5 Amazing Educational Apps You Must Try in 2020


Education is the movement from darkness to light” is rightly said, in this world, almost everyone has realized the need of education to make a prosperous career. Gone are days, education wasn’t given much importance, whereas now people are aware of the advantages of getting high education. One can differentiate between an illiterate and a well-educated with the characteristics, traits, morals, and values they hold. Education has become the biggest part of everyone’s life and people over every corner of the world want to get the best possible education. In a world where everything is made online has made the learning process much easier providing so many ways to learn about different topics, subjects, technologies, languages, and whatnot. 

Multiple mobile apps are serving the best educational tutorials, classes, and courses so that people can gain new skills, polish the ones they have, learn what they love and have knowledge about the things they aren’t aware of. Let’s have a look at the 5 best educational apps for learners of every age group.

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  • Duolingo

Duolingo is a language learning app available to be downloaded on your android phone for free. This app has multiple languages, you just need to search for the language you want to excel. Using Duolingo you can learn any language completely and speak fluently giving you all the necessary tips. Proper language-speaking methods and techniques are explained with a well-defined language structure. It will make your learning journey simple, easy and enjoyable which seems to be the hardest for you with so many obstacles. The effective language learning methods are available with 34 hours of learning-time containing lessons of 5 mins. The whole course is divided into different topics so you can get to any topic along with practice sessions. 

  • Deepstash

Deep stash app is free with no ad distractions just like the collection of ideas inside your social media feeds. These can be used to display daily news feeds showing the relevant stories and ideas organized in stashes that is accessible at any time. The users of this app can get articles related to any topic in summarized content having less than 100 words or so. You can browse the recommendations, save them and apply where you like instead of going through multiple articles each of thousands of words. You can save ideas that are further used to filter out the best stories for you that are further used for personalization so relevant recommendations can be shown on your feed. 

  • TED

TED mobile app is there for you to help whenever you are confused with any topic or subject. You can find content on every type of issue providing you with answers or solutions that could instantly solve your problem. Some educational apps don’t have that faster and efficient search option to filter out the search results related to the topic but this app provides you the best search engine. You can browse for topics, issues or contents more simply and easily, this is the reason people go this app whenever they are puzzled with anything. You can enjoy videos describing different topics available in 100 different languages that can be saved or added to playlists.

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  • edX

edX is a well-known educational app providing online courses to users to increase knowledge or enhance skills. Thousands of courses are available on this mobile app on different topics and subjects allowing users to learn new things with the best tutorials. You just need to install the edX app and select the subject of your choice and you are done with your educational settings. edX has 140 institutes that provide online courses to this app and each course includes multiple quizzes, practices, and tests that polish you learned skills enabling you to grow your knowledge. It has a simple and active user interface that has a quick search option so that you can filter out any interest topics or subjects like a leather jacket sale guide. 

  • Udemy

Udemy is one of the most popular and widely used educational apps available for different phones. It contains various courses allowing you to search for courses you want to learn within just a few clicks. It has a complete set of educational courses having proper tutorials on every topic explained in a way that is easier for the users to understand. Whether it’s a course related to the technology, office work, literature or anything that interests you, Udemy has everything you will ever need for learning. Get the proper knowledge of the topic you love through experts of that particular subject using Udemy. It has over 13 million available courses with 2 thousand topics and 60 different language courses.


Multiple educational mobile apps have been created to serve people with the best content. These educational apps contain videos, files, tutorials, and everything a learner would need to study a topic or subject. People from around the world can use these educational apps for learning purposes and utilize the features of the apps. These apps contain content and video tutorials in multiple languages removing the barrier so that users from anywhere can search a topic. Among so many awesome educational apps, the best ones include Duolingo, Deepstash, TED, edX, and Udemy.

Bollyflix 2020: Download Illegal HD Movies Bollyflix Website, Latest Bolly flix Movies News at Bollyflix.com Bollyflix 2020: Download Illegal HD Movies Bollyflix Website, Latest Bolly flix Movies News at Bollyflix.com


Bollyflix 2020: The Bollyflix is considered the best website to watch Tamil movies, as well as Bollywood movies and Hollywood dubbed Hindi movies. Bollyflix is a pirated website that began some years ago when they began uploading movies of all genres for free download or viewing. Users can download movies from bollyflix.com Bolly flix doesn’t upload or stream movies to its server. They use a third party server to upload pirated films. It is because they don’t use their server that the loading speed of the website is pretty fast. Here in this article, we have provided some details about the pirated website bollyflix com and also the best alternatives of Bolly flix.

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Bollyflix: History

Bollyflix is a pirated website which provides Tamil movies, as well as Bollywood movies and Hollywood dubbed Hindi movies. Not all films in the theatre are worth watching. So people are going to these online pirated websites to watch the movies. These websites were originally available to download on a google search for a specific movie.

Bollyflix is the largest Full Movies Database site for Hollywood and Bollywood Hindi Movies lover to download full movies free

It is indeed an illegal website but many people use pirated film websites to stream or download movies, cartoons, HD quality drama shows using a VPN. If you ever google to download or stream a film, you’ll come across websites like Tamilrockers, Movierulz, etc.

Bolly flix doesn’t upload or stream movies to its server. They use a third party server to upload pirated films. It is because they don’t use their server that the loading speed of the website is pretty fast. Bollyflix just uploads the movie to its website, uploading links or access to live to stream. You are redirected to another server as soon as you click on it. You can download your favorite movie on this server as well as watch it online for free. They have copyright strikes, and Google also downs its website from SERP, as the website does the piracy of said movies. They switch their main domain to another domain, in order to retain their constant influx of visitors. This is the principal explanation of why their domain name is often updated.

Is Bollyflix safe to use?

There’s a constant question if viewing or uploading movies from a pirated website are safe. Actually it is possible to do both. Piracy of a film and further sharing of the film is a greater crime than viewing or downloading a film. You are in a secure zone if you use a VPN to stream those movies from Bolly flix.

  • It is important as per us to keep certain precautions before logging into the Bollyflix website. Here are some listed for your reference
  • You need to install Adblocker Chrome extension in your browser to stay safe from the annoying ads. Your PC must have active Anti-virus software
  • The minimum age of the user should be above 18

Is Bollyflix an Illegal Website?

A lot of viewers ask if Bollyflix.com is a legal website. The truth is that it is highly illegal, as pirated content is uploaded to its website. Users should note some important points while downloading and watching pirated films is a significant criminal offence. It is illegal to watch and download movies from Bollyflix com. No person has been caught to date for using a pirated website or uploading films online. But we will suggest that no unauthorized websites be used to download or watch movies for free. If you want to watch or stream movies for free, here is a list of alternatives to the website of Bollyflix.

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What are the best alternatives to Bollyflix?

As we mentioned earlier, there is a massive torrent network. And such networks manage or run thousands of torrent websites. On the same day of publication, several websites leak freshly released films. And we picked several alternatives websites that provide free uploading or streaming of movies online. These alternatives are good competitors of Bollyflix and attracting many visitors per day.
• Sony Crunch
• Netflix
• Amazon Prime Video
• Hotstar
• Mx Player
• Sony Liv
• Ice movie
• Yesmovies
• Filmyzilla
• Gomovies
• Nitro
• Fmovies
• MovieNinja
• Worldfree4u
• Moviezwap
• Movies4U
• Khatrimaza
• LookMovie
• Zmovies
• Moviesda

What are the types of genres that Bollyflix com leaks?

Bollyflix deals primarily with leaked Bollywood movies, Hollywood movies, web series, and drama series, among others. They leaked several Tamil films over time, as well as Hindi dubbed Hollywood films on the website. Here are some categories which they leak on Bollyflix com:

  • Bollywood 300Mb
  • Bollywood 720p
  • Dual Audio 300mb
  • Dual Audio 720p
  • Hollywood Movies 300Mb
  • Hollywood Movies 720p
  • Pakistani Movies
  • Punjabi Movies
  • South Hindi Dubbed 300Mb
  • South Hindi Dubbed 720p
  • Telugu 300Mb
  • Telugu 720p
  • TV Shows
  • WEB Series

Will I go to jail or be fined for downloading a movie illegally?

According to the piracy law in India, an individual is taken to the court and if he/she is proven that he/she has knowingly infringed or helped someone else infringe and download a copyrighted movie from piracy websites, then it would be considered to be a criminal act.  Under the law, the punishment for a person being convicted for their first such offense is a jail term between six months and three years, with a fine anywhere between Rs. 50,000 and Rs. 200,000 (depending on the seriousness of the offense). We advise our users from avoiding such illegal downloads of movies.

How Much Does PMP Certification Cost in 2020?


For those in the project management field, or people aspiring towards a career in this area, Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is the leading credential for project management professionals.

The majority of aspiring PMPs only worry about passing their PMP exam without considering the total costs involved in attaining a PMP certificate. So how much money should you budget for in 2020? In this post, we will break down all the various costs you will incur during your journey of becoming a certified PMP.

How much Does PMP Certification Cost?

According to a survey conducted by PwC, PMP certified project managers are responsible for managing more than three-quarters of top-performing projects in the United States. Also, organizations that hire more than 30% of project managers with PMP certification achieve greater project success than companies that don’t. Furthermore, Forbes ranked the PMP certification as the second highest paying IT certification globally in 2019.  

These statistics are enough proof that getting a PMP credential is rapidly becoming an obligation for project managers, and this raises the question: What is PMP Certification?

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The PMP Certification

The Project Management Professional (PMP) is a globally acclaimed certificate conferred to project managers after passing the PMP exam. 

It is awarded by the non-profit organization the Project Management Institute (PMI), which is mandated to regulate and preserve project management standards.

Although it may seem like a pretty logical step to take, many aspiring PMPs are unsure if it is worth the cost and time investment. Aside from the years of experience required to even qualify for the exam, one has to sacrifice both money and time to study and sit for the exam. For this reason, project managers often want to know if the commitment pays off. So how much do you need to get this prestigious accreditation?

PMP Certification Training Fees

You can begin your PMP Certification journey with gathering information about PMP certification requirements on PMTI. One of the best ways you can prepare for your PMP certification exam is by enrolling for a PMP training course. You can register for a class wherever you are in the United States.

Why is enrolling for a PMP training course Important?

  • PMP training institutes provide custom-tailored study materials to prepare for the PMP exam.
  • Trained professionals assist students in grasping different project management theories, terminologies, and other crucial inputs necessary to pass the PMP exam.
  • PMP training institutes provide students with the 35 contact hours
  • You can also get the 35 contact hours necessary to become eligible to sit for the PMP exam.

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How Much Does PMP Certification Training Cost?

The cost incurred during training for the PMP exam largely depends on whether you will enroll in an in-class, live, or online PMP certification course. The region where you will take your course will also determine the cost.

The average cost for a PMP training course from a reputable REP lies between $450 – $4,000.

If you have a busy schedule and can’t attend a physical training class, you can opt to take the PMP course online. The main difference between an online PMP course and live online classes or in-class boot camps is that Online courses do not have an instructor or a Pre-programmed schedule. Despite this, online courses offer all the necessary study materials a student requires to pass the PMP exam.

The significant benefit of taking an Online PMP Training Course, is the flexibility to study wherever and whenever as long as you have a stable internet connection. Also, an online course is way cheaper than an in-class course, and the average cost of an Online PMP training course lies between $200 and $3,500.

Live online training courses offer all the perks of a classroom course from the comfort of your work or home. A live online course will also allow you to interact with your instructor in real-time. A live online class is a more efficient way to get your PMP certification.

PMP Exam Application Fees

After completing the required 35 hours required to be eligible for the exam, you are now ready to apply and schedule for your PMP exam.

(To simplify the entire process of PMP application, you can optionally use a PMP Application Exam Prep Tool after you register for a  PMP Exam Prep classes to help facilitate your application documentation.)

For no-PMI members, the PMP Certification exam fee is USD 555, while PMI members are required to pay USD 405. It’s beneficial having a PMI membership since it

  • Saves you money.
  • It allows you to network with other project managers in your sector and across the globe.
  • Grants you free access to vital documents such as the PMBOK® Guide

The  PMBOK®  Guide is PMI’s fundamental and the world’s most popular resource for effective project management practices. This guide is consistently updated to reflect the best practices that are evolving within the project management profession.

The  PMBOK®  Guide is published roughly every four years. The latest one is the PMBOK® 6th edition and was released in September 2017.

Preparing For Your PMP Exam

Many people fail to factor in the preparation cost; the cost incurred while preparing for the PMP exam. 

Time is money, and the time you spend while preparing for your PMP exam will determine the total cost you will incur while obtaining your PMP certification.

The average time needed to study for the exam is directly proportional to your capability to grasp basic PM principles together with other factors. 

Before you develop the ideal study plan, it is essential to review your regular daily schedule; what time of the day are you usually free? Which hobbies or activities can you postpone until the exams are over? Are you capable of making sacrifices, i.e., studying during lunch break? Try as much to dedicate 2 hours every day during weekdays and 4 hours during the weekend to prepare for your exam.

It would be best if you also kept in mind that your study schedule should not affect your work or family time. 

Bottom Line: Choosing the Right PMP Training Provider

If you opt to take PMP certification training boot camp courses in the USA, whether you are in Washington, DC, Atlanta, GA, San Diego, CA, or  San Francisco, CA, it is always important to remember not all PMP Training centres are similar. The quality varies depending on the institution, and not all institutions offer quality training to prepare for the exam adequately. As an aspiring PMP, you should not sacrifice quality for a lower price while investing in your career. 

How to take CPA exam in Singapore?


Becoming a certified public accountant or a CPA is a great career choice as it offers the right platform to attain professional stability and growth. Though, in order to pursue this field, one must be prepared in terms of getting the right training to clear the CPA examination. The single exam holds a lot of value and can be a decisive factor for your entire career.

Taking CPA exam training is often a preferred route that is taken by many students to become a certified public accountant. Being confused about the entire procedure is understandable but the process is simple.

CPA exam process 

The CPA (Certified Practising Accountant) is globally recognised as it encompasses strategic business skill and technical knowledge required in the field of accountancy. Enrolling for the test is easy in terms of process steps and one must follow them religiously.

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1.The first step to taking the CPA exam is the application for which you must choose the right state board. Each of the 55 boards has different exam requirements which are why you must be careful with your selection. Post taking the exam, you can also choose to live and work in Singapore or any place of your choice. 

2.Post choosing the state, you must go through the list of approved credential evaluation agencies. They will be the one who will evaluate your transcript as part of the process.

3.Next comes filling up the form and sending it to the state board. You need to get the required transcript from your school and send it to the board. International students should fill their application only if they are sure that the above evaluation process has successfully been completed.

4.The result can take anywhere between 1 week to 12 weeks to arrive depending upon the chosen state.

5.In this time duration, it’s best to check out the various CPA material available to prep yourself for the exam. You can also go for a course that will train you for the test.

6.After your application is approved, you will be informed via email. Check for the arrival of the NTS (Notice to Schedule) and go through the information on it. Make sure that it matches with at least two of your sets of ID which you will be carrying to the centre for verification.

7.On receiving the NTS, you can schedule your exam within the given time frame which can be anywhere between 9 to 12 months.

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Singapore is a great choice to take preparatory courses in CPA as a good number of educational institutes provide excellent material and training for the examination. CPA exam in Singapore can help you shape a solid foundation to pursue the course, clear the test and start your journey in this profession.

Why you should take Cambridge exams?


If you have been studying English for a long time now and have thought of taking an exam for yourself then choosing a Cambridge English Exam could help you advance in your life, studies or career. Adding this certificate to your academic career can assist you in getting the ticket to work or study in any English-speaking country, for a good amount of time. This article talks about the best aspects of taking Cambridge exams and all that you can expect to achieve after qualifying it.

International recognition

Cambridge exams are internationally recognized, established by the University of Cambridge. This prestigious exam is recognized all over the world and has close to three thousand authorized exam centers worldwide. Students can register themselves for various exam preparation like the centers for Cambridge international chemistry, history, English, and various other courses across the globe.

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Overall improvement in English

Preparing for Cambridge exams will improve your personal English skills as well. Students can develop communication skills that they can use for day-to-day life, work and study. Cambridge Exams (FCE, CAE & CPE) are popularly known to focus on general English and are fun to prepare for. Moreover, it does not just cover academic English but is tailored to test the English needed to read, write, hear and speak in real-life situations.

Enhance your motivation

For students who want to get to a higher level of English, Cambridge exams are one of the finest ways to achieve that. It allows students to set goals and increase their passion for honing communicable English skills. It is a great technique to challenge yourself to push further to perfecting the English vocabulary and pronunciation.

Stay ahead in the race

Taking your English to the next level also paves way for you to stand out from the crowd. Today’s job market has grown to be fully international in nature, which makes it even more important to know English to survive in this highly competitive professional environment. Appearing for a Cambridge exam allows you to get that advantage. A Cambridge qualification on your resume makes you capable of showing off the high standard of English you possess officially. Furthermore, it also shows potential employers that you are willing to dedicate time towards improving your professional English skills.

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Accepted by global universities

The results of Cambridge exams are recognised by almost every university, including top listed universities holding global ranking. Besides this, it is important to note that unlike other examinations, the Cambridge English Exams have no expiry date. Which implies that once taken, Cambridge exam results are valid forever (exceptions with some academic institutes).

Still, wondering if you should also take the Cambridge English exam? There are so many hidden reasons! For more tips for FCE preparation course now

How can you start your career in cybersecurity?


Rapid digitalization and globalization have dawned a new era of digitally connected nations, enterprises and people. Today, it is possible to talk to an old friend settled in Canada from the US or digitally collect payments from your clients based in Paris. This connectivity has enhanced the growth and development of global trade commerce. Unfortunately, the digitalization has also left us vulnerable and more susceptible to cyber-attacks. This security threat has led to an increasing number of organisations to invest millions in securing their networks against massive cyber threats.

According to the 2020-released Gartner List, cybersecurity is one of the top ten investment domains in the upcoming future globally. There is an immense amount of potential in the cybersecurity job market which can make it easy for you to capitalize on this boom by entering this industry professionally.

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If you are intrigued by a cybersecurity career, this blog can be of great help. It provides some useful suggestions that can help you establish a career in this industry.

What can you do to establish a career in cybersecurity?

Unfortunately, rapid technological innovations have also brought in lethal and complex cybersecurity threats along with them. The cybersecurity industry is always evolving to match up to the threats and constantly generating new career opportunities. Starting a career in cyber security domain can be easy with these useful suggestions.

  • Take on multiple online certifications: The complexity and magnitude of cybersecurity threats are always on the rise—hence, as a cybersecurity professional, you are expected to keep upgrading your knowledge on the subject. You can do this by completing as many online certifications as you can. Online certifications are an affordable way of advancing your knowledge in cybersecurity and enhance your career prospects.
  • Pursue a course in the subject: Becoming a cybersecurity professional would require you to gain expertise on subject knowledge such as cyber-risk management or network security fundamentals. Earning a degree in cybersecurity can provide you with the technical expertise required for the job. Even if you are currently working in the field, pursuing a formal degree can provide a revision of the basics for you.
  • Upgrade yourself with the latest coding languages: Since most analytical tools require a strong coding background, it might be advantageous for you to brush up your coding skills before you enter the cybersecurity domain. As the entire industry is based on computer programming, you should also gain expertise on the latest programming languages such as OPSEC and OSINT. You can do this through free website tutorials or by practising coding problems.
  • Choose a single cybersecurity specialization: There are multiple branches in cybersecurity such as network security, application security, malware, cyber forensics, risk management or mobile security. Each branch requires a different set of skills and subject expertise. Hence, before entering the domain, you should pick up a specialization as per your interests and professional aspirations. You can read up on different branches and compare them on their merits before deciding.

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Like any other industry, gaining practical experience in cybersecurity through internships, volunteering projects and workshops can help you gain valuable insights into the sector. You should enrol in a cybersecurity course today to be a part of the technological revolution.

9xmovies 2020: Download Bollywood Movies, 9xmovie Hollywood Movies, Hindi Dubbed HD Movies Download Online


9xmovies 2020 : 9xmovies is a public theft website to find the latest 9xmovies website movies, 9xmovies news and updates on Fresherslive. Download Bollywood, Hollywood, Telugu, Tamil movies with dual audio. 9xmovies movie offers free HD download It seems that there is no end to their illegal activities.9xmovies.in has a huge collection of free HD movie downloads from Bollywood, Hollywood, Tollywood, and more. 9xmovies com has an illegal movie download platform that provides new Bollywood movies, Hollywood movies, web-series pirated content.

9xmovies 2020 – download hd bollywood movies

9xmovies website link is influencing box-office collections of films around the world. There are many websites around the world such as 9xmovies pirate movies and could even release movies before leaking them online for free. xmovies that used to kill movie lovers in theaters to enjoy their favorite movies. 9xmovies has a huge collection of free HD movie downloads from Bollywood, Hollywood, Tollywood and more pirated content.

About 9xmovies 300mb Movies

9xmovies.com exclusively releases movies and TV shows in theaters or online portals before or during their release. This infamous piracy website is said to be more than 8-10 years old. The 9xmovies org piracy site has created mass audiences worldwide. Free download online Bollywood, Hollywood Dual Audio Movies and unimaginable collections of Tamil and Telugu movies online for free too. Pirated movies are uploaded to the 9xmovies press as soon as possible and the initial quality of the latest free download movies is mostly in theater print.

9xmovies.Guru is famous for providing Bollywood and Hindi dubbed movies. The 9xmovies app and its many extensions like 9xmovies, 9xmovies, 9xmovies com, 9xmovies in 9xmovies org, 9xmovies press, 9xmovies Guru, www 9xmovies not only provide netizens to download, but anyone can view and select their list. Resolved as of release date.

Newest Movies Leaked – 9xmovies Download

The 9xmovies app is notorious for leaking massive amounts of movies in multiple languages. This free movie download site offers 300MB of movies, where one can download movies within the 300MB limit. Recent leaks on the 9xmovies app from Bollywood include Chhapak, Yudh, Gulaboy, Good NEWZ, and more. The 9xmovies web site includes Ek Saaho, Avengers: Endgame, Bahubali, Bahubali 2, Robots 2.0, Bharat, and more.

9xmovies crimson has also leaked much-awaited films like Joker, Kabir Singh, Arjun Patiala, Spider-Man: Far From Home, The Lion King, John Wick 3, Dabangg 3, and more recently. According to reports, the entertainment industry losses around 2.Eight billion dollars every year due to worldwide piracy downloads.

Information about 9xmovies org

Movie piracy is considered illegal in India, America and many different countries. The Indian government banned sites like 9xmovies downloading movies, Movierulz, 123motion pictures and TamilRockers with Google. However, these sites appear to be creating domain extensions from .com. .Data, .un, .in, .uk and more to deal with the efforts made by the government to prevent leaks of films on such websites.

What is the government doing to stop piracy?

The government has taken certain steps to eradicate the theft of films. As per the Cinematograph Act approved in 2019, anyone found recording a movie without the written consent of the producer can face up to three years in jail and a fine of Rs 10 lakh can also be imposed on the culprits.

Will I go to jail or be fined for illegally downloading a movie?

As per piracy law in India, a person is taken to court and if he / she proves that he / she has intentionally infringed or helped someone else infringe and download copyrighted movie from piracy websites, So it would be considered a criminal act.

Under the law, the punishment for a person convicted of such an offense is a jail term of between six months and three years, with a fine anywhere between Rs and 50,000 (depending on the severity of the offense). It is possible. We advise our users to avoid illegal downloads of such movies.


123 does not in any way aim to promote or condemn piracy. Piracy is an act of crime and is considered a serious offense under the Copyright Act of 1957. The purpose of this page is to inform the common people about theft and encourage them to stay safe from such acts. We request you not to encourage or engage in any form of piracy.

Putlocker (2020): Putlocker Alternative Websites


You will hardly find a single person in your life who does not like to watch movies. Movies are one of the best ways by which you can pass your time. This is not the only thing; we also get to learn about a lot of stuff form these movies. Many movies try to change our set of minds and views. Some portray incidents that were left unknown. Whereas some of the films even show us how things were 200 years back, and other Sci-Fi movies show us a possible look out of the future.

Putlocker – Watch Free Movies

But, it is not possible to go to a theater every time a good film releases. Even you need a viable alternative when you want to watch an old film or a movie that is no longer in the theatre. This is where Putlocker takes entry. It is by far the best movie and series streaming sites there is. This is where you can stream the movies that you want to watch. Putlocker has a wide variety of collections of the film. It is a clean and fast website where you will get almost all the films or Series that you want to watch.

What is Putlocker?

If you are still wondering about what this Putlocker is, then let put this straight. This website is one of the most popular sites in the world. This website offers you the online streaming of movies. There is hardly any such website in the world that allows free online streaming and has this massive collection of videos. If you have not heard about this website yet, get ready to know about it. If you want to get access to a site that has unlimited movies and Series, then this the website for you.

The best thing about Putlocker is that it not only has a collection of old films and movies which have released a year back, but it also has a collection of newly released movies. The index of this website is enormous. You also do not have to pay anything to enjoy Putlocker. The website contents are available for free.

Now, you can binge-watch your favorite movies whenever you want. You do not even have to pay any rent to any of the apps. Those apps do not yet have features as unlimited movies. You will pay a hefty sum just to watch the limited movies number of movies the app has to offer you.

This website has been in business from2011, and it has gained the trust of many users across the world. There is hardly any movie, TV show, or Series that is not available on the website. So, check out the site today and be sure to be amused.

Putlocker Website Features

Putlocker is present for the time being now. This website can provide you with Shows, Movies, videos, and Series that are not available in any other streaming app. Thus, it is a special one. This website is like a blessing to those who cannot afford to go to a theatre every time to watch a movie or can pay rental to all the movie streaming apps.

The website has become a favorite of most of its users just in few years of its launch. You can watch movies that have just been released through these websites. You can even watch movies that are not available on any other site. We never like to invest in anything that is not worth our time or effort. Whenever we spend our time in anything, we prefer to know its features first. The same is with this website.

Though it is an old website now, and many people out there are happy using it. But here are somethings that you might like to go through before you start streaming movies on this website. Here are some features for you –

1. Clear Home page –

This is one of the essential things on which you build your impression of the site just by looking at it. The home page for this website works like the teaser of movies or the cover of a novel. You will have an opinion just by having a single look on the home page of any website. In the case of this renowned website, Putlocker, you can just glance at the home page and be stunned by the clarity of the home page of Putlocker.

The home page is as clear as crystal. But, you may face one problem, that is, many companies sponsor the website, this is the reason you might meet some ads. You can stop getting ads by blocking them with any of the Ad Blocker you prefer. Other than this, it is a great website that has a great Home Page.

2. Huge library –

The website, Pulocker, has a vast library of all kinds of movies. From old to recent,  Putlocker has it all. You can search for any of the movie or series names that you want to watch with the correct spelling. You can get any movies that you want to watch on Putlocker; it is a stunning website.

The website also has a massive list of old movies and Tv Shows. If you wish to relive the old era with movies released three years back, you can check out the list of films released in 2017. The website has a huge collection of movies and Series, and you can get almost any movie that you want on Putlocker. Even though there are thousands of movies that have released to date, you can still find any of the movies from this website.

3. User friendly –

One of the many reasons to use Pulocker as an excellent streaming website is that it is user friendly. You do not have to be a complete professional if you want to watch movies of your choice online or to use this website. It is entirely user friendly. We always look for how user friendly it is.

If a website is tricky to use, it is a turning point for every user. The site is crafted to make it easy for users to stream movies and Series. If you follow the steps, the site leads you to stream the film that you want. Thus, Streaming movies from Putlocker is effortless and fun.

4. Subtitles for all movies and Series –

Watching movies is not limited to one or two languages for users. Users all over the world are now eager to know about the culture of every land. Watching movies is not language bound anymore. Putlocker here has made it easy for you to watch movies or Series in any language that you want, with the help of subtitles. Yes, no matter what language you are watching in Putlocker will provide you with the subtitles that you need. You will understand every meaning of the scenes.

5. Well Categorized –

This is one of the finest features of this website. You can find any web series or movies easily, just with the help of these categories. You can find out the most recommended movies only on the main page of the website. We will cover this section in detail later.

6. Great Tools –

After talking about user-friendliness, this is time to elaborate on the various tools that make it user-friendly. This website has topped in usability. The site is specially crafted to provide you with the best and advanced tools in the store. You can easily use the sites. You can easily search any movies or Tv shows that you like with the help of the filters and the sort by options given here.

As the sites have a vast library, the tools help you to navigate any movie or Series or any other content that you want swiftly. If you are looking through the index of old movies or the new movies, you can set the filter according to your preference you can also organize the settings in the sort by an option like you want this will help to reach to the content that you want.

We surely do not want to scroll down to the bottom when you are produced with a huge option of movies. This is when these tools come at your service. Just set the filter according to your preference, and you are good to go.

7. New Series and movies available –

No matter how recent the movie or Series is, it is always available on Putlocker. Not just old and classic movies. You will get movies that are still running in the theatre. Thus, you do not have to waste too much money on theaters or renting any movie streaming app. Now you can get the most amazing and recent movies on putlocker without having to pay any penny to the website. You can watch the newest movies anywhere anytime. This is one of the many reasons Putlocker is famous worldwide.

8. Content Quality –

It is going to be long when it comes to the content quality that Putlocker provides you with. With the growth of the digital age, the quality of movies and video content has improved. When it comes to Putlocker, it can provide you with the best quality content. You will be able to watch your favorite movies and Series. You can get the best quality content, even without spending any money. Even when you are watching on your laptop or smartphone in a dark room, it can give you multiplex like the feeling when you are streaming through Putlocker.

80% of the content available on Putlocker is available in HD quality. Thus, you do not have to stress your eyes. There is no way that you can download any content from this app, but you can surely watch movies in high quality. No matter where you are in the world, you can easily access Putlocker from wherever you want.

9. Navigate the website with ease –

The webpage of Putlocker can be easily navigated. The webpage is clear and safe. There are many reasons why it is very easy for users. There is no need for you to be a professional in computer to use this website. You can easily use this website by following and reading the options carefully. All the movies are categorized in different ways. Thus, it makes it easier to find you what you want to watch. The categories include genre, update date, and the title of the movie.

Other features of the Putlocker website –

Here are some other features of this website that you need to go through –

  • It has movies in different countries and languages.
  • All subtitles are available.
  • Clear and easy to use Interface.
  • Compatible on all devices – computer, laptop, and smartphone.
  • High-quality streaming of all content.
  • No site is crashing while streaming.
  • No need to waste money to watch movies.

Categories –

Putlocker has too many categories that it has divided all its contents into. This has always been the best feature of this site. here are some of the categories that the site has to offer you –

1. Putlocker Horror –

If you are one such person who loves to watch horror movies, then you are going to love this category. This category has all kinds of horror movies that there is. All of the horror movies are available in HD quality, that will move you from your seat.

2. Putlocker Hindi movies –

There is a vast collection of Hindi movies in Putlocker. You can find Hindi film of all genres, from the old classic type to action thrillers. You can even find some of the best Hindi adventurous movies. Get the best experience of Hindi movies in Putlocker.

3. Comedy Movies –

IF you are a big fan of comedy, then this is where you will get a huge collection of comedy movies. Comedy movies are available in all genres. You name it, and you will get it on Putlocker. You can even get the Classic comedy movies on this site.

4. Comedy and Drama –

If you are a big fan of comedy and drama movies, then here is where you can find it. Comedy and Drama movies are those from which we can learn a lot. There is no way that you will be bored. As these movies best in its way. And when you are in Putlocker, you will be able to enjoy the film in the best quality.

5. Classic movies –

No one will say that they do not like classic movies. If you love these movies, then you are sure to love this category of Putlocker as well. You can get all the classic films that you want to watch on this website.

6. Putlocker Thriller movies –

Who does not want to watch Thriller movies? These movies have always succeeded to give a chill to its viewers. No matter if it’s a crime thriller, psychological thriller, or even a supernatural thriller. Many prefer to use Netflix, but the problem with such a streaming platform is that you will always not get the movie that you are looking for. Thus, enters Putlocker, you can easily watch any movie that you want to complete rent-free.

7. Kids Shows and Movies –

There are many kids show and movies that are available on this website. Thus, when you get access to Putlocker, you also get help your kid enjoys many movies. There are plenty of movies available on Putlocker that will help you keep your kid entertained for hours.

8. Sports movies –

You might be surprised at Putlocker providing you with this category, but it is true. You will get this category on the main page itself. There are plenty of sports movies and documentaries that you can enjoy with your friends any time you want.

9. Science fiction –

There are many people out there that will love to watch these movies at any time. There are also some masterpiece cinemas that you can find in this genre. This category in Putlocker has a lot of content you will be thrilled at the number of science fiction movies it has to offer you. All of these movies are available in HD quality. You can stream any of the movies just by searching it in this category, and you will be stunned at the quality of the content you will be provided with.

10. Most recommended –

This is one of the categories that are useful when you are about to stream when you want to watch a good movie. This category can be found on this website; this helps you to choose the right movie to watch. This category will help you to select some of the best videos.

Top 10 Putlocker Alternatives:

However, if you are not satisfied with this website or it has crashed or will not open on your device, you can try out websites that are similar to this and can be a better fit for you. The list of illegal alternatives of Putlocker is –

1. YTS.am –

This is a great website that will quickly provide you with the right movie recommendation and make movie downloads easy for you. This website here also has some of the best movies you want to watch. But, this one might crash sometime.

2. 1337x –

This is also a great website to download your movies. It has a clean interface that helps you in fast downloading. You will not have any problem downloading the movie as it is very user friendly.

3. The Pirate Bay –

Even if you are new to downloading movies, you must have heard of this. It might crash as well, and it gets band often, but it supports easy movie download. You can use this site to download your movies easily. It is easy to find any movie or Series here.

4. SSRMovies –

This is also a great alternative to Putlocker. You will love this website if you have a knack of watching movies and Series. Though you can not stream here, you can easily download movies from it.

5. Movierulz –

If you are bored from Putlocker or it won’t work on your device, you can check this site; the Interface is clean and comfortable to get along. This site might not allow you to stream movies here, but you can surely download your favorite movies from this site.

6. Megashare –

Megashare is another website that will help you to download your favorite movies instantly. This site here has some of the best ways that you can download movies and Series. You also get a wide variety of content on this website.

7. PopCornFlix –

This is another fantastic website that will help you download and stream movies. This site might provide you with an online streaming option. It is effortless to download from this website.

8. FMovies –

If you are looking for the exact alternative of Putlocker, then this is the site you should be relying on.  This is a perfect website alternative for the former. You will get everything and anything on this website. You can easily stream the content.

9. Solar Movies –

This is also a great alternative to Putlocker. There is no way that you will find a way to not like this website. You can download as well as stream the content of the website.

10. LosMovies –

This website here is also an excellent replacement for the Putlocker website. You can get excellent quality content on this website. The Interface of this website is easy to work with as well. This website is a great one if you want to watch movies anytime and anywhere.

Here are some Legal alternatives of Putlocker –

1. Sling tv –

This is an alternative that initially started, helping you to watch the cable and satellite TV content wherever you like. But, as the technology developed, so developed this site. Now you can watch any movie or TV show that you want. You will not require a set-top box to see your favorite movie. This is also a very highly recommended and legal service. You will have to pay a fee according to the package you choose.

2. HULU –

If you are looking for an app that will provide you with quality content, then this is it. This is one of the most used and legal movies streaming app. You can get a bunch of Hollywood movies and a massive list of shows on this app. This app even has some of its original content. Adding to the spice, the app also introduced the option of live streaming of sports events. But, you might have to pay a fee to use this app. The price is considered to below.

3. Pluto TV –

This one here is one of the most popular alternatives of Putlocker. One of the main reasons why this is so famous among the viewers is that you can use this website absolutely for free. There is no fee that they charge you for streaming the content. You do not even have to register or login to access this website. You can find it on other devices such as Amazon Fire TV. This is an excellent replacement as it has a vast library.

4. Youtube TV –

This is a platform that everybody id aware of. Many mistake it for Youtube, but both are entirely different platforms. Youtube TV is better an advanced platform where you can stream movies and TV shows. You might have to pay a fee to get access to this service. It also supports the content of ABC and CBS.

5. ESPN Plus –

If you have been using the ESPN sports app, then you must have been familiar with the kind of Interface it has. Now, ESPN Plus is here, you can download any movies, and TV shows that you want. You will also be able to watch live television broadcasts from this app. The fun part of the app is that you also get access to some fun games on the app. You might have to pay a meager amount to gain access.

6. Fandango Now –

You can easily download and stream movies on this app. It quickly shows you the best-recommended movies for you to play. You can buy this app if you do not want to get into problems with the illegal sites. This movie streaming device even allows for 4K resolution. The library of this device is vast as well. You can quickly get the movie that you want to watch on this app.

7. Vudu –

Walmart owns this app here. This has a vast library, and you can find mostly all kinds of movies, and Tv shows that you want to watch. This app also can provide you with a 4k resolution. You can get to attend any of the recently released Hollywood movies. This app is compatible and found in Android and iOs as well. You might have to pay a fee for this app as well.

8. HBO NOW –

If you are a huge lover of the HBO contents, then this is a platform that you can watch your movies on. It has all the HBO original shows, documentaries, and a vast collection of movies. This service is all you need if you want an independent service like Netflix. You can contact your cable service provider if you wish to access this app. You might already have it as many cable connection provider includes it.

9. Prime Video –

This one here is another excellent alternative to Putlocker. This is also a top-rated and safe streaming app. You have to pay a fee to get access to the contents of this Platform. This app works on TV as well as mobiles as well. It has a massive gallery of its originals, movies, and TV shows. You can get access to this one here if you cannot access Putlocker any other illegal free sites.

10. Netflix –

This is a platform that never required any kind of introduction. This has been the most favorite streaming platform for over 20 decades. This has a vast collection of contents, starting from movies, Tv shows, web series, and documentaries. Netflix does charge you with an amount of fee that you have to pay to get access to the content of this Platform.

Disclaimer –

As the content of this Platform is illegal, you should be careful while you are accessing any of the content of this Platform. You have to access this Platform at your own risk. It is better to download Von before you access the Platform.

Conclusion –

The feature of these websites is exceptional, and you can check them out yourself if you want to know more. But, the features of this website are quite luring.


How does the Putlocker make money?

This question might occur in your mind as to how this site is funded as it is letting its users access to its content without any cost. But, it is easy to crack; the ads that you face while trying to fetch any content from this website are the ones funding this website.  The website plays ads and gets paid.

Is there any other alternative to use this site without having to download a VPN?

Yes, there is an option that will let you access the content without having to install a VPN. You can use the proxy server; this will help you fetch the content for you; it is like a third party server. This way, you do not have to download a VPN.

Why does it crash?

It is nothing new; this is caused because the government bans this website now and then. This is why sometimes when you try to access any content or the site itself, a blank page comes up. As the Platform lets you stream any movie for free and illegally, thus it is natural. It violets some of the rules of the government.

How to access the website if it is blocked?

Accessing the Putlocker website is as clear as accessing any other website. You just have to search on the browser, and you will get this website. But, as this is a piracy site, the government bans it often. It faces bans in many countries. Many of the states are unable to use this site for this issue if you too are facing the same problem you can easily download a VPN and change the location of your device.

Easy guide to compose and write a book for beginners


Being a beginner in any field can be a difficult task but with time and experience things eventually get easier. This is exactly how it is for a writer who is just starting out. But, what should a beginner do in the meantime? It is something that every beginner is concerned about.

When you talk about writing a book and become the author of a bestselling book, you need to understand that it cannot happen by chance. It will require you to make a plan and to stick to it. Every successful writer knows that coming up with and publishing a new book is not an easy task. While there are many who might think that publishing the book is an arduous part of the job but sadly, they’re wrong. It is actually producing new, original and creative content that is strenuous for a writer. And for a beginner it can get very tricky. 

If you are looking for the best ghostwriters for hire who can help you with the writing part than you would be right in worrying about the publishing but if you have a passion for writing then you could definitely use this guide to help you in your early writing endeavors. 

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So, let’s say you want to write a book, how do you think you would proceed? If you think you can just sit down and start writing using the first thought that comes to your mind then it is not really going to work. Like mentioned above, you need to have a thorough plan and writing a book is a long and demanding process that needs to be taken care of step by step. 

Steps to help make the writing process easy for beginners:

Step 1 – Decide on a genre:

Before you start typing, pick a genre. Decide what kind of a book you want to write first. The best way to go on about it is to pick a genre that you love as a reader. Since you like a genre means you have read at least a couple of books relating to that genre. This will give the necessary insight about how compose a story and what vocabulary to use. The element of self doubt will decrease and you will not be feeling overwhelmed by your own choice. Think of it as an obstacle because if you don’t pick the write genre you will have a lot of trouble down the road.

Step 2 – Pick a Title:

You need to select a title for your book. Naming your book will channel your thought process making it easier for you to organize, structure and outline of your book. 

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Step 3 – Decide on a word count:

Preferably you should have an estimated idea on how many words you want the book to be off. This will help you set a goal for yourself and you can plan your efforts accordingly. This will also help you divide the word count and spread it across a certain number of days or weeks, depending on the total word count, again helping you to define clear vivid goals for yourself to achieve. By having a total word count and dividing it will allow you stay focused and feel confident day after day when you meet your set targets.

Step 4 – Set a time and place for your work:

You don’t want to go in blindly when you start writing and neither is it advisable to start writing whenever you feel like wherever you feel like. Set proper place and a time for your work. Keep your work time and place consistent so that you can stay committed to the task at hand.

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Step 5 – Start writing and get constant feedback:

Start meeting your daily targets and write at the allocated time. Once you have completed the word count for the week be sure to have someone read it and give you feedback on what you have written. You really don’t want to waste all your efforts and wait for the book to finish to find out only that your work wasn’t good enough.

Step 6 – Release your book:

Once you have met all your deadlines and worked diligently on completing your word count, you now need to show your book to the world. Do have your book looked at by a professional editor before you publish and sell it just for the finishing touch.

Techniques for Effective Reading


In order to apply reading techniques, we will mainly define What is reading ?.

Reading is the mental process, which begins with capturing paragraphs through the senses (visual, or tactile if it is Braile reading), so that then the human being understands the meaning of what is read in some medium: books, magazines, among others, printed or virtual, in order to acquire new knowledge or for fun.

However, it is important to emphasize that reading for reading involves only the sensory part (mechanical reading), so if we do a little leaf on the reading we have not done it correctly. But if we involve all our senses with the mental process that allows us to decipher the message, analyze it and evaluate it, we can succeed in understanding.

Then we will present the types of reading, which you can do:

1. Reading Aloud:

It allows the reader to perfect the act of reading correctly, listening and being listened to, in order to correct any pronunciation error.

2. Silent Reading:

It allows the reader to study effectively or to do a research task with greater concentration, reading at a pace that enables you to be quicker in easy-to-understand parts and to pause in those with some difficulty.

3. Sequential Reading:

It allows the reader to understand what is written in an orderly way, that is, from start to finish.

4. Punctual Reading:

Only the parts that interest the reader are read.

5. Diagonal Reading:

It is read quickly by traversing the text from the upper left corner to the lower right, rescuing only the highlighted parts of the text, such as titles or phrases highlighted for example with italics or bold, or in a paragraph the first lines, or the conclusion, omitting the details.

6. Specialized Reading:

Where you need to understand certain codes used in writing, such as the case of reading musical notations or chemical or mathematical formulas.

You will realize that there are different types of reading that will help you involve all your senses with the mental process of reading comprehension, so now we will introduce you to 6 simple and practical techniques with which you can understand what is read:

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