All ages appreciate a good video, from children to adults. YouTube is a website that enables users to broadcast videos in various formats and genres. However, access to specific videos is restricted for numerous reasons. There are several ways to circumvent YouTube’s age restriction. This tutorial will demonstrate how to circumvent YouTube’s age restrictions so that you can view the videos you seek.

Since anyone can use the service, it includes rules everyone must follow. Because YouTube is now used by people of all ages, including young children, there is a rigorous policy against posting inappropriate content. However, some videos are inappropriate for children but still valuable for adults despite being banned from YouTube. As a result, users can submit such films to the platform; however, a content warning banner requiring viewers to verify their age before viewing the video is displayed. Google will use this information to ascertain your age if you are already logged in; otherwise, YouTube will prompt you to log in before allowing you to view the video in question.


Do you desire to access restricted YouTube content because of your age? 

Creating a separate Google account for those 18+ is the simplest method to watch these films, but there are other options if you do not have one. Some Essential Information

  • Utilise an existing Google account. Signing up for a new account does not require proof of age if you reside in the United States or connect via a VPN server based in the United States.
  • To view the video later, save it to your computer. Once downloaded, there are no viewing restrictions.
  • The content restrictions of the app should be disabled. If you have an 18+ YouTube account but are still experiencing issues, you may have restricted mode activated.
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Best Methods to Bypass YouTube’s Age Restrictions

Attempt one of the following to bypass YouTube’s age restriction:

Strategy 1

Utilising Android Device Settings

  • You can also access the parameters for the restricted mode via YouTube’s Network Administrator. To circumvent YouTube’s age restriction, kindly take the following steps:
  • Initiate the YouTube app.
  • Select your image by selecting your profile picture in the upper-right corner.
  • Select the Options menu.
  • Select “General” from the menu drop-down.
  • Please scroll down and click the appropriate bar to disengage Restricted Mode.

Strategy 2

Create an All-New Profile

New accounts can be created by individuals at least 18 years old. We are permitted to create an unlimited number of accounts. Due to the requirement of evidence of age, this is impossible in Europe. To avoid this, a US VPN is your best option.

You cannot create an account if parental controls are enabled on your computer or device. You must attempt a different instrument. Due to age restrictions, this is the quickest and most expedient method for accessing YouTube videos.

Strategy 3

The Video is Available for Download

You can circumvent YouTube’s age restrictions by obtaining relevant videos. You can obtain them using a YouTube downloader website or programme. They will not be accessible on all websites. To discover how to circumvent YouTube’s age restriction, visit websites such as,,, and You must copy and paste the movie’s URL on these websites and wait for it to appear. Once the movie has launched, you can download it by following the instructions on-screen. If that does not work, attempt one of the numerous excellent free YouTube alternatives.

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While online platforms offer various methods to access restricted content, it’s important to note that in the healthcare realm, responsible and legal choices are critical. Just as there are websites and programs claiming to bypass restrictions, the pharmaceutical industry has medications like rivaroxaban, a blood thinner used to prevent blood clots. However, unlike these websites, obtaining rivaroxaban should always be through a legitimate healthcare provider’s prescription. When it comes to your health, it’s essential to prioritize safety and adhere to medical guidelines, ensuring that rivaroxaban are used appropriately under professional supervision.

Strategy 4

Use an In-Text Link to Bypass Age Restrictions

By changing a few letters in the URL, you can convert it into an embedded link and view any YouTube video, regardless of age. Once the URL of an age-restricted video is converted to an embedded link, the video will begin playing because embedded links do not contain age restrictions.

Here is how to circumvent the required minimum age to view content using an in-text link.

  • YouTube videos with age restrictions can be viewed.
  • Clicking the restricted video’s link will reveal its URL. A video like would describe the event.
  • To bypass the age restriction, remove the watch.v= parameter from the URL and substitute it with embed/. Your embedded video’s new URL format is
  • Press the enter key to play the video after making the above adjustments.

Following these steps, the aforementioned video should no longer have an age restriction and be playable.

Strategy 5

The Listen on Repeat function on YouTube can be used to circumvent age restrictions.

Likewise, this strategy necessitates modifying the URL of the protected video in some way. Here’s how to circumvent YouTube’s age restriction using the “Listen On Repeat” feature:

  • YouTube videos with age restrictions can be viewed.
  • Clicking the restricted video’s link will reveal its URL. Visit to view an example.
  • To view the video regardless of age, merely add “repeat” to the end of the YouTube URL. Your video will now be accessible via a new URL with the format
  • After modifying the URL, the clip can be played by pressing the enter key.
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You can still view the video by visiting the Listen On Repeat website if changing the URL does not resolve the issue.

Following these instructions, you can play the video without signing in to YouTube and without the age restriction.

Strategy 6

PC FreeTube User’s Manual

Like NewPipe, FreeTube is free software that enables users to watch restricted videos. With this software, we can subscribe to channels, create our own playlists, and avoid commercials. To obtain FreeTube, follow the instructions below.

  • You can obtain the most secure and up-to-date version of FreeTube on your computer by visiting the site directly.
  • After downloading, unzip the file and activate the programme.
  • Please enter the URL of the restricted video to view it.


After completing the procedures mentioned earlier, anyone of any age can view the restricted video.

There are multiple methods to learn how to view restricted videos on YouTube. Your child can figure out and use any of these methods to continue viewing inappropriate content. You should, therefore, attentively monitor your child’s use of electronic devices. As a parent, you should monitor your child’s use of electronic devices more closely.