Are you thinking about changing careers but worried that it is too late in life or you’re concerned about taking a pay cut? A study showed 58% of workers were willing to take a pay cut to completely change career paths and become happier. 

You can be one of those people too! 

Especially if you feel unfulfilled in your current position, then it is never too late to start in a new career field. It doesn’t always mean taking a pay cut.

One thing that you need is a killer career change cover letter to really show a hiring manager of your true potential. Hiring managers see tons of resumes each day which is why you need to make sure that your cover letter is unique and interesting. 

Keep reading for our guide on how to write an excellent career change cover letter and get that job. 


Grab Your Reader’s Attention

Imagine being a hiring manager and having to look over hundreds of resumes and cover letters every single day. Many people are going to follow the same career change cover letter samples when learning how to write a cover letter. This means that they’re all going to start sounding the same to the hiring manager. 

This is why your cover letter should wow the reader as soon as they pick it up. 

Make sure that your introduction is interesting and attention-grabbing. An interesting introduction will make the person want to read more and will also help them remember you. 

How can you write an introduction that grabs your reader’s attention when learning how to apply for a job?

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Well, you could ask a question, tell a story, or let them know something out of the ordinary about yourself. You need to go above and beyond the usual cover letters.

Be Excited Even If You’re Starting Over

Throughout your cover letter, you should make sure that you’re excited about this new opportunity. You need to be sure that the hiring manager knows how enthusiastic you are regardless of the position. 

Changing career paths means that you might be starting over at an entry-level position. You may have had a lot of experience at your old job which led you to a higher position.

Make sure that your cover letter shows you’re excited to take on a new challenge even if it means starting from the bottom and working your way back up. 

Another element you should include in your cover letter is your excitement about the company that you’re applying for. A persuasive career change cover letter is going to include a lot of knowledge about the company. You can include its mission statement, values, or even products that you enjoy. 

Share Your Story

People change careers all the time but your story might be different which is why you should make sure to talk about it in your cover letter. 

Let the hiring manager know why you’re trying to make this transition into a new role at a new company. You can also let them know what interests you about the new position and why you’re drawn to the change. 

If there was something specific that led you to this decision, then let the hiring manager know that in your cover letter. The more details you can give about why you’re looking for a change, then the more interesting it will be to the person reading it. 

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Showcase Your Transferable Skills

When you’re figuring out how to apply for a job you already know that you need to showcase which skills will make you succeed in the position. If you’re changing career paths, then deciding what these transferable skills are might be a bit more difficult but you can make it work. 

One thing you should always mention is your schooling and what degrees you’ve graduated with as this can be a huge help in landing the job. If it’s been years since you went to school and you lost your diplomas, then look into getting replacement diplomas. They’re awesome to have and show off especially if you misplaced your real diploma from years ago. 

Next, be sure to talk about any other skills that can transfer to your new position. There are many skills like time management, teamwork, adaptability, and conflict resolution that can fit pretty much any job you’re applying for. 

Be sure to highlight other skills that you’ve learned in your current position that can help in a new career. These skills can also help you to stick out to hiring managers as you could help the company succeed. 

Close Your Letter

The ending of your letter should be your finishing lines on why you deserve the job above everyone else who applied. You spent the whole letter pleading your case and now you need to tie everything together. 

In your ending paragraphs, make sure to remind the hiring manager what you can do for the company and not what the company can do for you. During the hiring process, they are looking for someone who can improve their company and you’re trying to prove that you are the right person.

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This means that you should avoid talking about what you’re excited to learn about and instead focus on what you can give to the company through the skills you already possess. 

Lastly, you want to make sure to leave the discussion open. Let them know that you look forward to discussing further with them. This will help to leave your letter open-ended. 

Make sure to give them all your contact information as well as the best times to get a hold of you in the last few sentences. 

Writing a Career Change Cover Letter

Changing careers to something that you’re passionate about can be lifechanging. Make sure to take the leap and make the switch sooner rather than later! The best way to do that is by writing a killer career change cover letter to go along with your resume for the hiring managers to see. 

If you’re looking for more advice on how to land a new position, then our website has you covered. Be sure to keep scrolling our page for more awesome tips and tricks to help you!