Not everyone can afford to buy subscriptions on legal and popular movie streaming sites like Netflix or Hotstar. Hence in such cases, torrent websites and search engines have a huge role to play as they provide content for free.

However, not all torrent sites are good and safe to use. Only a few sites provide really good content. Idope is one such torrent search engine where you can find awesome content for free.

More about Idope

Idope happens to be a torrent search engine, not a torrent website. It does not host the data but provides torrent files from other torrent sites. Also, it is simply a search engine where you have to enter the keyword of the content that you want to download and click search. It will provide you with search results with data from different other torrent sites.

Idope is the alternate domain name for the Torrentz2k search engine site. As already mentioned above Idope does not host data but provides data from other sources.

Is Idope legal?

Since most of the torrent sites provide pirated content, the question always arises whether the site is legal or not? It applies toIdope also as it provides illegal pirated content. However, Idope claims itself to be safe and legal to use on the grounds that it does not host the content on its own.

It is banned in many countries even though it claims to be a legal site. Therefore, we can consider it to be partially legal as it is banned in many countries due to copyright infringement concerns.

Popularity of Idope

Idope is one of the most popular torrent search engines. According to Alexa, the global ranking of Idope is 246,730. Taking on account of stats provided by WorthofWeb, Idope gets 1.83 million website visits per year which result in 9.15 million page visits per year.

Hence, all these data indicate that Idope is very popular. The main reason behind such high popularity is Idope providing content for free.

Idope’s worth

I dope’s worth is quite high compared to other sites. It earns huge revenue from ads. According to WorthofWeb, the estimated worth of Idope is US$24,378, in addition to which it earns about US$27,360 from allowing advertisements on its website.

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Ways to unblock Idope?

Since Idopeis being banned in many countries, it gets impossible to access this site. In such cases, users can access the proxy sites of Idope to download the content. Proxy sites are very much similar to the original sites, and they consist of similar content and features. However, proxy sites are not very safe to use.

Perhaps, the much better option than proxy is the VPN. All you need to do is install the VPN app on your device and then connect to the strongest server. The VPN hides your IP address and location, thus saving you from getting caught.

Therefore, to unblock Idope you can either access its proxy sites or you can access using the VPN. However, we recommend the VPN over proxy sites as it is much safer than accessing proxy sites.

Idope proxy list

As already mentioned above, you can access the proxy sites when the original site is banned in your region. Therefore, in places where Idope is being banned, the users there can access its proxy sites.

Proxy/mirror sites


Proxy 1

Proxy 2

Proxy 3

Proxy 4

Proxy 5

Proxy 6

Proxy 7

Proxy 8

Proxy 9

Proxy 10


What are the alternatives toIdope?

There is no lack of torrent sites on the internet. Hence, there are ample Idope alternatives available on the internet.


1337x is one of the popular torrent search engines and the best alternative to Idope. It allows peer-to-peer file sharing through BitTorrent protocol. It also provides magnet links for downloading torrents. All the latest movies, TV series, web series, games, software and, other content are available for free on this site. Plus, its amazing user interface and features make nothing but the best.

The Pirate Bay

The pirate bay is no doubt the best torrent search engine and hence the best alternative for Idope. It allows peer-to-peer file sharing through BitTorrent protocol.This is not only the best but the most popular torrent search engine site all over the world. Plus, it has ample proxy sites that, even if one link does not work, plenty of other links are readily available.


Being well known for its amazing and huge collection of content, RARBG happens to be one of the best alternatives to Idope. Plus, it is loaded with amazing features and has an amazing user interface. Although it may be blocked in some countries, the users in such countries can still access the site securely using the VPN.


Now, this site has got something unique that makes it stand out among other sites. What makes it unique is that it allows very low ads compared to other sites and provides excellent content. So, what else could be the better alternative to Idope than this?

Lime Torrents

Like Zooqle lime torrents also allows very low ads compared to other sites. This site is very reliable and happens to be a good alternative for Idope.

Kickass torrents

I hope everyone is familiar with kickass torrents and their proxy sites as it is the most visited and high-ranked torrent site of all.  It also has an amazing collection of content and low ad annoyance.


Like Idope, torrentz2 is also a torrent search that provides links from various other torrent sites. Torretnz3 is much safer to use, and thousands of not just movies but TV series, games, software, eBooks, music and, many other contents are provided for free.

These are some of the credible and popular torrent alternatives to Idope. There are many other torrent search engines that I have not mentioned here as those are not as reliable as the ones mentioned here. Some of the other torrent search engine sites are 13377x, Torlocker, Extra torrent and, many more.

If you are just interested in video content like movies and TV shows, then there are ample alternatives available on the internet. To mention a few,some of the popular movie streaming sites are Isohunt, losmovies, Movierulz, Movie4k, GoMovies and, many more.

Are popular genres available on Idope?

Idope is well known for providing amazing content as it consists of different genres. Some of the popular genres available on Idope are as follows-

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·         Romance

·         Rom-com

·         Sci-fi

·         Horror

·         Comedy

·         Sit-com

·         Crime

·         Suspense

·         Action thriller

·         Thriller

·         Crime suspense

·         Crime thriller

·         Drama

·         Tragedy

Besides, popular TV series and web series can also be downloaded from Idope. 

Is Idope safe to use?

Although Idope claims itself to be safe and legal site, it is not at all safe to access it. There is no doubt that it does not host the content, be it legal or illegal, but we cannot also deny the fact that most of the contents that it provides are illegal. This is perhaps the main reason behind why it is being banned in many countries.

Accessing the illegal site is equally punishable as operating it. Hence, be careful while accessing such sites as you might end up paying a huge amount of fine plus some years in jail. Always try accessing using the VPN as it hides your IP address and location, thus saving you from getting caught.

Besides, sites like Idope also bring harmful viruses and malware to your device, thus leaving the device corrupted.

Therefore, using Idope is not safe at all. Not only Idope other torrent sites are also not safe to access. Therefore, avoid using such sites altogether.


Since Idope is not very safe to access, we recommend the users opt for legal sites available that are much safe to use. Other legal alternatives to Idope are Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar and, many more.