Being a beginner in any field can be a difficult task but with time and experience things eventually get easier. This is exactly how it is for a writer who is just starting out. But, what should a beginner do in the meantime? It is something that every beginner is concerned about.

When you talk about writing a book and become the author of a bestselling book, you need to understand that it cannot happen by chance. It will require you to make a plan and to stick to it. Every successful writer knows that coming up with and publishing a new book is not an easy task. While there are many who might think that publishing the book is an arduous part of the job but sadly, they’re wrong. It is actually producing new, original and creative content that is strenuous for a writer. And for a beginner it can get very tricky. 

If you are looking for the best ghostwriters for hire who can help you with the writing part than you would be right in worrying about the publishing but if you have a passion for writing then you could definitely use this guide to help you in your early writing endeavors. 

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So, let’s say you want to write a book, how do you think you would proceed? If you think you can just sit down and start writing using the first thought that comes to your mind then it is not really going to work. Like mentioned above, you need to have a thorough plan and writing a book is a long and demanding process that needs to be taken care of step by step. 

Steps to help make the writing process easy for beginners:

Step 1 – Decide on a genre:

Before you start typing, pick a genre. Decide what kind of a book you want to write first. The best way to go on about it is to pick a genre that you love as a reader. Since you like a genre means you have read at least a couple of books relating to that genre. This will give the necessary insight about how compose a story and what vocabulary to use. The element of self doubt will decrease and you will not be feeling overwhelmed by your own choice. Think of it as an obstacle because if you don’t pick the write genre you will have a lot of trouble down the road.

Step 2 – Pick a Title:

You need to select a title for your book. Naming your book will channel your thought process making it easier for you to organize, structure and outline of your book. 

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Step 3 – Decide on a word count:

Preferably you should have an estimated idea on how many words you want the book to be off. This will help you set a goal for yourself and you can plan your efforts accordingly. This will also help you divide the word count and spread it across a certain number of days or weeks, depending on the total word count, again helping you to define clear vivid goals for yourself to achieve. By having a total word count and dividing it will allow you stay focused and feel confident day after day when you meet your set targets.

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Step 4 – Set a time and place for your work:

You don’t want to go in blindly when you start writing and neither is it advisable to start writing whenever you feel like wherever you feel like. Set proper place and a time for your work. Keep your work time and place consistent so that you can stay committed to the task at hand.

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Step 5 – Start writing and get constant feedback:

Start meeting your daily targets and write at the allocated time. Once you have completed the word count for the week be sure to have someone read it and give you feedback on what you have written. You really don’t want to waste all your efforts and wait for the book to finish to find out only that your work wasn’t good enough.

Step 6 – Release your book:

Once you have met all your deadlines and worked diligently on completing your word count, you now need to show your book to the world. Do have your book looked at by a professional editor before you publish and sell it just for the finishing touch.