Advertising, in whatever format, continues to evolve. The latest trend to consolidate have been Bumper Ads, short videos reminiscent of Snapchat and Vine. These little clips can launch your strategies, but how do you create the best Bumper Ads?

This innovative way of advertising is a great challenge for creatives. Find out everything it can offer you and the secrets that will make you stand out from your competitors.


What are Bumber Ads?

A Bumber Ad  is a 6-second advertising video that cannot be avoided by the user. They are played before, during or after the videos that the user wants to see on YouTube. They can also be found on web pages and applications on the  Display Network . Video animation can make your Bumper Ad even more engaging, helping you captivate your audience in those short 6 seconds and leave a lasting impression.

It is one of the most frequent YouTube ad formats today. Many advertisers turn to it for being the “least bothersome” advertising for people. 

It is also a tool that can help you connect with your potential customers. If you use it correctly, you will enhance the visibility of the brand in the market.

Why should you consider using it?

The great incentive of Bumper Ads is that they cannot be skipped by the YouTube user . It does not happen with other ads on the platform, which after several seconds offer the possibility of avoiding them. This guarantees minimal attention from the viewer. A few seconds may be enough for the brand to stay on your mind.

The immediacy of today’s society also plays in its favor. The user wants everything now, and if he doesn’t get it, he changes and goes on to something else. The attention span is getting shorter, and for ads it’s even less. For this reason, the short commercial format is ideal for transmitting a message. The shorter it is, the more effective the response that can be obtained from it. 

Another of its strengths is the short time it takes to make such an advertisement. It doesn’t take a lot of resources, or time, to make a 6-second commercial. 

Advantages offered by Bumper Ads

Before starting to learn how to create the best Bumper Ads, it is convenient to know what they can bring to your brand. The following list lists the main benefits of this type of advertising.

  • Possibility of reaching millions of users . YouTube currently has more than 2 billion users in the world and is, after Facebook, the most used social network.
  • They are not irritating . Despite the fact that an advertisement is never well received, the brevity does not make it annoying. If they are displayed during a video, for example, the interruption is minimal.
  • Minimal investment . They work through CPM bids, this means that you will pay every time the ad is shown more than a thousand times.
  • They enhance the visibility of your brand . You can reach a huge audience with minimal financial and work investment. The name and message of your brand will remain engraved in the memory of thousands of viewers.
  • They take advantage of the potential of Google Ads . These ads can be customized to be shown to a certain group of people. Among the segmentation options you can select age, territory, interests, gender or income.
  • Excellent performance . This advertising format, as a general rule, usually gives good results. The most optimal data is usually obtained on mobile devices.
  • They can be complemented with other elements . Consider the option of including a 300 × 60 banner to promote your items and services.
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How to make a Bumper Ad step by step

To create the best Bumper Ads, the basic thing is to know how to do them correctly. To do this, simply follow a simple and intuitive process:

  1. Sign in to the  Google Ads account  that you normally use for your campaigns.
  2. Click Campaigns in the page menu, click on the + button and select  New campaign .
  3. Choose brand awareness and  target scope .
  4. Select the video campaign modality.
  5. Choose Bumper .
  6. Write the name you want to give the new campaign.
  7. Set your budget. Select the networks where you want to show yourself, locations you want to target, the language of potential customers and any other advanced settings.
  8. Enter the name for the ad group.
  9. Enter your target CPM offer.
  10. In Create your video ad “, put the URL of your YouTube video and follow the steps to create the ad. Remember that the duration of the video must be 6 seconds or less.
  11. In Video ad format you have to select the  Ad option .
  12. Put the video’s final URL, visible URL, and all URL options.
  13. You can select if you want to automatically generate the complementary banner of the video or upload an image. The most recommended between the two is to opt for the first option.
  14. Put the name of the ad and finish by clicking on Save and continue.

Tips for creating the best Bumper Ads

Now that you know what Bumper Ads are and how you can create them, you may be excited to get started. It’s an ideal way to dive into YouTube advertising or level up an already successful campaign. Creating the best Bumper Ads will make you step forward compared to your competitors. To do this, take note of the following nine actions to follow:

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1.- Present your product quickly and clearly

If you try to show too much in a short period of time, you may end up confusing and overwhelming viewers. According to a Google study , the best way to create the best Bumper Ads is to only show a product plan during the 6 seconds. 

2.- Focus on a single objective

With so little time to communicate you have to limit yourself to transmitting a concept in the best possible way. Promote the product, give visibility to your brand, transfer a special feature of the article … the options are diverse. Once you’ve decided what you want to communicate really well, limit your creatives to only those things that will help you.

3.- Do not forget that it is a special format

Do not consider Bumper Ads as a continuation of other campaigns you have carried out. These short videos require your own planning. It is important that they are not simply a compilation of plans from a larger ad.

4.- Keep them in mind to remarketing

If you think retargeting is just a way of inviting you to review an abandoned cart, you are underestimating this strategy. This format is ideal for putting your brand back in front of viewers who have ever interacted with you.

You can address the people who have visited your website or those who are part of your mailing list. You can also use it with viewers who watch and comment on the videos on your YouTube channel.

5. – Correctly limit the target of your videos

One of the keys to creating the best Bumper Ads is knowing what your target is. You can be guided by two important parameters to determine your goals: location and interests.

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Just as you wouldn’t run any campaign without careful guidance, take your time here, too. Keep in mind that you will have to make adjustments once you have a better idea of ​​what is working.

6.- Consider using Bumper Ads together with TrueView Ads

They are YouTube ads that can be skipped and that the user can see if he is interested in the company. The advertiser only pays for the ads that people choose to see.

Running similar campaigns for Bumper and TrueView ads allows you to extend the reach of your brand and reduce advertising investment. Pairing the two formats can greatly improve the metrics of the conversion funnel .

7.- Try to be imaginative and original

If you want to create the best Bumper ads, you have to squeeze your head. Create a simple but highly engaging message. It has to be an idea that makes a big impact on the viewer when they see it. Don’t cut yourself, the surprising commercials are the ones that leave the most impression. Play with elements that can attract attention, such as music and colors.

8.- Better an ad group

This type of advertising can be a powerful push to strengthen something bigger. Design ad series that revolve around the same idea as if they were pieces of a puzzle.

Building in series will also allow you to think of different ways to make an impact. You can use multiple ads to tell a story, or combine them with other formats, such as Display ads.

9.- Do not forget to comply with the technical recommendations

This type of video requires several specifications for its correct reproduction. It is a format designed for mobile phones, therefore, the recommended resolution ranges from 640 px by 360px to 480 px by 360 px.

Weight is also important, and the maximum recommended in this case is 1 GB. Remember that it has to be compatible with the usual browsers.