Everything About RdxHD, Its Features & Top 20+ Best Alternatives


In today’s age, the primary source of entertainment for a maximum number of people Is movies. Everybody loves watching movies. Everyone’s favorite time spent is to go to theatres and multiplexes with friends, their families, and watch movies.

But many people do not have money to spend on movie tickets, and also there are many countries where every newly released movie is not available in theatres.

By keeping their situation in mind, nowadays, there are many websites and software designed specifically for watching newly released movies. Some of them are free, and some of them need subscription money to give you access to their content.

These free websites are called pirated websites, in other words. Now, a pirated website means an illegal website which uploads or leaks newly released movies illegally, without copyrights. RdxHD is one of those websites.

What Is RdxHD?

As discussed before, RdxHD is a piracy website which has a collection of newly released Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Hindi and English movies in HD quality.

Not only movies, but RdxHD’s collection also includes TV shows, serials, web series, etc. There are thousands of websites on the internet that upload newly released movies. But RdxHD is famous for its HD content in multiple languages.

Not only newly released contents but also slightly old contents are also available on this site, which means they have a vast collection of movies from 2017 to the current date. They are not only providing you with multiple languages but also various video qualities. The website’s features make it more accessible. In simple words, the RdxHD website has a user-friendly interface as well as a mobile-friendly design.

But because of the copyright issue, the primary domain of RdxHD has been blocked by Google. Still, you can take advantage of RdxHD through its multiple proxy sites.

Website Features

RdxHD has various marvellous features. These features made this site so popular till now. Because when a site has impressive features, people find it comfortable to use it. Finding movies, downloading them, or watching them online becomes more enjoyable for users with amazing features.

  • Unlimited Access: RdxHD allows you to watch any content you want. There are no restrictions at all. You will have access to its vast content and can download anything, and all these are for free. Only a few links may restrict you, but other than that, nothing will stop you.
  • Downloading: In the RdxHD website, you can undoubtedly continue your online streaming. Apart from that, you can also download your favorite content to watch later. This facility helps those whose internet connection is not always available. So, they can download their favorite content whenever they have internet access and can watch them later.
  • RdxHD Movies Top Search Bar: On top of the home page, you will see a search bar. To find a movie, you need to type the name on the bar and click on the search button. The search result will show you the movie if it is available on the site.
  • Add To Favorite: When you are scrolling the library, you may gain interest in one of the movies but don’t have enough leisure time to watch that. For this kind of situation, RdxHD has made additions to the favorite button. If you add any content to the favorites, it will be much easier for you to find that later. You can just go to the Favourites section, and there you will see the content you collected previously.
  • Box Office Collection: This information can be found among the other information about the movie. It can help you to judge the movie and make a decision if you want to watch that or not. Agree with it or not, a good movie should have a handsome amount of box office collection.
  • Users Review: In this website, there is a section under every movie, where you will find movie reviews of our users. Once you create an account, you can also add your valuable reviews in that section. So now you can choose your movie with more confidence.
  • Categories: The site has categorized its movies and other content in various categories. So that our searching process becomes more comfortable. There are different categories for different language contents. Even web shows and TV shows have their category.

You can also use the RdxHD APK for a better experience. The application of RdxHD has a fantastic quality, and that is the main reason behind RdxHD’s popularity. They update their content frequently on both websites and Apk. You can watch any content you want in RdxHD for absolutely free. There are not many websites and Apks who provides this kind of amazing features and facilities for free.


RdxHD website has an extensive collection of movies and other content. It would be difficult to use if they are not organized properly. That is the reason why RdxHD has categorized its website in various categories, like:

  • Bollywood movies
  • Punjabi movies
  • Gujarati movies
  • Hollywood movies
  • Hollywood Hindi dubbed movies
  • South Indian Hindi dubbed movies
  • Hollywood Hindi dubbed series
  • Hollywood English TV shows
  • Hindi short film
  • Hindi TV and web series
  • Indian TV shows
  • India TV serials

Best Legal Alternatives

Browsing a pirated website is entirely against copyright law. Most people use those illegal websites because they have agreed to watch newly released movies for free. But by doing so, they are taking their privacy data and security for granted. That is the reason we have enlisted 10 free legal alternatives of RdxHD. They may not provide you current content, but some of them can show you their exclusive originals in return for a subscription. Apart from those contents, they also have a few free contents that you can watch or download without any subscription.


TubiTV is a free video streaming app that provides us with a large collection of popular movies and TV shows. The app’s interface is pretty impressive. The broad selection of contents is well categorised here into a variety of genres and you can use the search option to find your favourite content. 

What attracts users most is it’s a dark theme. Because of its high-quality streaming service, there are no buffering issues, if your network connection is alright. The media player have options to rewind or forward the videos by 15 seconds and you can make your viewing experience better by locking it in landscape mode.  Another amazing thing is, subtitles are available for every video.

Along with the amazing video quality, the audio quality is pretty decent. There is only one thing users often complain about is the ads. These ads will interrupt your streaming after every 15 to 20 minutes.

2. Netflix

Netflix streaming service contains a wide variety of award-winning TV shows, movies, documentaries, anime, and many more. Users can watch as much as they want, anytime, anywhere, at a meagre monthly price. There is always something new to discover as Netflix adds new TV shows and movies every week. 

We may be adding Netflix in this list as an alternative, but Netflix is far better than RdxHD in every manager. The interface is more organized and well-designed, the website and the software are entirely legal, so there is no risk, and you can watch the Netflix originals here, which has gained vast popularity within a short time.

3. Hotstar

Hotstar Disney+Hotstar is now the top Indian streaming service. If you are not subscribed to the VIP or the Premium, you will still have many movies and TV serials to watch. Hotstar is a subsidiary of Star India. Here you can watch every TV series of the star channel within 24 hours of the telecast. And if you are a subscriber, you can watch them even before their TV telecast. 

There are lots of movies available here for free in Hindi, English, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, Marathi, etc. And if you subscribe to the Disney+Hotstar VIP or Premium, you will have access to all of the Disney web series and movies, including all the upcoming MARVEL web shows. Apart from them, you can also stream the latest popular movies, TV shows, and Web series.

4. Amazon prime video:

Amazon prime video or Prime video is an American online video streaming platform. This platform is owned and developed by Amazon. It provides films and TV shows for rent or purchase and a vast amount of Amazon studio’s original content in return for the prime subscription. Amazon prime supports up to 4K or UHD and HDR streaming. And in terms of quality, it supports up to 1080p. 

You may find Amazon prime, a little similar to Netflix. Yes, their facilities are quite the same, but the difference is their original shows. Both of the platforms upload their original shows. Some of their original shows gained immense popularity. You will have a lot to explore in both sites with a meagre monthly price.

5. Sony LIV

Sony LIV is the online video platform of the channels owned by Sony pictures networks. In this platform, you will have access to up to 18 years’ content of Sony Entertainment Network channels in India. It also has many movies in its library. Sony LIV suggests content based on your mood. You can personalize your playlist in this app. 

Sony LIV is available in Hindi, Marathi, English, Tamil, and Telugu. And the programs here are decided into genres like comedy, drama, crime, horror, action, etc. The main attraction of the application is, this platform sometimes broadcasts live sports. Like the 2014 FIFA World Cup was broadcasted in this app.

6. Mx Player:

Mx Player is another video player app in India, and till now, each of its content is free. Its library has many movies and web shows in total 11 languages including English, Bengali, Hindi, Marathi, Punjabi, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Gujrati. Mx player is also famous for its original content. If you are a Bengali and know everything about the app, Hoichoi, then you will be glad to know that in Mx Player, most of the Hoichoi contents are available for free. 

Mx player has been serving worldwide in many countries. In every content if Mx player, subtitles are available in various languages. If you are a Korean web series fan, then it’s good news for you that Mx player’s library includes many Korean web series.

7. Hoichoi:

Hoichoi is a Bengali video streaming app. It is owned and maintained by AVG entertainment. It has a vast collection of Bengali movies, and it’s original movies and web series. And every content has English subtitles. 

They keep uploading new content quite frequently so that we can continue our exploration. This app’s design is based on red and black color, and the interface is quite User-friendly. There are multiple video qualities available for each video, and there are various genres that make the content organized.

8. Prime Flix

Prime Flix or Prime video Flix is another paid android video streaming app. It has a collection of a variety of TV shows, movies, documentaries, anime, education videos, kids shows, and more. The fantastic thing about this app is you can earn money through this app. 

It has a custom YouTube player. You can’t use the screen recorder while streaming in this app because Prime Flix has disabled the feature. The simple interface makes this app more attractive and user-friendly. You can also download movies or other content here, to watch them later, when offline.

9. Flipkart

Flipkart shopping app recently started its very own in-app streaming service. It offers us an extensive range of movies, shows, and short films. And it’s free. All you require to watch them is a Flipkart Account. But your app should be updated to the latest version. Otherwise, you will not be able to find the videos.

Based on your interests, you can find lots of movies and shows. Everyone is well-known for Flipkart’s application features. If your app is up-to-date, you will see a video logo at the bottom of the home screen. Click on the button, and the movies section will be opened in front of you.

10. Sony Crackle

Sony owns this site, and it has millions of users. To start streaming, you have to complete the registration step or log in or sign up on the site. In this site, movies are available in HD quality, and the streaming speed is breakneck. Sony Crackle is serving users in 21 countries.

The interface is pretty user-friendly, and the collection is also not bad. But there is only one problem on this site. Ads and pop-ups will interrupt your streaming again and again. Otherwise, it’s an excellent streaming site.

You can search for movies based on their genre. If you want, you can arrange the content according to their alphabetical order.

Best Illegal Alternatives

As we discussed, RdxHD’s primary domain has been banned, and that’s why millions of people are looking for the proper alternatives to the RdxHD website. Here we have brought you a list of similar websites of RdxHD. In this list, every website is a piracy website and has more or less the same features as RdxHd. Let’s take a look at them:–

1. Khatrimaza

This popular torrent website uploads the latest Hollywood, Bollywood, Bhojpuri, Punjabi, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil film and lets users stream them as well as download them for free. Khatrimaza not only have different films but also web shows from different binary platforms. This website became popular for free access to its Amazon prime content.

Khatrimaza is also available in the form of an app. The simple interface of Khatrimaza is easily understandable by users. This website provides multiple fast servers so that one can choose any one of them to make the process easier.

2. Mp4movies

Mp4movies is an online movie streaming and downloading website, and it is pretty easy to watch your favorite movies in any language on the website. 

Mp4movies is a quite impressive website with amazing features. Extensive collection, lots of categories, different qualities, and many other features make it accessible to other similar kinds of websites. The website uploads the latest motion pictures much faster than other websites. Undoubtedly this website is a decent website with a user-friendly and well-organized interface.

3. Downloadhub

In today’s fast-growing market of a pirated movie site, Downloadhub is another bright name. On this website, you can download 300MB movies in different languages like Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, English, Hindi, etc. The website allows you to not only download movies but also watch them online in HD quality. Apart from movies, Downloadhub’s collection also includes TV shows, serials, Web shows, MP3 songs, video songs, etc. 

Like any other pirated website, this website is also absolutely free for users. Downloadhub’s fantastic collection is ready to make your weekend truly enjoyable.

4. Madras Rockers

People can download the latest movies from this site when the movies are still in cinemas. And all movies are available in excellent quality. The most fantastic part about Madras Rockers is there is no registration needed to download movies, and also every content is free. So, if you are looking for a Tamil log in sites, you should pay a visit to this here.

Now, a question appears that there are a lot of websites that provide Tamil movies, so why would someone visit Madras Rockers? The exceptional part about this site is its fantastic service. The library has a collection of movies from the year 2015 to the current date. From fewer advertisements to download facility in excellent quality, this site is everyone’s favourite.

5. Cinemavilla

This site is not very different than other same category sites. Cinemavilla permits you to watch Malayalam, Tamil and South Indian films, TV serials at the same time download them. Cinemavilla is a pirated website where you can stream contents online; it is also a torrent plot with further illegal webpages, allowing free movie downloading. 

This site frequently updates it’s the library. That’s why the content never gets old, and if there are any bugs in the site, it gets fixed every time the site updates. More than one fast server is available on this site. The user-friendly interface makes it easy and straightforward for users.

6. Worldfree4u

This popular torrent site gives users access to its vast collection of latest Hollywood films and Bollywood films unlawfully. That’s why it is a pirated website. Worldfree4u allows users to download high-quality content from the page without any login, sign up, or registration. Apart from Hollywood and Bollywood movies, this webpage has films from various languages. Worldfree4u misuses the box studio crowd of films by uploading newly released finds, that are still in cinemas and by allowing people to download it. There are multiple download links on the website. So, if you are having a problem with one of them, you will have other options.

Movies of many Indian languages are available on the website. Dubbed movies are also included in the content. The website is pretty mobile-friendly as people nowadays tend to use mobiles rather than other devices to stream online movies.

7. Tamil Rockers


Tamilrockers.com is another similar pirated site. This site is more popular than the other pirated sites among the south Indian audience. Even so, it is the most popular site, amongst others. Every content here is available in HD quality. Though Google has blocked the URL, you can still access it via VPN technology or proxy servers. 

There is no need to register or login or sign up on this site before using it. Another fantastic facility of Tamil Rockers is multiple video formats are available on this site so that users can get the facility to download in any form they want.

8. Mastihot

From the name, you may have guessed the main feature of the site. The website has an extensive collection of the hottest web series in Hindi, Malayalam, Kannada, Tamil, and Pakistani. Apart from that, it also has plenty of newly released films. 

Undoubtedly Mastihot is a popular website, having visitors from all around the world. Like the above sites, it also allows its visitors to stream the movies online. Mastihot is providing various video formats like 420p, 720p, 1080p, Blu-ray, HDRip, DVDrip, etc. Along with the fantastic picture quality, it also offers excellent audio quality. And that makes it’s content sufficient for the desktop too.


In the end, we can say that RdxHD is a beautiful place to watch or to download the latest movies. You must have heard about the application named Telegram. The Telegram app’s interface is quite similar to What’sApp. In this app, there many many channels are available in the form of groups. If you join a group, they will send you the latest movie and web series links every day. From the links, you can easily download the contents. RdxHD is also available in Telegram. By joining their channel, their content will be a fingertip away from you.


Piracy business is not at all a joke. It’s a severe crime in India. If you are caught browsing this kind of website, that means you were supporting the illegal piracy business even after knowing everything. In today’s age, many people are taking their data privacy for granted and do not give any attention to a pirated website’s piracy. Everyone should pay attention to this illegal business. Otherwise, these business owners will grow their businesses in a large quantity, and then it will be impossible to stop them.


Is RdxHD Legal?

As mentioned before, uploading pirated content is strictly against our copyright law. RdxHD being a piracy website is entirely illegal. If RdxHD had the proper rights to upload the latest movies, then it would not be unlawful. Even in that situation, it would not be a free website. But this website is continuing its business without any rights, they are stealing the latest movies and uploading them, and ordinary people are downloading them. That is the reason behind their free service.
So, piracy is a crime. And you are engaging yourself in this crime by using this website.

Is It Safe To Download Movies From RdxHD Website?

The database and interface of the site are outstanding, there is nothing wrong with that, but the advertisements and pop-ups that keep interrupting your streaming can contain a few harmful viruses. Apart from that, watching pirated content is the same crime as uploading the content. So, if you are fighting to watch them or downloading them, you will be arrested for sure. And on top of that, he will get punished according to the anti-piracy law and can end up losing a handsome amount of money as a punishment.
This type of pirated website uses unknown cookies that can harm your privacy security. It is said unknown because these pirated websites never give any information about their cookies. Legal or safe websites have a separate cookies section where they put all possible information about their cookies so that you can learn that and decide if this website is safe if not. So you see, you should not take your data security for granted.

Can Your Gadgets Catch A Virus By Downloading Movies From RdxHD?

Yes, it is possible. Websites like RdxHd do not provide any kind of security for you. So if you click on any of the advertisements and pop-ups that appear on the website, you will be redirected to third party websites. And usually, those websites are not entirely safe for your device. Especially if you download the RdxHD software for your device, it can be very harmful to your device.

Why Does RdxHD Keep Changing Its Domain Name? 

As discussed before, the RdxHD site is entirely illegal. That is the reason Google has blocked it’s the primary or prime domain. But still, the government tries its best to track their illegal domains and stop their operations. So, whenever one domain gets caught and then blocked, they activate another domain to continue their business.

What Might Happen If One Gets Caught Browsing RdxHD? 

If you get caught using RdxHD, that means you were not taking the government laws seriously. Then it would be considered as a criminal activity. Usually, for that kind of crime, the user can be jailed for six months to three years and should pay rs 50,000 to rs. 2, 00,000 as punishment.

How Do I Watch Free Movies On RdxHD?

Those who stream online movies a lot; browsing another website is not at all any problem for them. RdxHD has an extremely user-friendly interface. And most of all, a user does not need to register, login, or sign up before start watching. All you need to do is enter the website, search for your favourite movie, and start streaming. You will have completely free access to the extensive library of the site. Enjoy your streaming.



I have had the great opportunity to do an online course with Tony Vincent last April and May, the course is called #ClassyGraphics , where you can learn to get more out of Google tools and make very original designs , due to the good Acceptance Tony Vincent is going to teach the course again this summer , in case you want to sign up, yes, it’s all in English.

With the experience learned in the course, I bring you this post today, in which I have learned to make personalized post-it for my students, which have been a success in class.

How to make motivational Post-it notes with Google Drive

In his blog Tony Vincent perfectly explains the steps to follow to make the post-it . In this case, I had a 7.6 x 7.6 cm color post-it (the standard size ones), and I took the copy of the document-template that Tony shares to be able to make the designs.

Once having the template in my Google Drive, I started to design the post-it, in this case I took ideas from what was shared on his blog and from the classmates that we shared with everyone in the course’s Google Classroom.

Among the designs, the bitmoji application also triumphed , where you can make a personalized doll and then use it as if you were the one who appears in the post-it giving a message to your students. What a laugh when we created them and started sharing them!

I started to make my own designs, among them with bitmoji and the typical messages that I give to my students when I correct the notebook or my typical phrases that I tell them and they laugh a lot with me.

I also designed other post-it with lists of tasks to perform, or for example to save your username and momentary Google Suite password so that later they change the password and do not forget the first login when I create the account, I also designed others of tweets to hang on the class mural or the # postitpositivodeldía.

Once ready, I put them in black and white as you can see in the images, since I was going to print them directly in black and white at the photocopier in the center.

Paste the post-it in the template and print!

Once the designs are ready, now it is time to print the blank template to paste the post-it there, and once they are pasted, you have to insert the paper in the printer and print the design with the drawings.

Imagine the face of my classmates when they saw me in the teachers’ room involved with the post it and suddenly I came out myself with messages on the drawn post it. They hallucinated! and the phrase that followed was, “Hey, teach me how to do what I want too!”

So that’s why I decided to write this post, because later, I corrected my students’ notebooks, and after the correction I left a post-it with a comment, and when the notebooks were opened the boys and girls hallucinated, they loved it !

The truth that has helped me motivate students and see that I can create original things to surprise them . Thank you very much Tony for everything I have learned in your course, and I hope it will be useful to you too, if you create your own post-it, do not hesitate to share it with the hashtag #postitmotivador so that you can see them.

The necessary work-family reconciliation versus school-work


Schools, colleges and institutes are not institutions created so that families can work, this thought is an error that must be eradicated, they are institutions at the service of education from birth. It cannot fall on the children’s backs and on the school, the right and the need to work of the families, and much less, in conditions of health insecurity like the current ones.

Currently, in the de-escalation situation that affects us, it is essential that the administrations facilitate the reconciliation of work and family, especially to the most vulnerable families with the fewest resources to resolve it. But it must be done from its original meaning: the world of business and administrations. It cannot be done from a concept that does not respect the rights of children, that does not exist and wants to be implemented: that of work-school reconciliation. This is the concept that the administrations are betting on, almost contemptuously and ignoring the precise security, when considering opening the Early Childhood Education centers so that families can work.

It is very important that society situates and understands that school is the consequence of the State assuming to cover the right to education that boys and girls have, and to do so from a perspective, that of offering quality public institutions for all and all, that respond to that right.

The State also has the function of helping families so that, in turn, they can offer the right to education for their sons and daughters as the first social link and in the best conditions. One of the aspects of this facet is the necessary reconciliation of work and family, which requires the combination of labor, social and health policies that provide these families with the necessary resources to “be” with their creatures in the best possible way, because without “being” there is no link and without link there is no security and balance in the construction of personality; Without this, the function of the family is damaged at the beginning.

The Convention on the Rights of the Child defines these two aspects of support for institutional and family education with which the states have committed themselves by signing it. Two aspects necessary to protect and defend those rights. The Convention affirms that “Childhood is the most precious asset that society has.” When a family contributes a child to society, it is contributing a good, and society has the obligation to protect and care for that contribution, always respecting the best interests of children, which, according to the Convention, must prevail, especially when it collides with Other interests.

But childhood, in current societies and specifically in Spain, seems to be an endangered species due to the difficulty families have in having creatures and to get them ahead and because, when solutions are given that are intended to help, they What they do is overload the weakest link by institutionalizing it as an easier option.

Knowing the origin of something allows us to understand later erroneous meanings, and this occurs with the emergence of the first institutions for boys and girls from 0 to 6 years old, whose exclusive function of “guardian” was aimed at, especially their mothers, working in an inhuman industrial society; for this, in most cases, the creatures were crowded by hundreds without minimum life conditions. But over the years it has been recognized that boys and girls are subjects of rights, that the right to education is from birth and that their family is the first one that must have the conditions to welcome and care, educating them with it. .

The institutional function with which the State contributes to developing the right to early childhood education determined that this stage emerged, as the first stage of the educational system, supported by scientific knowledge, which defines this vital moment as the one with the greatest environmental influence in a developing organism that grows and changes more quickly and power than in the rest of life. That is what determines the need to take care of that environment, so that the potentialities can be developed or to modify, improving not worsening, the genetic and social conditions of origin. It is what is known as epigenetics, the most powerful confluence to modulate the development that includes the human personality.

Nursery schools and children’s houses are, therefore, the institutional contribution of the State to complement the opportunities offered by the family and to compensate them, from this institutional place, when personal conditions or the family nucleus are vulnerable. Thus, social equity becomes a basic function of the school, which educates taking care with the necessary quality and warmth at these ages.

This surviving welfare vision has now become evident with the situation of a pandemic that led to the immediate closure of educational centers for safety. The administrative solution in the face of economic pressure is the reopening of the 0-6 infant education centers, so that parents can work, precisely the most vulnerable and complex to guarantee security measures. And it is done, in addition, against the criteria and recommendations of the WHO and the Spanish Association of Pediatrics that recommend that the stage of early childhood education be the last to return out of respect for their rights and specific characteristics, incompatible with health protocols recommended. Do not act from the devaluation of children’s rights, from recklessness, even from recklessness.

With what we know today from the contributions of science, in no case can we return to that healthcare vision. The opposite would be to turn schools into instruments for this work-school balance, an inadmissible concept because the necessary balance is work and family.

Schools, colleges and institutes are not institutions created so that families can work, this thought is an error that must be eradicated, they are institutions at the service of education from birth. It cannot fall on the children’s backs and on the school, the right and the need to work of the families, and much less, in conditions of health insecurity like the current ones.

It is the companies and administrations that have to solve this family labor need and make it compatible with that of parents who can “be” with their children to protect and care for them by educating. This is the reconciliation of work and family.

That is why the solutions, shared in meetings between Madrid early childhood education groups and unions (CCOO, CGT, STEM and UGT) to address the needs created by the pandemic, confinement and de-escalation, and to do so from a conciliation perspective truly compatible with the rights of children, they must allow public policies from different areas to converge in a technical table for children, the same one that the State Platform for Early Childhood Education 06 requests. This has to offer solutions from the necessary areas, from the health and school, with age-adjusted protocols that, for families and professionals, guarantee a safe future return to the classroom. From the world of work, subsidies, paid leave such as maternity leave, now due to force majeure, could be arbitrated. for one of the members of the family unit or for whoever composes it exclusively in the case of single-parent families; reduction of working hours; alternation of shifts when there are children and children who require it, etc. In short, it is about looking for options that make the educational care of boys and girls compatible with the need to work as an adult and thus allow society to have a future. The reconciliation of work and family is an essential instrument for this. to look for options that make the educational care of boys and girls compatible with the need to work as an adult and thus allow society to have a future. The reconciliation of work and family is an essential instrument for this. to look for options that make the educational care of boys and girls compatible with the need to work as an adult and thus allow society to have a future. The reconciliation of work and family is an essential instrument for this.

Watchcartoononline: Watch Cartoon Anime Shows


Watchcartoononline: Download & Watch Cartoon Anime Shows 

People of all ages develop a special fantasy for cartoons and anime. Nothing can be as chilling as watching your favorite cartoon shows at home through some best online platforms. It is one of the best ways to get rid of boredom when at home. Undoubtedly, today, there are several platforms to watch and download your desired cartoon shows. But the problem lies in its quality, until the video is of HD quality, the viewers might not attain the complete fun of the cartoon shows. The legal applications that are available in the market can be quite expensive to get the subscription. Regardless to mention, some alternative free websites enable you to relish high-quality cartoon shows. Among all, one of the best free sites where you can enjoy smooth, buffering-free HD quality Anime shows is the Watchcartoononline.

WatchCartoonOnline is a site where you can watch online cartoons for free. Millions of daily WCO users watch cartoons online.

Watchcartoononline – Cartoon download

Watchcartoononline is an online platform where you can easily stream cartoon shows, Anime series and movies in English dubbed language. Along with that, the contents also appear with subtitles. The website requires no subscription, so, you will get the chance of watching the popular anime series absolutely free of cost. Right now, it is one of the leading cartoon watching sites that offers you a wide range of genres in HD picture quality. The best part about the free website is that after you opt to watch your preferred show, Watchcartoononline will suggest similar genres. Besides, the application fits perfectly in the mobile screen and you can access it hassle-freely due to its user-friendly manner.

There is a search bar right at the top of the website where you can search your desired shows. The reason behind its increasing demand is that, the website uploads the newest collection of anime series and movies immediately after their official release. Unlike other websites, Watchcartoononline is well organized. All the shows and movies are listed according to their genres and popularity. Thus, the viewers find it easy to decide on their favorite one. The website also allows you to like, comment and share the amazing content with your friends and family.

Features of Watchcartoononline

Watchcartoononline enhances the cartoon watching experience with its stunning features. Take a look at the features that have made the website popular and reliable-

Does not need to subscribe

The major drawback that comes with an authorized website is that, you require paying a considerable amount to enjoy the shows. But, with Watchcartoononline, the issue concerning the subscription fades away. It does not ask you to create an account or subscribe. You can get the chance of watching your anticipated cartoon and anime without any expense.

Moreover, you are also allowed to access the website without signing it up. However, upon signing up, several of its features will be enabled before you. Thus, the choice completely lies upon you whether you want to sign up or not.

High-quality content

As mentioned above, sound and picture quality are the two utmost important attributes of a video. Unless, the cartoons and anime movies you have chosen to watch matches up to your expectations in case of quality, you might lose interest. Keeping it in mind, to give the best cartoon-watching experience, Watchcartoononline presents you with high-quality content.

The website offers you to watch and download the cartoon shows respectively in 480p, 720p, 1080p in HD print. Additionally, if you have a limited internet connection, you can switch to SD format from HD anytime you want.

Uploads newest contents faster and allows downloading

Watchcartoononline is unbeatable in the event of uploading the most recent content faster than any other alternatives. The website keeps updating the new shows at every interval and entertains the viewers heartily.

Furthermore, as per your requirements, you can smoothly download the contents and save it on your device to watch later.

Super fast loading speed

Slow speed and buffering are the most annoying and irritating part of unauthorized websites. But, you can avoid these two problems while using Watchcartoononline. It updates its version now and then to ensure smooth and fast access by fixing the previous bugs. Besides, it has several servers to avoid buffering. Unlike alternative websites, it does not irritate you with many irrelevant advertisements while enjoying the shows.

Offers you with unlimited service

Most of the websites come with a limitation on the terms of downloading content. But, Watchcartoononline is different. With it, you can conveniently stream and download as many cartoon shows or anime movies you wish to in a single day.

Accepts request

It is one of the best features that make Watchcartoononline stand out of the crowd. You can hardly find a site that accepts your request for uploading new content, but Watchcartoononline does that.  The website comes with a separate request section. If you search for a show and find it unavailable on the website, you can simply send a request to upload it. The website responds to your demand and tries to upload the content right away.

User-friendly interface

Lastly yet most importantly, it is important to highlight that the website is so easy to operate that you will easily comprehend it in no time. Additionally, people all over the world can effortlessly operate it on every screen.


The shows or cartoons available in the site watchcartoononline are arranged in the following categories:

  • Action: The site watchcartoononline has an amazing collection of cartoons that involves hardcore actions and they are arranged under this category. Shows like City Hunter: Bad City Wars, Star Blazers, etc are available in it.
  • Adventure: You can also get to watch some cartoons thst involve actions along with exploring exotic locations and such cartoons are arranged under this category. Shows like Bigfoot, The Deer King fall under this category.
  • Animation: With Watchcartoononline, you can enjoy watching animations that engage drawings, illustrations, and paintings. Shows like Popeye The Sailor Man fall under this category.
  • Kids: The site has an excellent collection of cartoons for 5-6-year-old kid. You can relish the shows like Tom & Jerry with your kids.
  • Comedy: This site has got cartoons that are packed with hardcore comedies like Tom & Jerry, Scooby-Doo, etc.
  • Crime: Some of the cartoons of this site involve crimes and thrills, which are usually enjoyed by kids as well as adults. Shows like Baki, Harley Quinn fall under this category.
  • Horror: Watchcartoononline has a collection of cartoons that are packed with horror scenes and are generally enjoyed by teenagers as well as adults. The website chiefly highlights the shows like Twilight of the Dark Master fall, and many others.
  • Science Fiction: The site also allows you to watch some science fiction cartoons like Uru in Blue.
  • Thrillers: The website also offers you with thrillers and mysteries, which teenagers and adults find enjoyable. Well, if you are also a fanatic of this category, do not forget to watch the shows like Left Hook, Wicked City, etc from Watchcartoononline.

Best legal alternative platforms

Similar to Watchcartoononline, several other legal alternative sites allow you to enjoy the cartoon shows and anime series trouble-freely. But as they are authorized, you would require subscribing them paying a decent amount. Since there is a vast of applications available in the market, you might face challenges to choose the best one. For your convenience some of the top platforms are mentioned below where you can watch the cartoon shows online. Let’s check them out-


After WatchCartoononline, Crunchyroll has become the next favorite of the users. The application upholds the most recent cartoon shows and anime series in an organized manner. In fact, both the sound and picture quality of this platform are so amazing that it has become the top picks in the recent scenario. Also, the application asks for your feedback concerning the streaming. Upon your feedback, the website tries to remodel it by fixing all its issues. Currently, the application is enjoying around 3, 80,491 active users with 3.5 ratings on the app stores.

Moreover, the fact that has made it fascinating is that along with the cartoon series, the users can also get the latest movies and TV series on this platform. Crunchyroll has its specific application, which you can install from any app store. If you avail of the premium version of the application, you can relish all the shows without any interruption of pop up advertisements.


Well, the name of Disney is quite popular among cartoon lovers. The views van watch exclusive cartoon shoes and series in it. Unlike other platforms, this one does not spoil your cartoon watching experience with annoying ads.  Besides, the access method of this site is so simple and easy that people of any age can smoothly operate without much inconvenience. The high definition picture quality of the shows available on the website deserves appreciation. The platform even allows users to locate characters with different classifications. However, there are different subscription plans which you can check out to watch your favorite shows in Disney Plus.

Toon Jet

Another best-authorized platform where you can get thousands of best anime and cartoon series in a single place. It is equipped with complete entertainment. Moreover, you do not require downloading a video to give it a watch. The platform allows you to stream the series online. You will be glad to know that, without signing up on this platform, you will be able to relish its contents. Apart from the latest cartoons and anime shows, the platform offers you to watch the old classic cartoons, which are hard to find in any other alternative platforms these days. Toon Jet enables you to provide your feedback on its performance and quality. They take on fixing bugs and other issues based on your feedback to serve you with an extravagant experience of watching cartoons and anime.

The picture quality of the available series is stunning. In fact, upon your requirements, you can conveniently convert the HD format to normal print when the internet connection is unstable. Moreover, even in normal print, the quality appears to be quite clearer.


Leaving Youtube while discussing the authorized alternative platforms of Watchcartoononline is simply unfair. It is considered to be the greatest free online video streaming platform in the world. Each and every moment, the platform is uploading the best cartoon contents for your amusement. Moreover, with Youtube, you do not have to involve with the act of piracy. The platform features a download button. Thus, you can download your desired cartoon series and save them to enjoy.

You do not need to sign up on Youtube separately. You can log-in to it by using your Google account. Besides, the platform allows you to change the video quality and set the suitable one that suits perfectly to your data availability.


Another legal source that serves you with free cartoon shows and anime movies is CartoonsOn. However, they might not have a huge collection like other sites, but they offer the viewers with high-quality contents. Moreover, it can even work smoothly on a slow internet connection. In fact, you will hardly come across the nuisance of buffering with it. The free platform is so grandly structured that you can easily search for your desired content effortlessly. Besides the user-friendly access, the site is also regarded for its high definition picture quality and crystal clear sound. Nevertheless, you can also choose to download the contents in different formats.

Toon Nova

Toon Nova is exactly similar to the free online cartoon watching website Watchcartoononline. However, the only drawback of the website is that it is limited within the cartoon shows. Toon Nova does not have a separate library for anime shows. The rest of the features of this site are pretty amazing. When you watch your anticipated show, the website keeps recommending other similar cartoon shows. Besides, the sound clarity and the picture quality of Toon Nova are worth to consider. The site dies to ask you for enrollment, you can relish some awesome cartoon content free of cost.


Hulu has obtained popularity in the USA, Canada, and the UK and now has become famous among Indian users. But before watching all the available cartoons and anime series, you need to undertake the subscription. However, without obtaining the subscription, you can even get to relish some of its contents. Moreover, the platform offers you to cherish a free trial of the premium plan. It is easy to navigate and you can smoothly watch the shows without any interruption or buffering in high picture quality. It works on its bugs and serves you with ultra-fast access. Hulu has its specific application with more exciting features, which you can get at any online app store.

Disney Now

Disney Now is just a similar website like the above-mentioned platforms that allow you to stream and download popular cartoon and anime content. Along with watching cartoons, this website also enables you to play a range of attractive games. Even without signing up or subscribing, you can watch some of its high quality and majorly anticipated cartoons without any expense. Besides, with the premium version, you will get to watch the old classic cartoons that are quite hard to find on other websites.


If you are searching for a platform to relish full-length anime movie, AnimeToon can be a perfect choice for you. You can find almost every latest anime series on this site in HD picture quality. Similar to the other mentioned platforms, you can watch some of its free content. However, to get full access to the platform, you will need a subscription.


Apart from all these, one of the finest alternatives of Watchcartoononline is SuperCartoons. It can be one of the best choices for your children as it upholds several kids’ shows. The interface of the platform is extremely simple and hassle-free. Moreover, you can choose to download the cartoon shows in your preferable format and watch them later.

Best illegal alternatives

Majorly most of the authorized platform offers you with limited contents without a subscription. However, this issue can be resolved by availing of the best illegal websites. Have a look at the unauthorized platforms that have received public appreciation in the present state.


One of the best pirated alternatives of Watchcartoononline is 9Anime. The website serves you with a wide range of anime shows. Anime lovers deeply appreciate the website because it accepts requests and tries to upload one’s requested anime right away.  The platform might offer you a wide collection in anime series but it comes with a drawback in its interface. Upon visiting the site, you might get irritated with loads of irrelevant pop-up advertisements, which would lead you to new tab openings. But, it is still popular among the users and currently ruling the internet with over 10 million users.


KissAnime is another substitute for Watchcartoononline. Here, you can get to watch the dubbed anime series with subtitles. However, users sometimes confuse between the KissAnime and Kiss Anime Club. Both of them are quite different from each other. In addition, the website comes with a movie section just at the header portion, where you can stream and download anime movies. Being a pirated site, it might annoy you with some pop-up advertisements, but the rest of its features are simply worthy. The best part is that, you can easily operate it with slow internet speed hassle-freely. Right now, the platform relishes traffic of 40 million users.

Master Anime

Master Anime can also be a great alternative to Watchcartoononline. The website hosts thousands of cartoon shows and anime series. The interface of the platform is the best part of it. The contents here are organized categorically. Moreover, there are different sections concerning the most-watched anime and the highly anticipated anime of the day. These sections make the task of choosing a great anime easier. Besides, with Master Anime, you do not require dealing with the inconveniences of popup advertisements on its homepage. You can even adjust the video quality while watching your favorite shows.


The anime lovers might not be unaware of this platform. Similar to the Watchcartoononline, it hosts a wide range of cartoon and anime series in different genres. In addition, as the homepage of the website is ad-free, it has gained a special appreciation from its viewers. Moreover, the website comes with a better interface. The series are listed under different categories and its homepage only highlights the newest contents. Due to such a clear and compact outer view, the users are able to choose the series easily. Along with dubbed audios, the website provides the users with English subtitles as well. In fact, you can regulate video quality while watching as per your data balance.


The name of KissCartoon might be quite common among all of you. Since its inception, the website has served the users with both the newest and old cartoons in HD print. Upon opening the website, you might come across with annoying ads. Sometimes these ads can redirect you to some unrelated websites, which is its only downside. But the overall user experience of the site is mind-blowing. The platform keeps uploading the most recent content every now and then. The most considerable attribute of KissCartoon is that once you get its membership by registering, you will be notified every time when a new cartoon show is uploaded.


Well, AnimeHeroes is absolutely a new platform in the world of online cartoon streaming. Besides arranging the cartoon and anime series categorically, AnimeHeros has some specific sections that notify about the most popular and highly watched anime. Hence, you will be able to know about the most desired shows and series of this site. The interface of the website is simple and user friendly. Moreover, the homepage of the website shows no pop-up advertisements, but you might stumble upon some ads while streaming the videos. Being newly launched websites, it has able to gain much popularity and right now it receives traffic of around 150K, which is undeniably impressive.


You might be rolling eyes after knowing about this platform as the name is quite similar to Watchcartoononline. The former even makes a great alternative to the latter. The website pleases the users with both anime series and cartoon shows. Moreover, it also upholds the quality content from Disney, Nick and Cartoon Network. The homepage of the website is free from pop-up ads and includes the thumbnails of different categorical contents. The advertisements might appear in between of your streaming videos. However, compared to its high-quality service, it gets low traffic of around 30k.


The alternative website, Chia-Anime has obtained much popularity among the users for streaming anime movies and series in English dibbing. Currently, it is relishing traffic of 7 million. Each of its aspects is appreciable except its annoying pop-up advertisements. You might not encounter ads on its homepage but can stumble upon it while watching the videos. In fact sometimes, new inappropriate tabs get opened when you access it. However, the sound clarity and picture quality are great and it enables the users to regulate the video quality according to your requirements. The website even allows you o download the videos for watching them later.


Without even creating an account, you can get the best and latest anime series without any expense in CartoonCrazy. It is one of the finest alternatives of WatchCartoonOnline that offers you to enjoy the series in HD print and clear sound quality. The manga lovers will definitely find it appealing as it uploads the dubbed anime videos with English subtitles. CartoonCrazy is extremely user-friendly and appears in a well-organized format. The cartoon and anime shows are presented under the specific genre, which makes it easier for the viewers to pick a suitable content as per their mood and demand. The highly admired website is presently cherishing approximately 12 million prospects per month. 4

Go Go Anime

Another remarkable unauthorized website that serves you with high-quality anime series is Go Go Anime. The interface of the site is gorgeous and the cartoon and anime shows are organized maintaining alphabetical orders. In fact, its superfast speeding load has improved the cartoon watching experience to some greater level. Moreover, all the available contents of the site are dubbed in English. You can surely give it a try if you want to enjoy the latest and supremely popular anime free and effortlessly.


Downloading and streaming contents from the pirated websites is strictly against the 1957 copyright act. We do not support the illegal act of accessing any authorized apps or websites. This article is just to serve you appropriate information regarding the online platforms to watch cartoon shows free of cost.  Hence, if you download or redistribute contents from Watchcartoononline or any other illegal application or website, you will be solely responsible for it.

FAQ WatchCartoonOnline

Does Watchcartoononline require a VPN?

Several countries have blocked Watchcartoononline. In that case, the users would require a VPN to watch and download content from it.

How to request a show in Watchcartoononline?

To request a show in Watchcartoononline, you will first need to visit the site where you will find a help button on the home page. If you notice carefully, you will get to see a request section just below the help button. All you need to do is entering your name, email and the name of your requested show following a clock on the submit option.

Does Watchcartoononline come with an application?

As per now, Watchcartoononline has no application. The users need to access it through its website.

What are the current domains of Watchcartoononline?

Watchcartoononline flaunts several domains, among them; the below-mentioned ones are most reliable

Is Watchcartoononline legal?

If you are wondering about the authorization about the website, Watchcartoononline, rest all your worries as the site is completely legal for accessing and watching cartoons and anime series in it. However, downloading and redistributing contents from this site are considered to be an illegal act.

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