Students appreciate the flexibility and convenience of online courses, but this style of learning does present a unique set of challenges. They can be overcome, but the responsibility for doing so often lies with individual learners. Here’s a look at some of the problems you may encounter.


Effective time management

Online learning is often considered to be the easy option, but in fact,it is just as demanding. You have the freedom to organize your study schedule in a way that fits in with work and family, but dedication to your course remains essential. Being able to juggle personal responsibilities and learning is a talent that you’ll have to master, or you risk becoming overwhelmed with work. Cope by setting aside time for studying each day and continuously improve your time management.

Preparation is essential

At college or university, much of the preparation work is done for you, but at home, you’ll need to take the reins yourself. It makes sense to choose a provider that is ready to give support, as you are likely to need it at the start. When you work towards a PMHNP BC qualification at Wilkes, you can expect a wealth of advice on getting set up to study at home. You will also be able to access financial assistance towards daily living costs and buying the equipment you need. 

Motivation levels can drop

Students can become dependent on the structure of in-person learning. Being present every day helps with focus and encourages you to remain up to date with work. In contrast, distance learning grants you a degree of independence and causes you to take more responsibility for your progress. Working toward an end goal is always hard, but with Netflix, social media and gaming as distractions, it can be even harder. Tackle the problem by making study time a quiet time during which you switch off from everything else. 

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Adjusting to a new learning method

Studying at school, college and university is very different to distance learning where the experience is condensed into an online account. People who have previously attended school may find it hard to adapt at first. In part, this is because teachers and lecturers usually present us with paper versions of the resources required and discussion times are restricted. Online, the reverse is true. Discussions and debates can continue for hours online, and you’ll be expected to use course materials which are presented in various formats. A qualification will always be worth the effort, so get the best out of your course by keeping an open mind and embracing alternative modes of learning. 

Dealing with other people’s opinions 

Distance learning qualifications are awarded by esteemed institutions, but the idea that students have an easier time still prevails. Many people think online qualifications are less credible and have a lack of respect for the process. These opinions can be disheartening, but concentrate on your continued success and bear in mind that online qualifications offer a genuine route to your future career.