The cinema is a very useful resource to spend a pleasant and fun time. But not only that, many films transmit interesting and very positive values ​​to internalize. And it is that the great literary classics are also carriers of valuable learning . So why don’t we put it all together?

These 5 films are adaptations of classics for boys and girls that will help you to liven up your classes or also enjoy with your family. We accompany them with different didactic proposals or questions to reflect on together after watching the films.


1. The Jungle Book :


The Disney movie is based on Rudyard Kipling’s stories about Mowgli, a boy who lives in the jungle. Disney included various songs in the film, such as “Friendship” and “Look for the most vital.”

These songs are a good way to work the film, since you can ask them to relate them to the plot .
Another incentive can be to relate the songs to a feeling, an event or a character in the movie.
The songs are full of values. Why not deepen them?

2. Peter Pan :

James Matthew Barrie’s famous character was brought to the big screen by Disney. The boy who never grew older captivated an entire generation. Even today, the lessons of the film are valid.

Since the theme of the film is the transition from childhood to adulthood, you could ask them what is good and bad about growing up, or you could ask them to reflect on whether they would like to be like the adults around them.
You can ask if “Peter Pan” is a sad or a happy play . What do you think they will answer?
As a more creative activity, a description of one of your relatives . As they do so, they should imagine that they live in Neverland and that they won’t see this familiar for a long time.

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3. Alice in Wonderland-

This classic adapted into an animated film contains plenty of learnings.

One of them, the value of friendship. They can comment in a text on the importance of friendship in the work or you can carry out the activity in groups. Is friendship the same for everyone?
You can also focus on commenting on the first scene of the film, in which Alicia is bored during her history class. In this case, special attention should be paid to the dialogue that she maintains with her teacher.

4. The Hunchback of Notre Dame-

This story of love and rejection was written by Victor Hugo and brought to the big screen by Disney.

To develop creativity and imagination, you can ask them to think of an alternative ending for the film, in which all the characters are satisfied.
Or you can also propose an investigation . The film takes place in Paris, so you could ask them to mark the places that appear in the film on a map of the French capital.

5. Pinocchio :

Carlo Collodi’s endearing story was made into a film by Disney and has captivated many generations of children and adults.

To work on the characters in the film, you could start with Geppetto and the fairy, Pinocchio’s parents. How are they like their parents, how do their parents react when they do something mischievous or when they behave?
You could also work on the expression: the story of Pinocchio teaches us that sometimes the things that seem good hurt us and the things that are the most boring are the most profitable. Suggest making a list of things they dislike but do because they know they are helpful.
And why not a representation of a passage from Pinocchio? You would have to write the text, make the sets, find the right music… An original way of understanding Pinocchio !
Surely you have seen these films, so take advantage of them to deepen, learn and reflect on all the learning that the classics leave us.