Becoming a certified public accountant or a CPA is a great career choice as it offers the right platform to attain professional stability and growth. Though, in order to pursue this field, one must be prepared in terms of getting the right training to clear the CPA examination. The single exam holds a lot of value and can be a decisive factor for your entire career.

Taking CPA exam training is often a preferred route that is taken by many students to become a certified public accountant. Being confused about the entire procedure is understandable but the process is simple.

CPA exam process 

The CPA (Certified Practising Accountant) is globally recognised as it encompasses strategic business skill and technical knowledge required in the field of accountancy. Enrolling for the test is easy in terms of process steps and one must follow them religiously.

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1.The first step to taking the CPA exam is the application for which you must choose the right state board. Each of the 55 boards has different exam requirements which are why you must be careful with your selection. Post taking the exam, you can also choose to live and work in Singapore or any place of your choice. 

2.Post choosing the state, you must go through the list of approved credential evaluation agencies. They will be the one who will evaluate your transcript as part of the process.

3.Next comes filling up the form and sending it to the state board. You need to get the required transcript from your school and send it to the board. International students should fill their application only if they are sure that the above evaluation process has successfully been completed.

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4.The result can take anywhere between 1 week to 12 weeks to arrive depending upon the chosen state.

5.In this time duration, it’s best to check out the various CPA material available to prep yourself for the exam. You can also go for a course that will train you for the test.

6.After your application is approved, you will be informed via email. Check for the arrival of the NTS (Notice to Schedule) and go through the information on it. Make sure that it matches with at least two of your sets of ID which you will be carrying to the centre for verification.

7.On receiving the NTS, you can schedule your exam within the given time frame which can be anywhere between 9 to 12 months.

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Singapore is a great choice to take preparatory courses in CPA as a good number of educational institutes provide excellent material and training for the examination. CPA exam in Singapore can help you shape a solid foundation to pursue the course, clear the test and start your journey in this profession.