If you have enrolled for the Bachelor of Arts degree, you will no doubt be thinking about potential careers, as you enter further education, and for those with a BA degree, there are many great career options, which include the following:


Business Management

Once you have JCU’s Bachelor of Arts degree, you can continue to do your Master of Business Administration, as the MBA is the key to entry level business management. The MBA course teaches you how to be an effective manager and you can probably take the MBA at the same institution as you took your BA.

Business Analytics

This is a booming sector and one that will lead to a challenging and very rewarding career. This involves learning how to map past business performance and use this data to predict the future business trends; some of the applications you’ll become familiar with are Tableau, MS Excel, MySQL and Python, to name but a few. Majoring in Business Analytics empowers you to be able to make the right decisions in business, with topics such as machine learning, human resources and marketing, you build up a complete picture of an organisation. Here is an informative article that asks the question, “Is a Masters in International Business Management worth it?”

Digital Marketing

With a BA, you can step right into the SEO arena at entry level, where you would learn about search engine optimisation, social media marketing and pay-per-click advertising. With more than 3 billion Internet users worldwide, digital marketing will always have a secure future, and as you rise up in the ranks, your hourly rate increases quite substantially. A skilled SEO technician is a highly paid professional who is constantly in demand, and the next step would be to start your own SEO agency.

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The Insurance Sector

If you are good with figures and enjoy meeting people, the insurance sector is an attractive proposition. During these uncertain times, businesses and individuals look to cover their assets, and with a BA, you could start working for a major insurer at the ground level and over a period of a few years, you would learn the essential skills to become an underwriter.

Field of Law

There are indeed many fields of law; criminal, corporate, civil, human rights and a few others. Your BA would allow you to enrol in a law degree, which would comprise of theory and practice and eventually, you would become a lawyer, which is a fine profession. You might like the idea of defending the ordinary citizen in criminal proceedings, indeed many lawyers offer their services to people without funds who are charged with criminal offences.

If you are looking to study a BA in Australia, there are established universities that offer on-campus and virtual courses for reasonable fees. Of course, it is better to study at the campus, yet with the current Covid-19 situation in Australia, we have to follow the directive.

Your quest for a career should begin in your last year of formal education, then you can plan for your BA major, and with a firm plan in place, you can take the first steps to a rewarding career.