Those of you who read to me here already know that I have been practicing the inverted class for years and for now I can only say that they are good results, the students are motivated and I manage to attend to diversity, something that for me was something very complicated, it was very easy Thanks to the EdPuzzle application, which tells me the acquisition of content that the students are achieving.

But the great challenge came when two blind students joined the IES Cartima last year. The teachers prepare ourselves with a lot of training throughout the course, but my great challenge was to get this student to join the projects and the reverse class. I started recording my explanatory videos in more detail thinking of my two blind students, especially in the art aspects, and explaining in detail since they do not visualize what is seen in the video.

EdPuzzle to check if they acquire the content

Thanks to EdPuzzle, the students listen to the videos, and are able to answer the different test questions that are asked in the video through their computer. The first days they had to be told the steps to follow to enter the application and be able to go to the video, once overcome, they began to learn the dynamics. His response was very positive.

Last year I told you about the motivation and gamification cards that I designed for the display of videos and Flipped Classroom. The cards consist of prizes that the students unlock by viewing the explanatory videos through the EdPuzzle application. The truth is that they have been a success, and sometimes I even run out of cards!

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Adding Braille to gamification cards

Well, thanks to Paco, the support teacher for blind students who comes from the Malaga Delegation twice to our center, I showed him the cards I designed, and I told him that one day I went to give it to one of the blind students and that I had to tell her what the card contained, since she couldn’t read it. Paco looked at me and says: «Rosa, we give this easy solution, I have stickers that we can print with Braille» . My eyes widened, and I said, “Could you do it, Paco?” , he answered, “of course yes, without any problem . 

So thanks to Paco and as you can see in the images, we were able to make the gamification cards reach both blind students and the look of excitement they put on when I gave them to them was very exciting. They themselves tell me that this way of learning works very well for them, that they can put me back as many times as they need to find out the explanation, and that they also now have the same awards as their peers. So I can affirm that what has been a great challenge, for now is being a very positive work in the classroom with these two students.