There are many movie streaming sites available on the internet. Some sites are legal, and most of them are illegal. However, these sites provide free content making them nothing but popular.

Idope, 0gomovies, Naa rockers and, Cinemavilla are some of the best examples of popular movie streaming and search engine sites. In the same way, you can also download other contents like software, games, TV series, etc., from these sites.

About Idope, 0gomovies, Naa rockers, Cinemavilla

Let us first know briefly about these sites. Although all these sites provide torrent files, some of them are just torrent search engine and does not provide the files directly. Such sites provide files from other sources.

  • Idope

Idope is not a torrent site but a popular torrent search engine from where you can download all the latest and popular torrent files. Consequently, the other and original name of Idope is Torrentz2k. Idope collects data from various other torrent sites and does not host the torrent itself.

  • Pirate Bay

As one of the oldest and most credible torrenting platforms, this website cannot be compared with any of its competitions. It contains the most extensive database in the world wide web. In recent years, the community has worked extensively on improving the safety and security of the platform.

  • 0gomovies

0gomovies is a movies streaming site that provides illegal pirated content. Users can stream and download movies of various genres and languages. Accordingly, English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, French, Punjabi and, many other language movies are available on 0gomovies. Besides, dubbed movies in various languages are also available. All the movies are provided in HD quality.

  • Naa rockers

Naa rockers are mostly famous for their Telugu content. It is also a torrent website and provides pirated content. Besides Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, Marathi, Malayalam, Hindi, Kannada and, English movies are also available on Naa rockers for free. Besides, multiple languages dubbed movies are also available, thus making it more feasible for users with different cultural backgrounds.

  • Cinemavilla

Cinemavilla is another illegal yet popular torrent website that provides pirated content for free. Additionally, movies of various languages and genres are available on Cinemavilla. All the old and recent Bollywood, Tollywood and, Hollywood movies are available on this site.

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Are Idope, 0gomovies, Naa rockers, Cinemavilla legal websites?

Although all these websites provide illegal and pirated content, Idope particularly does not host the content itself and claims to be a legal site. 0gomovies, Naa rockers and, Cinemavilla happens to be illegal websites as they host the illegal content.

How popular is Idope, 0gomovies, Naa rockers, Cinemavilla?

According to the global ranking of Idope, 0gomovies, Naa rockers and, Cinemavilla are 246,730; 8,523,258; 148,819 and, 140,266 respectively. These sites have millions of users worldwide which indicate that these sites are really popular. The main reason behind their popularity is that they provide content free, thus attracting millions of users. This is also proved by the stats given by WorthofWeb that Idope gets 1.83 million website visits per year with estimated 9.15 million page visits per year.

According to, Naa rockers get approximately 83,931 daily page visits. Similarly, Cinemavilla gets 3,116,880 website visits annually.

What is the worth of these sites?

According to WorthofWeb, the estimated worth of Idope is US$24,378, in addition to which it earns about US$27,360 from allowing advertisements on its website. The estimated worth of 0gomovies as according to WorthofWeb, is US$59,250,000, including the revenue earned from advertisements.

According to, the estimated worth of Naa rockers is US$690,010 and earns US$94 daily exclusively from ads. Likewise, Cinemavilla has an estimated worth of US$41,682 plus extra revenue generated from ads amounting to US$46,440.

How to access these sites?

Although Idope claims itself to be a legal site as it does not host illegal content, it still happens to be banned in many countries. Since 0gomovies, Naa rockers and, Cinemavilla directly hosts illegal content and are banned in many countries.

Therefore, you cannot access these sites directly. To unblock these sites, the users have to access proxy sites or the mirror site. Accessing proxies are also not altogether safe. It does not hide your IP address properly and brings harmful malware to your device.

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The best option is, however, the VPN. Download the VPN software on your device and connect to the strongest server provided. The server with the lowest ms or ping is considered to be the strongest server.

Some of the working, proxy and mirror list of Idope, 0gomovies, Naa rockers and, Cinemavilla

Among these sites, Idope has got both working links and proxy sites. Other sites simply have website links, which keep on changing time and again due to their ban.

Idope proxy list

Naa Rockers working links

Naa rockers do not have any such proxy list but have any working links. Here are some of the working links of Naa rockers 2021.



0gomocies working links

Cinemavilla working links



Idope, 0gomovies, Naa rockers and, Cinemavilla alternatives

Although these sites are great alternatives to each other, still there are many other options available, which you can access to download your favourite content.

Pirate Bay

The pirate bay and its proxies are great alternatives to these sites. Pirates bay not only provides movies of different languages but also provides other content like TV series, web series, games and, software. Hence, it is perhaps the best alternative to these sites.


123Movies is another amazing alternative for these sites. It comes with an amazing user interface and provides movies of different languages for free.

Tamil rockers

If you are a South-Indian movie freak, then Tamil rockers is the right place for you as it provides thousands of old and recent Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Hindi and, many other language movies for free.


Like Idope, torrentz2eu is also a torrent search that provides links from various other torrent sites. Torretnz3eu is much safer to use, and thousands of not just movies but TV series, games, software, ebooks, music and, many other contents are provided for free.

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Cmovies is the popular hub for cinema lovers. Movies of different genres and languages are available on Cmovies

1337x Proxy

1337x is another popular torrent search engine that also provides magnet links. It allows peer-to-peer file sharing through BitTorrent protocol. All the recent Indian and Hollywood movies, shows, series are available on this site.


This site is also very similar to other movie downloading sites. You can download the latest movies for free.

Here are only a few popular sites mentioned. There are still many movie streaming and downloading sites available on the internet, and these are just a few examples of such sites. To name a few, kickasstorrents, rarbg, issohunt, losmovies, 1377x, movie4k, etc., are other popular movie streaming sites.

Most of the alternatives are also illegal, and hence you might need the VPN to access those sites as well.

Movie genres that are available on Idope, 0gomovies, Naa rockers and cinemavilla

Besides providing movies of different languages, these sites provide movies of different genres as well. Some of the popular genres available on these sites are as follows-

  • Romance
  • Rom-com
  • Sci-fi
  • Horror
  • Comedy
  • Sit-com
  • Crime
  • Suspense
  • Action thriller
  • Thriller
  • Crime suspense
  • Crime thriller
  • Drama
  • Tragedy

Besides, popular TV series and web series are also available on some of these sites.

Are Idope, 0gomovies, Naa rockers and, Cinemavilla safe to use?

Accessing these sites is not safe at all as they provide pirated content. It is not only illegal but unsafe as well to use these sites. If you get caught accessing these sites, you might end up paying a handsome amount as a fine plus a few years behind bars.

However, you can access these sites using the VPN, which will give safe access as it hides your IP address and location.

Besides, these illegal sites also bring harmful malware and viruses that will corrupt your device.

Therefore, accessing these sites is not at all safe, and we suggest you prefer legal sites and apps like Netflix or Hotstar.