Whether your child is going to be doing virtual learning or you’re sending them back to school, finding the best study tips for kids is essential. 

As a parent, you want to see your child succeed in everything that they do. It can be tough when your kid is struggling with an assignment or trying to understand a subject in school. 

Did you know that there are certain methods you can use to help your child study better? 

Keep reading for our guide on how to start the school year out right and use these eight great study tips for kids.


1.Create a Study Area in Your Home

One of the best tips for studying with kids is making sure that they have a designated area to get all their school work done. No matter if they will be virtual learning or going to school each day, they need a space at home that will help them get their work done. 

The study area in your home should be well-lit so that they’re able to see their assignments and anything that they’re studying. You should also make sure that you eliminate as many distractions as possible from their study area. 

Another fun thing to do for your child is stock the study area like a little home office. Be sure to give them pencils, pens, highlights, sticky notes, and anything else they might need while they’re studying. This will make it easier for them to get the job done when they get home from school. 

You should also make sure that your child knows it is their designated area to get things done. Be sure that they take care of the study area each night when they’re done working so that it will be ready to work when they get home the next day.

2.Create a Consistent Schedule

Getting kids to study can sometimes be tough. If you’re looking for smarter study tips for kids, then one thing you need to make sure that you do is create a consistent schedule at home. 

When kids get home from school, the last thing they want to do is jump back into their school work. Instead, give them time to relax, hang with friends, or do their favorite hobbies when they get out of school. 

They might even be interested in taking a nap when they get home from school. This could help them be more productive when it’s time to study later on!

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Your goal is to create a consistent schedule for them so you’re going to want to make sure that you have dinner at the same time every night. Once your family eats dinner, then it is time for your children to start studying. 

Creating a consistent schedule will give your child time to do whatever they want after school, but then they will know exactly when it is time to start studying. This is a great schedule to get into if you want your children to succeed.

3.Teach Them How to Use a Planner

When you’re looking for ideas on help with studying for kids you should teach them how to use a planner. Teaching them to write down their homework assignments, important test dates, or project due dates is an effective way to start learning time management. 

When your child has a planner, then both of you can see the important dates coming up. You can work to get projects done and study together for upcoming tests. 

Having the planner is important because your child can see how many days they have to prepare and can schedule what sections they want to study throughout the week.

When your child looks at studying in the long run, then they can stop procrastinating. Instead, they’re scheduling time to go over each section days in advance. This is a great way to take in more information, unlike cramming it all in the night before a big test. 

For many students, their workload is going to start feeling more manageable when they have a planner. As a parent, you can help them set weekly study goals so that they can get the job done.   

4.Use Practice Tests

One of the best kids study help tips is using practice tests instead of rereading material in their notebooks. Practice tests are going to be a more effective way to study because they will be like real questions on a test. This will help your child to feel more prepared for their upcoming test. 

How can you get practice tests if they aren’t provided? Well, you can help your child by making up your own questions!

Sit down with them and create questions from the material that they’re studying. You can make flashcards using definitions or ask them a series of questions and see if they know the answers. 

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You might even want to check out their past homework assignments for some good questions to go over. Many teachers will pull questions for the test right from homework that your children have already completed!

You can also check for online resources when looking for practice tests. Naplan practice tests are free and ready for your child to take right now!

5.Don’t Lecture Your Child

We all want what is best for our children and sometimes they’re going to make mistakes. Whether they get a bad grade, miss an assignment, or forget about a project, try your hardest not to yell and lecture them. 

Instead, sit down and calmly talk with them. Ask them why this problem occurred. 

You might find that they were busy with something else and couldn’t complete an assignment. They might not understand the material in class even if they took the time to study. 

These are all problems that you as a parent can fix but you wouldn’t know about them if you decided to yell or scold your child. Now, you and your child can work together to fix their mistakes. 

You might be able to ask the teacher if they can still hand in their missing assignment, retake the test, or complete the project. Some teachers will work with you and some won’t. 

Either way, you know for next time what you both can work better on to get the job done.

6.Encourage Them to Ask For Help

Does your child know that it is okay to ask you or their teacher for help if they don’t understand a lesson in class? If not, then this could result in a huge problem. 

Some kids are too shy to ask for help, but as a parent, you should encourage them that it is okay. 

You want your children to start asking for help as soon as possible. This way they don’t get through major parts of the lesson without understanding anything. 

Let them know that everyone goes through this at some point in their lives. It is better to ask a question than to stay silent. 

By asking their teacher a question, then they’re helping to build a stronger relationship. You can teach them that this is how you form connections in the world after school. 


You might even want to let them know that it is alright to ask other students for help. As long as they’re reaching out to someone early enough for help so that they can understand the material.

7.Studying Is More Than Doing Homework

One of the biggest tips for studying with kids is that they need to learn studying is more than only doing homework.

Some students think that once they’ve completed all their homework that they’re done studying and they’re ready for the test. That isn’t the case. 

Teach your child that studying means taking more notes on the chapter and going over them. As well as learning keywords, making flashcards, and reviewing important dates. 

Be sure to go over the entire study process with your child to teach them the best ways to start studying.

8.Help as Much as You Can 

The last study tip for kids is helping them as much as you can. If you can dedicate the time to give your kids study help, then be sure to do it! 

A parent who can sit with their child while they study can make sure that their child is using all the tips and tricks that we talked about above. 

Be sure to teach them exactly how to study so that you will know when you’re not there that they will know what to do. 

You should also try to make studying fun and interesting for your child. Most of the time, kids might think that studying is a punishment. Yet, if you do it with them and make it fun, then they will want to do it more. 

Study Tips for Kids That You Can Use 

Overall, when trying to help your child with these study tips for kids you need to figure out what works best for them. Do some experimenting with different tips and see which ones help them improve their study methods. 

You’ll find that over time they’re studying better and grasping the material much easier. 

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