More motivating cards to Gamify the class

Three years ago I started with the gamification cards in which the students earned them thanks to the viewing of videos on EDPuzzle . Many of you know the first cards that I made in Canva and that I shared with you. For my students they have been a total success, as many were encouraged to work for these rewards that mean a lot to them.

This course I have worked with motivational cards, along with my roommate Rocío Martín Sala who also uses the cards. In addition, we decided to implement the Flipped Classroom also in 1st ESO.

Motivating the Flipped Classroom with gamification

This made us suddenly find ourselves one day without cards. All the students got them for their good grades and we had to deliver more cards and we didn’t have any left. The students give them back to us, but we reached a point where we were not left to give more in any of the courses.

It was there when I told Rocío to make more cards, but instead of making the same ones, to design new ones. For this I did a survey with my students, in which they made me proposals for rewards for the new cards, in this way I got more ideas for the new cards, which come to cover the rewards they wanted to obtain in my subject.

The new rewards of motivational cards

These new cards, in addition to the ones you have already created, cover the following rewards:

  • I can eat in class.
  • I have one more day to watch the videos.
  • It is worth one more point in the blog post.
  • I can deliver the notebook a day late.
  • Pass to go to the bathroom.
  • I tell you the questions to upload the exam if you do not know them.
  • I can deliver the project portfolio one day late.
  • I have 0.5 more on the written exam.
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If you want to know more about how I work with my blind students and the flipped classroom with these cards, you can read this post. And you? Have you already dared to make your own cards to motivate the students in class ? Tell me in the comments what rewards you use in your classroom and that way we get richer!