Continuing with the training of Google Apps in the classroom , I also decided to make a presentation and try the Youtube course . Although it does not belong to Gsuite , I detected that there was a lot of ignorance about YouTube among the teachers, and also, seeing that the Hangouts live are now made from YouTube, I saw that it was essential to see it in the last session of the course, so that they would learn how to get it out the maximum match. Many thought that having a YouTube account forces you to upload videos, and they saw that not, that they could subscribe to channels, create playlists of different videos and share them.

Part one: Upload a video and your options

In the first part of the presentation we learned how to subscribe to a YouTube Channel , so that we are informed of all the new content published by that channel. Also, we learned about the playlists and how videos are added to these playlists.

Continuing with the session, we learned how to upload a video to YouTube and the different options you have when uploading it, such as making it public, hidden or scheduled. In addition, there is a video editor within YouTube , in which you can retouch and edit the video, as well as choose music that is royalty- free so that you do not have problems later with YouTube because you have uploaded a video that has a song copyrighted. .

Once the video is uploaded, it is important to fill in the information of the video, both the title, the content, as well as the keywords by which you want the video to be found in the YouTube search engine. Later, among options, we saw that you can add cards to the videos , with links to other videos or additional information to the video, as well as you can subtitle the video from these options that YouTube allows you.

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My YouTube channels

After working in the session and seeing the options that YouTube had, the teachers began to look for YouTube channels to subscribe to, and they took much more advantage of it, some told me that they did not use their YouTube account due to ignorance, so I was happy the day, because they learned a lot.

Finally I encourage you to subscribe to my YouTube channels , on the one hand you can find me on my YouTube channel rosaliarte , in which I upload explanatory videos for teachers, and on my YouTube channel lessonsdehistory , in which I upload explanatory videos for me students and from my geography and history classes. I leave you below the presentation I made in the training, which you can download in PDF.