Rapid global technological advancements are opening doors to new job roles in real estate. One such unique opportunity is a radon measurement technician related to the home inspection field. These professionals are trained to carry out radon testing procedures and ensure no health risks are involved. 

Testing procedures include many protocols and techniques. To become certified, students must enroll in a radon measurement technician course to successfully carry out the testing process indoors and help homes get rid of radioactive gasses.  


What Is Radon Measurement Or Testing?

Radon is a harmful radioactive gas that is a primary source of lung cancer. This dangerous inert gas exists in outdoor and indoor locations; however, the gas gets dispersed in outdoor areas. When it comes to indoors, it can prove to be very harmful when trapped inside homes and offices for a long time; hence, it is essential to measure their levels. 

Anyone can get exposed to such a harmful gas at home or offices unexpectedly. Radon testing procedures can determine if a home’s or office’s environment is safe for breathing and has no health risks. This is the reason before shifting to new properties; all homeowners are advised to check if they have exposure to radioactive gasses. 

Why Is Radon Testing Essential? 

There is only one important reason for testing the presence of radon indoors, and that is for health. As stated before, this harmful gas can lead to severe lung diseases and lung cancers. Therefore, people hire expert technicians to find a solution to ensure the safety of children and all family members. 

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Today, in the United States alone, nearly 20,000 people die every year from radon exposure, and what can be worse than the environment of your home not being safe? Since exposure to this harmful gas is very unpredictable, only radon testing can help with life risks. 

The testing is a very affordable service that only takes a few minutes to complete. Then, with the help of specific instruments and techniques, experts solve your problems and help eliminate health risk factors. 

This type of testing is also an essential part of home inspection. Before buying properties, people avail of many home inspection services; among these, radon testing is the most important one. A property failing in such a test will stop buyers from investing, and this is something any real estate owner would want to avoid. 

What To Learn In Radon Measurement Technician Certification Course?

A professional measurement technician certification course is designed to train aspiring professionals to deal with such harmful radioactive gas. This certification course covers understanding the fundamentals of this toxic gas, its source and facts, the health risks involved, methods and measurement protocols, using instruments for measurements, and so on. 

This certification course can take only a few hours to complete and can prove an asset for a lifetime. In addition, such a course can help expand home inspection businesses and welcome new work opportunities. However, before pursuing any radon certification course, you should always opt for those approved by National Radon Safety Board (NRSB) or National Radon Proficiency Program (NRPP). 

After completing such a course, you can take the Radon Measurement Professional Certification exam and obtain the license to work as a skilled technician. In addition, these courses turn students into experienced technicians by introducing them to the following:

  • The fundamentals of this harmful radioactive gas are where it can be found, how it enters homes and offices, and so on.
  • It covers the source of this gas, its history, the EPA guidelines, and concentration levels. 
  • The course also teaches measurement protocols and methods, working with time-integrated devices, reading the monitor, and much more. 
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Final Words

A home is considered the safest place on earth, where people can be their ‘self,’ and everything is the way they want. A place as trustworthy and comfortable as home can also be a threat, and the reason behind such life threats can be pollution and harmful radioactive gasses. However, these problems are temporary, and a simple radon test can help make homes and offices safer to live in and rejoice.