ACCA is a globally recognized accounting and finance qualification which provides students an ability to define their career paths beforehand in advance. 

This blog will take you through the top ten reasons to qualify for the ACCA qualification.

  1. Huge demand for ACCA professionals: ACCA professionals are most sought for their exceptional evaluative skills. They are trained to critically analyze the existing business establishments and suggest ideal solutions to improvise on their latest upcoming strategies. ACCA certification will certainly modify your career prospects.
  2. Access to a global network: Networking is the key tool and technique for any business to expand. To draw energy and motivation, you need to be in contact with a network of business partners and associates. ACCA will help you in connecting with the global community through its platforms with the like-minded people across the globe. It will open up a world of possibilities for you and the professional network that you build will extend beyond your subject experts, peers to outside professionals working on the field. 
  3. Cost-effective: ACCA is an efficient and cost-effective way of increasing your knowledge and the ethics of professionalism. It focuses on developing valuable skills in finance, accounting, organizational management, and strategy. It significantly reduces the training costs of the employer.
  4. Opportunity to work anywhere in the world: ACCA qualification does not limit your employment status to a particular location but increases the scope of your career globally.
  5. Forge your path: It allows you to work according to your plans and assists you in preparing for your future in the way you wish.
  6. Easy access to the top-notch companies: Students who qualify the ACCA exam can easily get a hand on top-notch positions in multi-international firms. They are evaluated based on their performance and professional experience. 
  7. Real-time experience:ACCA qualification requires at least three years of work experience for a person to be eligible for this exam. This in turn ensures that you are the perfect package after becoming a member and an asset to the organization that you are going to be associated with.
  8. Comprehensive:The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) exam is designed to let individuals get hold of skills that are necessary for chartered accountants. The syllabus focuses on wide-ranging topics including taxation, corporate and business law, risk and ethics, financial accounting, and business analysis, to ensure that you master a variety of technical and management skills.
  9. Partnerships with Employers:The ACCA has partnered with many employers worldwide enabling its members and students to explore diverse career opportunities with almost 8500 approved employers by the ACCA. These organizations work in collaboration with ACCA to increase the career prospects of their members.
  10. You can set up your own firm: ACCA qualification will give you an opportunity to set up a consultancy or finance firm to provide timely consultation to the new booming enterprises.
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So, if you are thinking of giving it a try, consider all the available options to explore the different subject areas of ACCA qualification. The ACCA professional papers include 14 papers that are categorized into four groups and a further three levels. Sign up for preparatory courses to enjoy a rewarding, diverse, and challenging career ahead.