Have you been to a situation where you mistakenly happen to delete an important file or somehow lose some important data? I’m sure you’ve got the chills of the panic attack that occurs on losing some important files from your PC or USB drive. I know that’s the worst type of annoying feeling that we get when we go through such situations.

But you don’t need to worry or get annoyed anymore because stellar data recovery free edition software is here for you to save you from such disastrous moments. Stellar data recovery free edition software helps you recover the files that you lose from your PC or USB drive. All the major files of different formats can be recovered using this software. 

From a single tool, you can recover all types of files, be it a word document or a PDF. The software can recover up to 1 GB of data completely free of cost.


Awesome Features of Stellar Data Recovery Free Edition

Stellar data recovery has some cool features. From recovering any format of data to the fastest possible recovery, the stellar data recovery free edition got some awesome features.

Here are some of the important features of stellar data recovery free edition software.

Recover data of any format

This is perhaps the biggest asset of stellar data recovery free edition software. You can recover the lost data of any format. Word documents, PDF, emails, PPT files, image files [jpg, png or, gif], audio files, video files, text messages, excel spreadsheet and, many more.

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3 steps data recovery procedure

With 3 simple steps, you can recover your lost files; it is as simple as that. Start by selecting the storage drive. You may also choose a file. After doing this, scan the drive and finally, save the recovered files. So you can see it is very simple and easy. But first, make sure to install the software of stellar recovery free edition on your device.

You can preview the files before saving

This tool allows you to preview the files before saving them. You can preview all types of files, including videos. It helps you to ascertain the recoverability of the files. You can preview audio files, video files, word documents, PDF, HTML, Zip and, many more.

BitLocker encrypted drive recovery

Stellar data recovery free edition software can recover the lost data from BitLocker encrypted drive as well. You have to enter the BitLocker decryption key. Then open the software to scan the decrypted data. After this, you will get the lost data recovered.

You can restore corrupted files

If your file happens to get corrupted and you are getting the notification format file or drive, then don’t format the drive immediately. The stellar data recovery tool is capable of recovering corrupted files and drives. Open the software, recover the corrupted files and then only format the files. 

You can also recover formatted data

There are times when we happen to lose data while formatting the USB drive, SD card or, partition on the PC. Well, here is good news for you! Stellar data recovery software tool helps you recover the formatted data as well. Open the software and recover the data.

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Most importantly, all the above-mentioned features are for free

All the above-mentioned features are available for free, and you don’t need to worry about the monthly or a premium subscription. Perhaps the name of the software itself suggests that it has free of cost features loaded. 

Recover up to 1 GB

The best part is that you can recover up to 1 GB of data for free. 1 GB is quite a lot, right? And yes, we can recover that for free.

More Advantages with Paid Subscriptions

More attractive features are available with paid subscriptions of the same software. Recovery of crashed system, repairing of corrupt videos and photos, virtual drive recovery, advanced RAID recovery, 4K hard drive data recovery and, many more features can be utilized by paying. Hence, you can get more awesome features by paying some amount.

  • It recovers data for free
  • Also, it can recover up to 1 GB of data for free.
  • It recovers deleted audios, videos, photos, documents and, other important data.
  • Also, recovers formatted data as well.
  • It can also recover BitLocker encrypted data.
  • From any type of storage media, it can recover the data.
  • Files lost from the partition can also be recovered.
  • It restores corrupted data as well.
  • NTFS, FAT [FAT16/FAT32], and exFAT data can also be recovered through this tool.
  • It can recover RAID 0, 5 and, 6.
  • It recovers data from Linux and Mac Drives as well.