In price olymp trade chart analytics, the trendline is one of the simplest technical indicators and methods.

When you begin selling, the price will go up and down. Often the difference is noticeable, sometimes it is not. You need reliable details if you are going to spend money on something. It is when it comes to trendlines. A trendline will assist you in assessing the latest trend in market prices. A trendline combines pivot peaks and pivot lows, which dominate the price movements.



A trend line is a drawing instrument that can be used on the price chart to draw lines anonymously. Along with the trend, drawing trend lines allows detecting price changes.

The trend line is known to be the world’s first technological indicator and is also the easiest instrument of chart analysis. When the price goes up, the trendline increases. The coordinating pivots will display an ascending trendline as the price goes up. Similarly, if a falling trendline is seen by linking the pivots, then it means that the price is going down. 

Categories of Trends

You need to understand more about the trendline on olymp trade before you begin to use it. Three major trend styles happen on the price chart of olymp trade.

Upwards Trend

An upward trend implies a price increase. The price is going to start pushing up in an uptrend. Bulls control the industry, as seen by the production of longer bullish candles (green color) on the map. The market trend will change from an uptrend to a downtrend when the price drops.

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Downtrend Trend

More than a spontaneous losing streak, downtrends signify something more. The downward pattern suggests price fluctuations. It is possible to contrast a downtrend with an uptrend. You will simply need to draw a line that links the consecutive peaks using the trend line. The ones that seem lower than each other are these peaks.

Sideways Trend

The price swings sideways when supply and demand are roughly equivalent. It is also considered as a horizontal pattern. You will simply need to paint two lines using the trend line. There is one line connecting the consecutive tops and another connecting the successive bottoms. This generates sideways moving of trend lines.

It does not provide you a definite upward or downward direction to expand these two lines. This implies that the trend path is not suited for either purchase or sale positions to be taken. It’s an uncertain zone.

Using Tradeline while Trading on the Olymp Trade Platform

A trader wants to get as many details as possible before investing in a business. Trendline highlights the market rises and lows. On the part of the trader, trendline analysis involves discretion. If you can’t properly draw trendlines, it might lead people to believe incorrect price ideas. You will lose a considerable amount of money if you are reckless.

  • You must first go to the olymp trade website and sign in to your account with olymp Trade. 
  • Tap on the top left corner of the drop-down menu and pick a profile. A window including your personal information will appear. 
  • Go to settings and place a checkmark next to multiplier choice and the editor of taking benefit and stop loss. 
  • Find and touch a “Pencil-like” button, the lines button while using the phone app. Place and press the indicators Tab if you are using a PC or computer.
  • From the list of choices that emerge, pick the trend line. It is at the bottom of the rankings of scientific instruments. 
  • On the tip of your mouse, you can see a thick white icon. 
  • Tap and drag your mouse from the point where you want to begin drawing to the point where you want to end the drawing.
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You must ensure that you have a minimum of two levels when you paint trendlines. You can draw several trendlines at any particular time, but you have to assure that each trendline has a minimum of two points. The further trend lines you draw, the greater the overall trend you will be able to detect.

  • Discharge the cursor then.

In an upward trend, the price will continue to increase until the price crosses the downward upward Trendline. It indicates that the pattern has changed from an uptrend to a downtrend. Likewise, the price will continue to drop in a downtrend until the price breaks out of the downward Trend Line. It will suggest that the pattern changes from being a downtrend to being an uptrend.


It can be useful to use trendlines to reach your objectives. So, before you start trading, read about olymp trade trendlines and how to use them. Expert investors make their decisions based on trading rules. And, if you are a new trader, move slowly. Get a general premise of the olymp trade trendline before purchasing or selling something. If you don’t know how to draw or use trendlines you can exercise on the olymp trade demo account. Prices typically do not shift consistently, so you might also have to change the trendlines. Note that trendlines act as a resource and cannot be dependent on alone. As a reference, you can use trendlines. But you will have to rely on your skills to trade at the end of the day.