Many people are interested in horses and other equines, either for the animals themselves or for the sports they participate in. Usually, it is a bit of both. Others may want to pursue a full-time career relating to horses be it as a horse trainer, an equine veterinarian, a jockey, or a breeder. Luckily there are many courses available all over the world where you can study some or all aspects of horse handling. Listed below are some that might be worth checking out for those looking to turn their passion into a career.


1.ESI Education – Diploma of Equitation Science

This accredited course provides in-depth information on all things related to equine management. Coaching, training, and handling skills of the highest level are available to anyone who handle horses including, trainers, managers, veterinarians, as well as anyone who wants to brush up on their horse management knowledge. Some of the subjects of the course include equine ethology, foundation training, and first aid.

2.Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing

Many institutes and colleges provide courses for anyone who is looking to become an equine veterinarian. There is also a great number of online courses you can apply for, although for in-depth courses there will be a need for in-classroom learning, especially when learning about performing surgery and animal behavior.

3.Bachelor of Equine Science (with specialization) – Charles Sturt University

This on-campus and online course covers diverse but important subjects that are vital to a successful career in any sort of horse management. Horse behavior, nutrition, and reproduction are covered as well as health and welfare. There is a business specialization available with this course you can study subjects such as finance management, business law, and advertising. 

4.Bachelor of Equine Science – University of Queensland

This is an extensive course with all aspects of equine science covered, from agricultural biochemistry to physiology to horse behavior. With all this potential knowledge about horses then your Cox Plate tips might have more weight than most people. UQ also has its own Stock Horse Stud where you will work extensively alongside horses with your instructors.

5.Certificate III in Horse Breeding – TAFE NSW

This nationally recognized course in Australia teaches you all the skills you need to become a successful horse breeder and carer. You learn about the ethics and safety of horse health, how to handle young horses, understand horse behavior, and care for broodmares. This course is a great way to get you started in the horse breeding industry as well as give you opportunities for further studies to achieve your career goals.

6.Online Horsemanship Course: Speak the Horse Language: Master Your Horsemanship Energy

This online course was created by Krystal Kelly who is from California and is a certified FEI II coach. This course can help you better communicate with your horse, give advice on learning pressure points, gaining your horse’s confidence and trust, and how to adjust your saddle, among other things.

7.Warwick Schiller Performance Horsemanship

Warwick Schiller is an Australian-born horse training educator who currently resides in the United States. He has over 650 online training videos on his website as well as a few different courses to choose from. This course is worth considering to gain a deeper, and more in-depth, knowledge from someone who knows their business.