From haute couture to ready-to-wear apparel, the world of fashion design has been a dynamic landscape. As such, courses to study fashion design have become obsolete almost overnight. Though history and tradition do influence the industry at large, the truth is what worked even five years ago stands no chance today; more so due to technological advancements. To say ahead of the competition in such a fast-paced industry, aspirants need to go a step further than a basic graduate degree. In light of the many benefits of PG courses in fashion designing, it is important to keep it under their belt.

Here are the compelling reasons to pursue a PG in fashion design. 


Reason #1 Specialised Knowledge 

The fashion industry is a glamorous one, captivating thousands of aspirants every single year. As a result, the market is saturated; standing out from the crowd may become really challenging with just an undergraduate degree. An under-graduate course does provide students with deep insights into the world of fashion; however, it does not make them conversant with any singular area. Students learn a little bit of everything – textile designing, accessory designing, knitwear designing, fashion styling, etc. but the intense competition of today demands specialised knowledge. Modern customers look right through cookie-cutter approaches and are even willing to pay more for truly original creations. To stand in a class apart, fashion designing aspirants of today must take up a Master’s degree that lets them make their mark in the niche of their choice.

Reason #2 Career Advancement 

A Master’s degree in fashion designing can act as a stepping stone – students can progress to the next stage of their career. For instance – While studying their Bachelor’s, an aspirant may realise that their affinity is the greatest towards creating new prints and patterns and not so much towards garment construction or outfit styling. As such, they can advance their career in this direction by opting for a specialised PG degree in textile designing. A lot of people have had a career awakening in this manner. And what’s more, is that several employers make a post-graduate degree a mandate. Aspirants can avoid missing out on their dream careers by having a Master’s degree under their belt.  

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Reason #3 Bang for the Buck 

A lot many aspirants are hesitant to pursue a post-graduate course in fashion designing owing to the course fee. Though a Master’s degree does indeed lean on the expensive side, it is equally true that when pursued from internationally-renowned institutions like the Pearl Academy, the course is totally value-for-money. Institutions like the Pearl Academy offer a 360-degree learning model where students are fully equipped with all the right tools to build their own fashion empire – the return on investments is worth it. 

Reason #4 Strong Network 

Creative flair and technical know-how, though important, are not the only skills needed to build a successful career in fashion design. Aspirants need a strong network of like-minded individuals to improve their interpersonal skills, something which they can naturally have in a post-graduate course – from the professors to fellow students. The connections made during the course may open a world of possibilities, especially since the professors of reputed institutions are generally industry leaders with a network of influential connections. 

Reason #5 Flexible Structure 

The amazing part of a Master’s degree in fashion designing is the level of autonomy a student can exercise. Thanks to technology, students can opt for the course from the comfort of their homes as a distance learning program. And since post-graduate learning environment is such that the students are given the freedom to set things in motion, it in stills in them the much-needed qualities of independence, decision-making, and confidence. 

Besides these top benefits, students also get to contribute towards research in their field; they can switch between careers, and enjoy better job security.  There are many following on the footsteps of those before them; however, if one wishes to leave a trail for others to follow, going that extra mile is a must – as it’s often said, many have a Bachelor’s degree, few have a Master’s. 

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