Who all in this busy world don’t like to have some time for relaxing? Many of us get that time but many of us don’t. It is not that they don’t have any time but it is like that they had made them too much busy in doing some work. They always want to utilize their time for the betterment and development of themselves and their country,

Those who love to have some time try to use their time in doing many different things that helps them to get entertain and have proper time pass. There are many things that the people around us want to do. Interests of people vary according to them, many would love to cook food for their family, many would love to read novels and other books, many would love to watch movies, and many other things.

Watching movie, web series, and serials are one of the biggest things that most of the people loves to do. There are so many movies and other series released and available on the internet. Many times the peoples get confused about what they have to watch.

If you are among them who are not able to decide which movie they had to watch then you are reading the right article as we at LosMovies, have a huge collection of movies and series available for you.

On our site, you will find all the movies and series divided into proper categories. Los movies keep track of all the releases and properly categories them in their respective genre. Los Movies allow you to watch HD movies and it is not bounded to Hollywood only. Here you will find Bollywood movies and Tamil Movies also.


What is LosMovies?

LosMovies is a website that was launched in the year 2017, it provides the public an open platform where they can watch any movies without paying a single amount. It was beneficial for those who are addicted to watching movies and web series.

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If till now you are reading this article then it seems you are also one of them who loves to watch movies and web series.

Many times it happens in our society if we are helping someone then there will be other people who don’t want us to help them. They will do anything that they can do so that the help cannot be provided to them. Like that happened with us also.

Many of the directors and producers of the movie were not able to earn their amount of money that they had invested in making the film and some of them were at the point of getting bankrupt. They all together made a community and placed a plea against our website in the year 2018. After this, the court had imposed a ban on our site, and there our first working website was forced to get shut down.

Then we had made many alternative websites and start releasing movies and series on them as we know that ho much high fair these directors and producers imposed on their movie tickets. At the present, we are running more than 10 websites that will provide you all the movies and series that you are looking for.

Top 10 Best alternative To LosMovies.cc

Although many other online platforms will provide you the movies and series here are some of the best alternatives of LosMovies where you will get all that you want. They are listed below:

  • Putlocker:

If you are in search of high-quality HD movies then you must visit this site as it has the best quality movies and has all the genres. Undoubtedly Putlocker is one of the most popular and the biggest streaming website on the internet. One of the most trusted and highly reliable sites is this and will not be put you in any trouble.

  • 123Movies:

Having 98 million visits each month to this site is something that makes it another big movie and series streaming platform. All the newly released movies are available on this site just after the release in the theater on the same day. If you are looking for the new released then you must visit this site without wasting any of your time.

  • GOMovies:

The best thing about this site is that it provides all the latest and the classic movies that have been released till now. It has a very interactive designed interface that allows user to get familiar very easily and quickly. The only thing that you have to face here is that the advertisements, as there will lot of commercial ads present on the sites.

  • SubsMovies:

Its range of classic and the latest movies and web series will impress you and it also has a very friendly user interface so that you can search easily and fastly.

  • Einthusan:

It is the South Asian online movie streaming service that has more than 3000 legally licensed movies and series. It offers an extensive range of Indian movies and series that will make your day very pleasant. If you are looking for any Bollywood or Tamil movies then this site is highly recommended for you. This site will surely meet up to your expectations.

  • Afdah:

The most unique thing about this site is that it offers you all the movies and web series that had been released around the globe. This site also proves users with the dubbed language of the movie accordion to their region.

  • Sockshare:

One of the best alternatives of LosMovies offers an overall experience to the user when they visit this site. It has the best and the trusted user interface which never puts their user in any kind of trouble. A large number of classic and latest movies are available on this site which will surely entertain the user.

  • BMovies:

It has the most organized and sorted way of movies and series. Any user who will visit here can search their choice of movie and he will get that. There is no problem in watching the movie but users have to face many advertisements and pop-ups which can be made disable by having its premium membership.

  • Fmovies:

Many users love to watch fiction and sci-fi movies and many time they find it difficult to be present on the internet without any charges. Fmovies helps the user to watch all fiction movies that had been released so that no one has trouble in the searching movie.

  • AZmovies:

There are many TV series apart from the movies that user wants to watch and many time they find difficult to have all them. AZmovies is the one-stop solution for all those users who wanted to watch TV series also apart from the moves only. On this site, they will find all kinds of TV series that they are looking for.

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One of the most common questions asked while visiting these sites is that how they earn their revenue even though they had provided all the movies for free. The simplest and the technical answer is that they earn their revenue by the visit of the user and the views on the movies and web series present on their websites.