Internet services have become a necessity but along with that, they have become very expensive and not affordable for many. Moreover, many areas do not even have good internet services and people do not like to waste hundreds of dollars on something that is practically not worth it. So, those who do not have any options usually look for something that does not cost them a lot and becomes affordable for them. In case there are no good internet options available in the area, then people tend to look for options through which they can get better internet services, without even signing up with an internet service provider. 

Although that seems kind of impossible to have internet services without any internet service provider, in reality, several ways can allow you to get good internet services without any provider whether availability is the issue for you or the affordability. So meanwhile you are looking for internet services and searching for a good option, you can use these ways to stay connected to the internet. Also if you are having trouble finding a good internet provider, try searching via localcabledeals to find all the options in the area. Now let’s have a look at these ways to get you connected to internet services.


Public Wi-Fi

If you are having trouble with getting an internet connection due to increased costs or unavailability of better options, one way for you might be to use Public Wi-Fi. Public Wi-Fi networks are available in many cities and areas where people get this facility to have internet connectivity even when they are outside their home. 

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These Wi-Fi networks are open for everyone and you do not have to pay anything for them. The internet/ Wi-Fi service that you will get through these hotspots might not be the fastest, but still, they save you a lot of money every month. Many people can get public Wi-Fi signals inside their homes as well and can access the internet without going anywhere and at the ease of home. 

One thing that you should keep in mind is that the public Wi-Fi is not safe and you should take precautions while using it. Do not enter your credit card information or any other sensitive information as these networks are more vulnerable to attacks. Also, use a VPN in case there is something important you need to do and there is no way out.

Mobile Phone Hotspot

In case you have moved to a new neighborhood and currently do not have any internet services, or there are no good internet options available for you, you can get the internet services through the mobile hotspot.

People tend to sign up for unlimited data plans for their phones and use them to stay connected to the internet. The same data can also be used for connecting other phones or laptops to the internet services. In case you need internet services for work or classes, that mobile hotspot can be a lifesaver for you. Even if you are not able to get a good home internet connection in that area, you can rely on the mobile hotspot as the speeds are not bad through that (unless you are living in an area with no LTE coverage). 

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Moreover, keep in mind that this will be using mobile data as per your mobile plan. If you do not have sufficient data or the data plan that you are using for your mobile services is very expensive, this might not be a good option for you. So either consider upgrading your plan to unlimited or go for any other option – if you are looking for a long term solution.

Cable Tethering

Cable tethering is something that works like a mobile hotspot as it also uses the data from your mobile device or tablet. However, this method is better than mobile phone hotspots if you are looking to connect one device, for instance, your computer to internet services. 

The benefit of using cable tethering is that it makes your connection secure as you are getting the internet services through a cable that is directly plugged into your system. Moreover, it also offers better speed than the Wi-Fi hotspots. And your mobile phone keeps charging while you are connected instead of consuming all the battery power. 

As this is usually a better and secure connection, it can be used to pay your bills, work from home, share important files, or anything else you would like to do.

Cellular Router / USB Modems

Using a mobile hotspot or tethering is not suitable for everyone due to expensive data plans. However, some mobile service providers also offer data only sim cards to customers who are looking to have internet services. These sims are usually used in cellular routers to get the Wi-Fi services to stay connected to the internet. Many people also use these sim cars in USB cellular modems which get connected to the device directly via USB port. 

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These are generally better internet options compared to mobile hotspots because the number of devices can be controlled and you do not have to go through charging your phone again and again.