Android app developers across the world are working brilliantly to make highly functional and versatile apps for smooth operations. Android mobile devices are realising every passing day in the market today and experiencing an increase in the future. Whether you want to maximise user’s engagement or you want to grow on a large scale, you will need to utilize the most powerful android app development tools to experience greater engagement.

Hence, in this topic we are going to talk about mobile app development tools that can upgrade your business performance. Here are 5 android app development tools that can grow your business to the next level.

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    Android Studio

Android studio is linked with google operating system specifically designed for all android applications. As it is the official integrated development environment that helps to build the highest quality apps for android devices. It is available for Windows, macOS and Linus operating systems. Android Studio gives you tools used for debugging, testing, editing codes, etc. It is the tool that most of the developers are using, as it is providing app developer variety of systems. You can easily drag and drop through it and is not only supported by Google but also many of the android developers are addicted to it. It is a free application to download a license by apache.


  1. Eclipse

Eclipse is also an integrated development environment that is used in computer programming. It is working with the extensible plugin system and workspace for the environment. Eclipse software is twisted to Java IDE by adding a component of Java. Now it is giving Java and C/C++ development components. Eclipse is the oldest development app which was used for a long time before the development of Android Studio. It is the very old mean of development app used for different programming languages and works amazingly. Google no longer gives access to Eclipse, still, most of the developers are using it for creating their android and cross-platform apps.

  1. Fabric

Fabric is an app development platform used to develop mobile apps. It is the platform which builds twitter mobile applications now used by overall world humans. Fabrics give the developer a suit of kit from which they can use advertising tools, testing of beta and many more. Fabric app is a platform which supports their customers and helps them to grow their business. It is the real-time app that makes better apps for mobiles. It is not for iOS, android and unity platforms. Many apps have been using fabric platforms in building their apps, like Uber, Spotify, Square, and other big companies.

  1. Instabug

Instabug is a software development kit used by android, iOS, Xamarin, Cordova, etc. Instabug is a software company used for bug reporting, user survey for mobile application, in-app chats also used for live production of apps. Instabug is used for big tech world names which include PayPal, and many more. It is also used for sharing screenshots and error detailed with the developer through beta tester and debugging reporting. This is not a free app to use it gives you a free trial afterword the price depends on the project, team member and length of app.

  1. Visual Studio in Xamarin

Xamarin is a platform that is made up of tools, programming languages used to build a variety of applications. Xamarin gives Visual studio add-ins which provides the developer to build android, iOS and window app using codes. It is an integrated development environment that is free for developers to build their software. Visual Studio is the best choice for android application Development Company that aims to develop cross-platform applications and games for their android and IOS applications.

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In the end, it could be stated now that nowadays a wide range of tools are available for android and iOS development. All have different and variety of tools that give you better and supportive developing apps. It depends on the developers what is their niche and what application do they prefer to build in their mobile app. As the mobiles are coming the software and applications are also demanding new things from the developer on which they can work. And get the solutions to their problems these mobile applications and software helps the customer to solve their problem easily.