Working 9-5 might have worked for Dolly Parton, but it’s not what many people want for their life. Daily commutes, morning meetings, and awkward office lunches—who wants that?

Instead of an office job, why not consider a more unusual job? There are plenty of unique careers out there that are different, challenging, and well-paying.

If you need some inspiration, keep reading to find five unique careers that you’re sure to love.


1.  Video Game Designer

Want to get paid to play video games all day? Even better, want to create your own?

Yep, being a video game designer is a real job, and it’s an awesome one. It’s a competitive industry, but it pays well and is a dream job for those who love video games.

To make it in the industry, you’ll need creativity, tech and computer skills, and an understanding of coding.

2.  Life Coach

If you love the idea of motivating and helping others, you may want to consider an alternative career as a life coach. Life coaches help others find success in their personal lives, businesses, and reach their goals.

Wondering how to become a life coach? You’ll need to be a great communicator, be passionate about helping others, and have an optimistic and outgoing personality that will inspire others.

3.  Flight Attendant

Many people dream of traveling the world, but flight attendants actually get paid to do it. Working for an airline lets you travel domestically and internationally for work, plus free or low-cost flights when you’re not working.

It’s a fantastic job for those who crave adventure and aren’t interested in the 9-5 office lifestyle.

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4.  Cake Decorator

As a cake decorator, you can have your cake—and decorate it too! Cake decorating is an important aspect of any bakery, as there’s always a huge demand for personalized cakes for weddings, birthdays, or special occasions.

If you’re artistic and love baking, working with cakes could be just the career for you.

5.  Ethical Hacker

Hackers are evil and work in dark rooms, bringing down the government, right? Not so fast—you might be surprised to learn that ethical hacking is a real thing, and you can even take courses in the subject.

Ethical hackers work with companies to legally try to break into their company’s website, exposing hacks or weaknesses.

To work as an ethical hacker, you’ll need amazing tech and computer skills, perseverance, and a deep understanding of cybersecurity.

Which of These Unique Careers Is Right for You?

With so many fun and unique careers out there, why work in a boring office? Use the ideas above to start thinking outside the box when it comes to your future career.

Then, start researching what you need to do to make it happen, such as a university degree, an internship, or even just the right attitude and willingness to learn.

Get started today and make the most of your career by doing something you love!

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