School is almost out for summer! However, having an entire three month break from mental stimulation and learning can be detrimental for kids, especially young ones. These days kids are doing less and less work and spending more and more time attached to devices and screens. While it’s true there are some educational apps, that kind of learning cannot replace real applied, hands-on learning. In this article we will discuss fun ways to study each major subject during the summer break.



Summer is a great time to look into space and explore the stars. Kids love to sleep on the trampoline or go out camping in the great outdoors. How many of us didn’t spend at least one summer night star gazing when we were younger? Astronomy worksheets or a challenge to build their own planet can be a fun way to disguise some engaging science work during the summer months. Here you can find a handful of creative solar system projects that kids will love.


Let’s be honest. Getting your child to practice math during the off season is going to require some disguising. Simply playing some games is enough math practice to keep your child’s brain sharp. Games that involve dice, dominoes, keeping score, etc. are great numbers practice. Games such as monopoly are also great for learning math skills. Many kids have summer jobs that earn them real life money. This is an opportunity to go over budget, change, and other money concepts as well.


Summer is a great time to let your child explore the world of books. With no assigned reading and all the time in the day to fill, choosing an interesting book could be the beginning of a lifelong love of reading. If your child really does not want to read a book, there are other fun ways to sneak in some reading practice such as crossword puzzles or word searches, writing in a journal, etc.

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Social Studies

It is safe to say that we are living in a time with lots going on in the world. There is a lot of change taking place whether for better or worse. Take the time to discuss current events with your child. Maybe you could make it a habit to watch the news in the morning or at night or to discuss the happenings of the world at the dinner table. It is important for children to be educated in what is going on in the world.

Life Application

Summer is a great time to teach real life applications. Whether your child learns something new or not, they can apply what they have learned throughout the school year at home with the help of their parents. This kind of learning is more beneficial in the long run. School teachers only have time to teach the basics that students need to understand, but they can actually learn to apply the principles at home. Summer is also a great time to review and to get a feel for how your child feels about certain subjects and school overall while simultaneously making memories and helping pass by those sometimes long summer days.