In today’s tech-driven world, entrepreneurs and marketers must boost their presence over online platforms for better ROI. No matter if you want to enhance the profitability rate or you want to increase your brand awareness, you will need to develop a powerful e-commerce platform. With the rise of e-commerce around the globe, and its yet growing
popularity, your success is only a finger away. But to accomplish your goals perfectly you will need to engage the cutting edge technologies.

Therefore, in this post, we are going to highlight tools and technologies which you could engage to elevate ROI. Let’s have a look below to build a powerful e-commerce platform for your ultimate business growth.

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WordPress is the most powerful and largely used platform to create impressive e-commerce websites. It can be used to build easy to use e-commerce web containing static content or even the most complex ones with dynamic or real-time content. WordPress offers a variety of e-commerce themes that can be directly activated from the dashboard or can be customized using the tools available.

WordPress has a built-in price estimator so that prices for varying client projects can be calculated without the need for manual estimation. It has a variety of widgets that can be added, moved or deleted and used to add content, text, images, videos to the website. WordPress also comes with image editing features, markdown, and keyboard shortcuts.

  1. Shopify

One of the best and the most popular platforms for e-commerce website creation is Shopify. It offers a wide range of features and by considering all the above-mentioned factors it can win the heart of your target audience. Shopify offers an easy to use interface with drag and drop functionality, containing a dashboard that has multiple options present through which posts and pages can be easily added, edited or deleted. Shopify offers numerous themes for each type of user, that can instantly catch the user’s attention. Users can select a theme of their choice after previewing every theme individually.

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Moreover, Shopify is an open-source code which means that any developer can contribute to it making improvements in it. It doesn’t have any fixed charges of developing a website, any may need a specific amount which is much lesser than other platforms.

  1. Cross-Platform App

In this busy world, users want everything from doing assignments to controlling physical devices in their mobile. The cross-platform application has made it easier for users to do everything by using different mobile devices that are available all the time. This technology helps the user to transfer funds from one source to another securely by using Blockchain technology. Users can now control all the devices like house, and car through their cross-platform mobile apps.

The heavy app can be converted into cloud-based apps so that it doesn’t consume internal storage. IPhone application development services are also utilizing cross platform apps to offer easy user experience via Artificial Intelligence. Other various technologies including augmented and virtual reality, 5G connectivity are introduced in cross-platform mobile apps.

  1. Cloud Storage

Various cloud storage platforms allow users to store and manage different types of file including photos, videos, documents, and others in a hassle-free manner. It provides some free storage for the new users along with different pricing plans that are cheap enough as compared to the services these apps are providing. Cloud storage can also integrate with apps and also allows access to files across different devices.

The best cloud storage platforms are Amazon Drive, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, MEGA and OneDrive. All these platforms have a lot of functionalities and features that make them the best among all others.

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In the end, it could be stated now that the above information is appropriate for people who want to utilize innovative technologies to elevate the ROI of the e-commerce store. Ensure to make the most of the above platform to revitalize the user’s experience and uplift your sales revenue immediately.