Performing at your best while studying for ACCA exam can be a bit overwhelming for someone aiming for it the first time. The best habit to ensure consistently high performance in all the papers is to determine a unique schedule, compatible with your learning mode. Check out the following tips for studying ACCA exam that you must implement before you run out of time!

  • Keep up your pace–Pacing yourself from a couple of months before the ACCA exam begins will leave you with enough time to grasp alarge amount of material to study right to the end. Analyse your progress and chart it out as you study, also, reward yourself for achieving learning milestones. Make sure that you are aware of any changes made in the syllabus and the edition of your textbook that you are following whether it is the latest version or not.
  • Practice hard–Try to complete as many previous years ACCA exam papers and questions as possible. This will enable you to test your knowledge after studying each topic, as well as keep an eye on the marking scheme. It will ensure that you spend time studying the topics that are generally awarded more marks. 
  • Time management–Although time seems to be infinite right at the moment, it is important that you keep tabs on it before the exam day comes knocking at your door.Set a countdown timerwhen practising past exam papers to help you manage your time well.Keep up to date with the latest and relevant articles covering the topic you are presently learning about.
  • Summary notes–Make a habit of taking noteson examiner feedback about students’ performance in the previous examinations. Diligently keep the feedback in mind when reviewing your answers to sample papers.Making summary notes that best suits your learning mode will give you the information you need to know about individual topics. You can choose to frame acronyms or breaking down larger topics down to their key concepts to help you recall essential information when seated in the examination hall. You can also churn out visually appealing mindmaps can assist you in organising a lot of detailed information in a structured way.
  • Exercise and sleep–Even when your exam days are approaching, you must try to squeeze in some exercise in between your day’s schedule.Like sleep can be important for your mental and physical wellbeing. Sleep and exercise are considered powerful ways to stimulate your brain and enhance your memory.
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