The world of finance is one that all people need to master in order to be effective at doing things in life such as paying their bills and saving for a nest egg and their eventual retirement. This is true for both men and women. Just like men, women need to understand financial matters. All women need to know what it means to take full advantage of the many options at their fingertips as they go through life. That’s why one organization is doing their best to help Indian women learn about the world of crypto. With more than five hundred million Indian women in the world, they compromise a large and growing sector of the world marketplace. 


International Women’s Day

Each March, the world marks International Women’s Day. This day is intended to pay homage to the achievements and accomplishments of women all over the world. It’s also intended to highlight some of the ongoing inequalities that all women face. Women everywhere are undeniably less likely to save money. They are more likely to earn less and find themselves strapped for cash as they age. This is particularly true in many parts of India. Given these facts, one organization is looking for ways to help Indian women make important changes in their lives. They want to help women gain access to new innovations in the world of finance that have the power to change their lives for the better. 

A New Campaign 

With these goals in mind, one company is offering Indian women a chance to get to know the world of crypto. Tezos India does many things. Their primary focus is that of the world of blockchain adoption in India. The company largely focuses on the creation and design of varied types of blockchain strategies for Indian based companies as well as those companies seeking to do business here. 

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SheCrypt – Women in Crypto & Blockchain

At Tezos India, they are devoting an entire month to working on their plan to help women better understand blockchain and crypto. They want to see women be more active in participating in this activity. That’s why they have organized many events related to this process. There are virtual panel discussions where women can ask questions from experts. Participants will also find lots of other resources. An Ask Me Anything session with varied experts also lets Indian women explore any concerns and questions they might be otherwise unsure about when it comes to crypto. 

Budding Enthusiasts 

For many experts at this company, it’s very obvious there’s a great deal of interest in this world. This sector has continued to see a great deal of growth. As a result, more and more Indian women are becoming aware of it. They’re also seeing more interest in what it can do for them. At Tezos India, they would like to provide Indian women with the kind of inspiration they need to become confident and happy crypto users. Their ultimate goal is to see improved financial inclusion in this field in every way.