furthermore, the bursary is also rewarded. It is the tested award for parents who are unable to afford the fees. The school awards the scholarship via bursary finding. The main aim is to help students who need financial assistance. Another aspect of this scholarship is that the scholarship is awarded to students from all over the world. 


How to achieve a scholarship?

To achieve the scholarship, the parents of the pupils are invited to give the test so that the school gets an idea about the level of bursary reward the student can get. There is a possibility the student may get a full fee waiver. Moreover, the honorary scholarship is also awarded to the students who are talented and can get a reward on the merit base.

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How Do Pupils Get Scholarships?

The students get the bursaries before entering the Harrow international school. The students of age 6 and up are eligible for this bursary award. Parents can get complete information on tuition, boarding as well as the Capital levy through the website and apply for a scholarship there.


The school offers a scholarship to those who are able and have a love for studies. The school awards reward to talented students and those who have a true commitment to their studies. Moreover, the students who are an enthusiast and show passion for the studies are eligible for the scholarship award. Plus, those who have the ability to improve as well as take challenges are eligible for the scholarship. Furthermore, those who participate in co-curricular activities or Super Curriculum also get the opportunity to get this reward. Lastly, pupil having career aspirations are also liable to get the scholarship from the school.

The institute offers the scholarship to improve personal development as well as academic excellence. The award is basically financial aid as well as to motivate the pupil who deserve and has the ability to do hard work. The scholarship is rewarded according to the learning experience. The school builds personalized programs to work with talented students to give them a better place for education as well as to appreciate their efforts.

How to apply for the scholarship?

To apply for the scholarship parents have to follow the simple procedure. The school is offering bursaries to guardians or parents according to their needs. All prospective students can apply for the bursary. The school covers the whole fee concession after undergoing the testing procedure. The parents have to inform to admission department at the application stage to get a bursary.


Who is eligible for a bursary?

Not all families are eligible for bursaries. The school provides an opportunity to only those who have low household income and need bursary assistance. Before granting the reward school undergoes the testing procedure and considers few factors so that only the eligible candidate gets the fee concession. The matters that school considered are assets, the income of parents, and family circumstances. Moreover, if parents apply for the bursary program the school asked them to fill the confidential form to get financial assistance. The school assesses the bursaries every year, parents have to apply each year to get the award according to the circumstances. The schools reassess on an annual basis and award bursary to the eligible candidate.

There is a need to satisfy the school demand before applying for a bursary award, if there is any conflict the student will not be eligible. In case, if the school gets more than a number of applications, in such case the school makes the merit and scholarship are awarded according to performance in the entrance test.

The candidates who apply for the bursary can also get the extra funding for some essentials like school trips, music instruments and uniform. The bursary award does not apply to those who are already getting a scholarship award. Parents who need financial assistance and want to apply for the Bursary award can take information from the official website of the university.

It is an excellent institute as it offers a wonderful studies environment, the staff help in making a strong base for students. Pupil not only gets an educational environment but also gets involved in co-curricular activities. Furthermore, the school offers the house structure with complete pastoral support. Students get complete academic support and a learning environment. Parents who are willing to give their children a quality education can apply for the scholarship or bursary program. 

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The school aim to deliver the quality education to students from all over the world.  The school facilitates the boarding so pupil get the home like environment and get the primary education without any difficulty of financial issues. Institute offer the maximum fee waiver so eligible students get education in this top ranking school of Honk Kong and fulfill their educational dreams.