College life is often called the experimental phase in one’s life. Now that a student is no longer a child who is taken care of by parents, nor is he an adult yet to care for others, this is the time when a person learns to care for himself and to claim responsibility for their actions. If you are starting college this year in a city away from your home, you must be excited about this new chapter in life but at the same time, you must be feeling cold feet. 

Leaving the nest and building a space for yourself in the world can be tough. You might feel overwhelmed.  However, here are some tips that can help you make college life easier for yourself. 


1.Visit Before Moving

You should visit the new city with your family before a rented truck from a Moving Authority brings your belongings to the new place. Leaving your home for the first time alone might make you feel lonely in the new place. Secondly, when you are starting college you are not grown up enough to manage things in the new place all by yourself. Therefore you should visit the city in advance with your parents. 

If you have seen the place with your parents, they might be able to tell you some tips and tricks to manage your living. 

2.Do Some Research

When you are home, you should do some research about the new city before you start living there. You should know the route from your residence to your college campus, the nearest cafe, grocery store, and hospital as well. 

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A new city means new people and sometimes an entirely new culture. You should do some research about the locals before coming to the place. This way, you will be able to adjust to the change in a better way. If you come to the new city without any prior knowledge, you will feel more lonely than you should. Knowing things beforehand makes us calm down mentally. 

3.Learn Basic Cooking

College means taking up your responsibilities. You are no longer living in your home where your caretakers like parents, grandparents, and older siblings are constantly caring for you. In college, you have to care for yourself. Among many things, providing food for yourself is the most important thing. Eating in cafes and restaurants every day can not be healthy and economical. 

You should learn the basics of cooking. In case you are hungry and you can not go out, you should be able to cook something for yourself. 

4.Check-In with College

Once you have reached the new city, after settling down in your room, you should go and check in with your college. If there is some pending paperwork, you should get it done before your classes start. 

Checking in with the college can also give you a chance to visit the campus before your classes start. You can make notes and find ways to reach your classes on time. If you leave everything for the last moment, you might face time mismanagement. 

5.Learn Managing Finances 

Among many responsibilities that are going to fall on you when your college starts, managing finances is the most worrisome. Managing a budget can be a difficult task, especially when you do not have any experience. Therefore, before you start living alone and without adult supervision,  you should learn to manage finances. 

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Ask your parents about tips and tricks to save money while paying for the necessary expenses. You should know how to spend it and where to spend it.