Obtaining an academic qualification catering to a legal profession is sure to help students set a strong foundation for their future career. A degree in LLB not only holds a plethora of job opportunities but is also an easy way to achieve higher paying wages that is not likely of entry-level jobs. Here is a list of opportunities with LLB course that every law aspirant should know of.

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    Legal Advisor

    Also referred to as “in house lawyers”, legal advisors essentially perform as a lawyer who delivers legal counsel to a large corporation or business enterprise. Such in-house or corporate counsels, who typically specialise in a specific area of law. They are hired by the legal departments of large corporations where they engage in issues related to labour or contract disputes, harassment suits, compensation issues or other workplace conflicts.

  • Advocate

    Advocates are legal advisers and representatives of an individual or a group, who are experts in specific legal areas. This job position aims for a settlement that is in favour of their client’s interest. These professionals often deal with civil cases where they spend most of their time reading contracts or disputes from other groups which are represented by different advocates.

  • Public Prosecutor

    Public prosecutors are considered as the agents of the country to represent the interest of common people within the criminal justice system. They supervise on the functions executed by other prosecutors in a session’s court. Additionally, they may conduct criminal proceedings and examine the charge sheet prepared by government agencies. From time to time, these law experts may also conduct the criminal proceedings in the Magistrate’s office.

  • Court Reporter

    Court reporters generate word-for-word transcriptions of trials, administrative hearings, depositions and different legal proceedings. At times, court reporters may need to provide captioning for television and real-time news translation for the deaf or hard-of-hearing individuals at public events, business meetings and in academic institutions.

  • Teacher or Lecturer

    Law teachers serve at academic or administrative institutions that deal with institutional policies, matters pertaining to the law division and academic issues. They specialise in advising candidates on academic and vocational curricula, and various career issues.

  • Legal Manager

    These professionals collaborate with local business leaders and supporting departments, where they give suggestions on legal risks, business strategies and issues related to the business in concern. In brief, they are accountable for providing a pro-active, professional, effective, affordable and creative form of legal support.

  • Legal Services Chief

    Also known as the Head of the legal department, legal services chief plays a crucial role in delivering leadership techniques across all business operations. The purpose of business-focused advice is to implement initiatives and processes to set business standards and maintain a culture of integrity. 

Lucrative job positions in the field of law are not just restricted to the public and private sectors but can also be exercised privately. If you are interested to establish your career as a legal profession, apply to an LLB course today.

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