Internet Packages As the internet has become one of the most vital aspects of education in this era, it is only essential that we highlight the best possible options through which we can boost attainment.

Especially in the times of COVID-19, not just students but teachers as well are struggling to make ends meet while giving the best services by continuing to educate the students online.

Among other things, this practice requires a high-end internet service that is not just offering amazing bandwidth but is also under the budget.

For this reason, we are here to present our top picks of 2021 internet service providers (ISPs) and their packages that can help our dedicated teachers get a great offer and easily perform their duties without any interruptions.


Internet Assist Program by Spectrum

Spectrum has always paved the way to assist their customers with the most advanced and optimized services. They are also admired by everyone for the variety they have to offer in their plans, and they even cater to their Spanish-speaking customers through Spectrum Española.

They have introduced their Internet Assist Program that allows teachers, students, and low-income households to get discounts. This offer comes with 30 Mbps of high-speed internet that contains zero data caps. They also provide a free modem with this service and you don’t even have to get bound in any contract.

Connect2Compete by Cox

Cox is one of the best ISPs in the country and has a variety of affordable options for their customers. However, the Connect2Compete service by Cox is serving the educational industry by giving them a low-cost internet option.

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This plan comes with 10 Mbps of high-speed internet and is exclusively targeting the teachers of the community. The households that have government assistance can also get this offer, they just have to have at least one child of school-going age. If you are eligible for the offer you can get this amazing internet connection for just $9.95 per month.

Signature Program by AT&T

AT&T is a wide-ranging internet service provider that offers a variety of low-cost internet packages. It is also providing a plan known as Signature Program that renders different academic institutions and teachers to get a discount on their internet connection.

You can check your eligibility by simply signing up through the email address of your school. Moreover, they have more options for teachers that includes access to cheap cell phone packages. If you are a teacher then you can easily get unlimited data and save $10 per month for each phone line. This option is great because you can connect your laptop through your cell phone Wi-Fi hotspot.

Teachers and Technology Grant by CenturyLink

CenturyLink is also offering a great option for the teachers to gain access to and enjoy a low-cost option to continue their services with efficiency. The program that this ISP is offering is known as Teachers and Technology Grant. 

It provides high-speed internet for home or workplace to the teachers who are providing full-time classes. Although there is a geographical limitation to this package. If you live in either Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, or Louisiana you can easily get this offer.

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Internet Essentials by Comcast

Internet Essentials program is provided by Comcast and it offers blazing fast home internet at 25 Mbps of download speed. This amazing plan is available for just $9.95 per month which seems like an impeccable offer.

Comcast is a great platform that caters to the needs of both students and teachers. And if you are either of those, you can not just enjoy their internet discount but you can also get a markdown on different equipment and software such as Microsoft Office, laptops, desktops, and much more.

If you plan to get this offer it can not only fulfill a sufficient amount of your internet needs but it will also help you in saving more money each month. You can also take advantage of getting discounted items that the company is providing.


If you are a teacher and you are looking for low-cost internet plans then make sure you explore all the options that we have discussed in this article. You can visit the official websites of each ISP and see all the plans they have to offer or you can just search for the ones that we have mentioned.