Who does not want to enjoy the latest movies for free? Well, I hope you all are very much familiar with all the free movie downloading/streaming sites. gomovies is one such site where you can download all the latest movies in HD quality format. GoMovies is one of the famous movie downloading sites in India.

gomovies is one of the best movie downloading sites as you can download all the latest Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Kannada and, English movies for free that too in HD format.

About Gomovies

Gomovies provides pirated content to its users for free. Hence, this site is not a legal movie streaming site. Movies of different Indian languages and some foreign languages are available for free on 0Gomovies. Indian movies like Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam, Kannada and, many more are available for free. Besides, foreign languages films like French movies, English Movies are also available for free.

I know many of you must be wondering how to understand movies of so many different languages. Well, don’t worry because 0Gomovies provides multiple languages dubbed movies as well. So if you don’t understand Tamil, Telugu, French or, other language movies, then you can just the Hindi/English dubbed versions of those movies.

While Gomovies is known for providing pirated content in multiple languages, it’s crucial to remember the legal implications of using such platforms. Just as Gomovies offers movies in various languages to cater to diverse audiences, the pharmaceutical industry provides medications like Sildenafil in different forms and dosages to meet specific healthcare needs. Similar to how Gomovies offers dubbed versions of films for better accessibility, some medications, including Sildenafil, have generic equivalents that provide cost-effective options while retaining effectiveness. In both entertainment and healthcare, making informed and legal choices is paramount to ensure a safe and satisfying experience.

The biggest asset of Gomovies is perhaps the fact that it provides all the movies on HD format and that too for absolutely free.

Is 0Gomovies legal?

No, 0Gomovies is not a legal website as it contains and distributes pirated content. It leaks the latest movies without the consent of the owner of the movies, thus violating the copyright concerns of the owner. And this is the main reason why Gomovies gets blocked time and again by the authorities.

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However, one link gets blocked, the operators are already ready to launch another link. Hence, the website, even though it is illegal, does not get shut down altogether. It keeps on pirating and distributing the content.

Popularity of Gomovies

Gomovies is quite a popular movie streaming website as it provides multiple languages and genre movies for absolutely free. According to, its global ranking is 16878, and it gets 65,27,000 page visits per day. Therefore, these stats indicate that 0Gomovies is a very popular website.

Worth of Gomovies

Since 0Gomovies is very popular, its worth is also quite big. The worth of Gomovies is about US$142.73K, according to website outlook. In addition to this, Gomovies earns thousands of USD from advertisements on its website.

Ways to unblock Gomovies

As 0Gomovies happens to be an illegal website and hence gets blocked repeatedly. But if you still want to access the block site, you can either access the proxy sites or simply access by connecting to a VPN server.

Since the VPN is a safe option than a proxy, hence we recommend users to use the VPN. The VPN hides your IP address and location and gives secure access. Just download the VPN app on your device and connect to the strongest possible server.

Working links of Gomovies

As we are well of the fact that 0Gomovies is an illegal website, we must also know that it keeps on changing its links and domain names due to its constant blockage caused by copyright infringement concerns. Therefore, here are some of the working links of 0Gomovies.

  • com
  • ac
  • la
  • ai
  • net

Popular genres available on Gomovies

Gomovies provides movies of multiple genres and languages, making it nothing but a cool and interesting website. Not everyone loves movies of the same genres, and Gomovies is the right solution to this problem. By providing movies of multiple genres, 0Gomovies has gained an immense number of users over the years.

  • Horror
  • Comedy
  • Romance
  • Thriller
  • Action
  • Action-thriller
  • Crime-drama
  • Crime-thriller
  • Drama
  • Biographies
  • Rom-com
  • Sci-fi
  • Sit-com
  • Suspense
  • Mythological
  • Devotional
  • Historical
  • Tragedy

All these categories of movies are available on Gomovies for free that too in HD format. Besides, popular web series and TV shows are also available on the 0Gomovies website.

Which language movies are available on Gomovies?

As already mentioned several times in this article, movies of different Indian and foreign languages are available on 0Gomovies. As regarding Indian cinema, all the old and new Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Marathi and, many other regional language movies are available on Gomovies for free download. Besides, all the popular Hollywood movies and French movies are also available on 0Gomovies for free.

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Some of the latest and popular movies leaked by Gomovies

The content that 0Gomovies are pirated content, and they are leaked successfully without any hesitation doing the illegal thing over the years. They have successfully launched all the latest, and popular blockbusters, Box office and, OTT hits of different languages and genres.

  • The Lion King
  • Gang Leader
  • Men in Black: International
  • Baahubali (both 1 & 2)
  • Kabir Singh
  • Sarileru Neekavaru
  • Bheesma
  • Jaanu
  • World Famous Lover
  • Arjun Reddy

Not all the movies can be listed here, and hence I have listed only a few popular movies here. There are still hundreds of old, new, blockbusters, classics and, many more movies available on 0Gomovies, mentioning all of which is not possible here.

Movie resolution formats available on Gomovies

Varying sizes of HD format movies are available on 0Gomovies. Although all the movies are available on HD resolution, the size of the movie may vary.

  • 1080p
  • 720p
  • 420p
  • HDRip
  • Bluray
  • DVDrip
  • DVDscr

Thus movies available on 0Gomovies can be downloaded on low storage devices as well as it provides many options. Therefore, 0Gomovies is very user-friendly and understands the needs of its users.

0Gomovies Alternatives 2021

There is no lack of illegal movie streaming websites on the internet. If 0gomovies does not work, you can always opt for its alternatives.

Tamil Rockers

Tamil rockers is one of the most popular movies-downloading sites. It is also an illegal site and leaks all the popular Indian and Hollywood movies. It has also been blocked time and again, and hence it keeps on changing its domain name and links. As the name suggests, it is mostly popular for its South Indian movie content.


It is again a very similar website to 0Gomovies. Also, it is also an illegal website and keeps on changing its links. It also has similar content like 0Gomovies, which are available for free.


It is a very popular movie streaming website and is very popular for its global content. It does not just provide Indian movies but is rather known for its Hollywood and other foreign language content.

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This is again another illegal movie streaming site that consists of an amazing collection of content available free. Movies of multiple genres and languages are available on this site for free.


Again just another similar website to 0gomovies and all the other sites mentioned above, losmovies also provided illegal content for free. However, it has an amazing user interface.

Besides, there are many other sites with similar features and similar contents. To mention here, few other similar sites are FilmyWap, Jio Rockers, Filmyzilla, YTS, TeluguWap, Bollyshare and, many more. All these sites are very similar to 0Gomvies in terms of both content and features, and hence describing them elaborately would just make this article nothing but repetitive.

Some of the Legal Alternatives of 0Gomovies

Legal alternatives are always far safer than illegal ones. However, you don’t get the movies for free on legal sites and apps. You have to buy subscriptions, and perhaps this is why the majority of people opt for these illegal sites that provide free content.

  • Netflix
  • Disney Hotstar
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • MX player
  • Sony Liv
  • Zee5 Originals
  • PopcornFlix
  • Viu
  • Sony Crunch

Among these apps and sites, Netflix, Amazon Prime and, Hotstar are very popular and are mainly popular for their super hit web series.

Is 0Gomovies safe?

The answer would be simply no because 0Gomovies is an illegal website that provides pirated content. Both are operating, and accessing an illegal website is considered to be a crime in India and many other countries. Therefore, it is better not to try accessing this site as there are chances that you might get caught by the authorities. You might even end up in jail paying fines. However, you may always try accessing using the VPN as it hides your IP address and location.

Besides its illegality, 0Gomovies and other similar sites bring many malware and viruses to your device, thus corrupting your device completely.

Therefore, 0Gomovies and other similar sites are not at all safe to use.


Although 0Gomvies provides free content in HD format, we still recommend you to prefer the legal apps and sites like Netflix or Hotstar as these sites far better in terms of legality and safety.