Have you always wanted to learn Hebrew, or do you want to brush up on your Hebrew? There’s no better time than now to learn about our old language.

Hebrew is a more complex language to learn. There are lists of websites and software that promise to help you. Stay on your shelf or at the bottom of your to-do list for years. But why don’t you learn Hebrew? You’ll know it more quickly and have a lot more fun.

Are you interested in gaining proficiency in Hebrew but need some pointers? You couldn’t have found a better destination! These articles will jumpstart your journey to fluency in Hebrew by providing you with 6 simple guidelines you can follow.

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    Start with how to say it.

Starting with Hebrew, you should concentrate on learning to pronounce the individual words. Exercise your hearing so that you can comprehend and identify Hebrew sounds. You will find that learning new terms will become more straightforward and more suitable due to this.

You will be able to accomplish this goal by immersing yourself as much as possible in the sounds of Hebrew. The app Fluent Forever is an improved method for mastering the pronunciation of Hebrew words. You will quickly and easily learn this talent thanks to the app, which will teach you by providing you with automatic tests of your listening abilities.

  1. Learn words you use often and how to read simple texts

You can improve your knowledge of Hebrew vocabulary by using frequency lists, which are lists of the terms that are used the most in that language. If you use these lists, you will have a greater capacity to comprehend the Hebrew you read. Therefore, you’ll have a faster rate of Hebrew acquisition!

If you download and use the Fluent Forever app, you will be able to learn this list much more quickly. It will teach you these terms through the use of flashcards that are both automatic and personalised. When you feel ready, it’s time to move on to more straightforward texts like blog posts, news pieces, and short tales. After that, you should make an effort to read more lengthy materials, such as books and magazines.

  1. Watch a lot of films and TV shows.

If you want to enhance your grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation in a fun and engaging way, one of the best things you can do is watch media in the language you want to study.

  1. Fill your space with Hebrew

A fantastic technique to accelerate learning Hebrew is surrounding oneself with more opportunities to use the language. Therefore, make it a priority to listen to and see as much of the language as possible. Listed below are some ideas to consider:

  • Spend some time in Israel.
  • Work on your English with native speakers in your area.
  • You can watch TV shows, YouTube videos, and social media in Hebrew.
  • Follow Hebrew cooking recipes or the news as you would in English.
  • Change your podcast choices to ones in Hebrew
  • Write the Hebrew names of things around your home.
  1. Have a look at Israeli Ulpans:

People have the opportunity to attend intense Hebrew classes known as ulpans. The Jewish language and culture are the primary subjects taught at these institutions. Lessons at these schools are highly specialised and cover every relevant topic.

You should consider enrolling in one of the following Ulpans if you are interested in taking an effective and comprehensive course.

  1. Podcasts

You can improve your Hebrew language skills if you listen to some excellent Hebrew podcasts available today while working out or driving to work. Because they can be listened to “on the move” rather than while seated in front of a comCputer screen, podcasts offer a one-of-a-kind educational experience.

The method of learning additional Hebrew vocabulary provided by Streetwise Hebrew is enjoyable and straightforward. Several short episodes are released weekly, each focusing on a different theme.

Hebrew Phrases for Everyday Emergencies do you want to learn Hebrew to the point where you can “survive”? This podcast is going to appeal to you. You’ll be able to do things like go shopping, apologies, place an order at a restaurant, and much more.


Don’t let anyone tell you there is only one way to learn Hebrew. The truth is that the best way to find out why you shouldn’t be the best is to be the best for someone else. This is totally up to your specific needs and your level of linguistic proficiency. But remember that loving the language is more important than any course. Only spend so much time trying to find the suitable methods and tools that you reflect to enjoy the language for its own sake. Learning a new language should always be an exciting adventure.