Students usually don’t like to invest their time in writing assignments. Moreover, writing it according to the set structure is quite challenging for them. Students don’t even know the correct structure of assignment writing, and that’s why they look for assignment help from experts.

Professors give an assignment to students because it develops various skills, such as learning, researching, problem-solving, writing, etc. That’s why students must do their assignments on their own. But, before that, they must have proper knowledge about how to write a good assignment and what the structure of that document is.

So, here you will learn the 7 effective points for assignment writing.

  • Contents


Planning always works before writing, as it defines your approach to an assignment. You just need to organise your thoughts and prepare the structure accordingly to present your information. Always ensure there is no mistake in making the assignment.


It is necessary to analyse the subject matter before writing an assignment. The more you examine the topics, the better you will write them. Analyzing an assignment is important because it helps you present your thoughts with appropriate proof.


Prepare the structure of your assignment before you proceed to write. Every assignment has a different type of structure. But, it always includes:

  • An Introduction

The percentage of the introduction part in an assignment is 10% of it. It must be concise and to the point. As it is the first part of the assignment, it must be engaging for the readers. It should also cover all the topics related to the subject matter.

  • The Discussion Section

The percentage of the discussion part in an assignment is 80% of it. You need to discuss all the topics of the subject here in this section. It is the most important part of the assignment, so make it intact with all the relevant points.

  • A Conclusion

Conclusion, or we can say, a summary of the assignment. The percentage of the conclusion part of an assignment is 10%. You need to write the points here that are covered in the assignment in a summarised way. It must be short and simple.


It is important to gather information from relevant sources like books related to the subjects, journals, checked seniors’ assignments, and the internet. You can also use the professors’ notes and course materials as a guide.


Now, you can proceed to write your assignment in the set format. Make your first draft ready and add examples, diagrams, and other elements to engage the readers. While writing an assignment, it is important to keep it clear and understandable for the readers. Always try to make assignments presentable. Don’t just write things in paragraph form; add headings, sub-headings, points, etc., to make them more attractive.

  • EDIT

It is always good to recheck the content thoroughly. The more you change and edit the content, the more it will improve. As a writer, it is important to check the work through editing and proofreading. Through this, you can fix the typos, spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, and punctuation. As such, it is very important to write clear, accurate, and engaging content to attract the audience.


To avoid plagiarism, it is important to provide references for the assignment. You may use any source as a reference, but you cannot copy it exactly in your assignment. If you do that, it will show your content is plagiarized. Make sure you add references in the acknowledgement section to give credit to the other writers in your work.

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Thus, by following these steps, you can write a good assignment. Try to write an assignment by following this procedure and you will surely feel the change. Professors always like well-structured and well-written assignments, which can help you improve your grades. So, try these tips, and if you still want writing services, then you can hire professionals for assignment writing help.