Arts and communication are two spheres that come together in various forms and are often referred to as media. People use art as a platform to deliver vital messages and supplement ideas to the masses, in the form of advertisements, posters, magazines and even videos.   

The digital era has introduced a culture where business showcases and sells goods and services through effective communication. This has given shape to widespread career opportunities in this growing sector and has more people taking up Bachelor of Arts in business communication. 

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Here is a general overview of this degree and why it makes for a lucrative career option. 


What is Bachelor of Arts in Business communication? 

This degree is a great source for sharpening one’s prowess in the development of media and communication in the business sector. It teaches students, how invaluable the ability to connect with consumers and buyers is, and why a good interpersonal relationship is necessary for handling any real-world business issues. 

Scope of Bachelor of arts in Business communication degree  is immense as it thoroughly trains students for a variety of job roles. With this degree in hand, one can venture into journalism, professional writing, advertising and a lot more. Not only are all these fields interesting but they also promise a long term career in the present era. 

In this four year programme, aside from corporate communication, students work on acquiring skills such as critical thinking, organisation, time-management and more. They learn how to enhance their influence in a corporate set up and utilise their strength to develop strong workplace relationships. Furthermore, they can find a creative and out-of-box solution for many business problems. 

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Job roles with Bachelor of Arts in Business communication? 

This degree makes for a platform for students to enter the workforce and succeed in a multitude of job roles. Expertise that they take on and develop during the course is specifically suited to flourish in employment opportunities such as:

  1. Business Executive

A business executive oversees the running of an organisation and undertakes many responsibilities. Since they are required to take care of project management and also play a pivotal part in sales, they are required to build a good relationship with clients. Business executives should give attention to detail as they are called upon to make major organisational decisions. 

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  1. Human Resource Manager

Human resource managers are the ones who supervise and manage the human resources department. They perform a variety of roles ranging from hiring new staff to making policies and plans with top-management. Often they serve as a link that bridges employees to the higher executives. 

  1. Advertising Executive

The job of an advertising executive is highly dynamic as it involves managing and coordinating advertising campaigns. They not only oversee such campaigns but also work closely with the team that works on them. An advertising executive has to be organised, detailed, creative and should adhere to deadlines strictly. 

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These are just some of the most engaging paths that you can take with Bachelor of Arts in business communication. The degree promises to give your career interesting traction in any sector of your choice. 

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