When it comes to accounting then there are many options available in the market. There is no denial in the fact that the market is full of different types of accounting software solutions as the market of accounting has evolved a lot. But you should know that all the software solutions available in the market are not that effective and with so many options, choosing the best one becomes quite tricky. But in this blog post, we are going to talk about one of the best accounting software in the market that is leading the accounting software market from quite a long time and that is QuickBooks.

The QuickBooks accounting software that is more popularly known as QB is developed and marketed by Intuit and is leading the accounting software from quite a long time. You should know that QB accounting software is one of the best accounting software leading the accounting industry as it has many advanced accounting tools and features that make it the best accounting software.

But instead of directly using the accounting software on the desktop by installing, everyone is using the software on the cloud. You should know that in the modern era, cloud hosting solution has become a new normal, even for small and medium sized businesses. Even accounting professionals with no IT background or knowledge of cloud are ready to shift to the cloud platform with their QB accounting software as it offers them many advantages over the desktop installed QB. In the modern era, everyone wants to stay ahead of other players in the industry and that’s why no one wants to be restricted within the limitations of desktop installed accounting software. But what makes QuickBooks hosting a clear winner in the cloud accounting industry and why everybody admires it? Let’s find out through this blog post.

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Ease of use

One of the main reasons why hosted QuickBooks solution has become the leader of the accounting industry is it is very easy to use. Whether you talk about the UI of the accounting software or the cloud and accounting functionalities, everything seems to be perfect for both SMEs and accounting professionals. You should know that many people are afraid that when they will shift to the cloud platform with their accounting software then it will become very difficult for them to get used to it. But the truth is if you will shift to the cloud accounting software with your QuickBooks accounting software then you will get the same UI of desktop installed accounting software and that will make things quite easy for you.

In addition to this, even some of the new features that you will get with the cloud accounting solution are very much easy to learn and you will have to spend only a couple of days learning them.


Seamless collaboration

There is another famous feature of the ultimate hosted QuickBooks solution that makes it a clear winner in the market of accounting industry and that secret of success lies in the seamless collaboration provided by the QuickBooks desktop hosted solution. When you will be using the desktop installed accounting software then only one person will be able to work on the software at one time and they will have to go through the tough process of sending data back and forth as well. But that is not the case with QuickBooks hosting on the cloud. When you will shift to the cloud then you will get the power of multi-use access and through this power, you will be able to add multiple people on your cloud accounting solution and they all will be able to work on the software at the same time while getting real time updates. Well, this type of team-work surely enhances the collaboration in your organization and even with employees sitting at different geographical locations, everyone is able to work like a team.

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Heightened security

As a business owner, it is your responsibility to take care of the protection of financial data. There is no denial in the fact that all the data of a company is very important but the financial data holds a special place when it comes to business data. If you are thinking that your local hard disk is enough to keep your data secure then you are completely wrong. You will have to use the hosted QuickBooks solution in order to keep your financial data completely secure.

In the modern era, cloud is the most secure place to store your financial data as it comes with different types of security layers that makes your financial data completely secure. You should know that every year, millions of dollars is invested on the cloud platform to make it more secure and safe and this is why so many businesses trust cloud.

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